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In Short

We are a Vancouver-based healthcare informatics company providing services around the world. We are looking for a medical laboratory technologist to lead the team that oversees our external quality assessment programs. If this is interesting to you, please read on.
About us

Oneworld Accuracy is a healthcare informatics company dedicated to improving health outcomes for people around the world by combining cutting-edge data analysis with best scientific practices for medical laboratory testing. We have 40 employees and provide services in more than 100 countries from our facilities in metro Vancouver, BC and Messina, Italy.

Our principal business is EQA (external quality assessment), which involves providing laboratories and other medical test sites (referred to as participants) with blinded medical samples. Participants then test those samples like they would patient samples and submit their results on our proprietary enterprise-scale informatics system that we develop, host, continually improve and deploy on a SaaS basis.

Their EQA results are evaluated and participants receive a performance report on their testing proficiency. EQA provides important feedback for participants to improve their testing accuracy and reliability. We work with many leading clinical, academic and research groups around the world and embed their science in EQA programs that assess, improve and standardize test results.

We invite national groups to own the challenge of achieving testing accuracy in their countries and become EQA providers. We empower them to achieve testing accuracy for their countries. We give them all the tools they need – samples, training and the collective experience of their international peers. We help ministries of health with national EQA programs. We’re at 50 and counting. If they’re not ready, then we advance EQA through commercial groups so that ministries of health can get a head start when EQA becomes a public health priority. We have 15 commercial groups and counting.
The Job
We are looking for a Medical Laboratory EQA Specialist to lead our team that ensures our EQA programs are designed with quality in mind, from procurement to statistical analysis. As our QAA, you will evaluate all of the results coming from our medical laboratory participants using our inhouse developed statistical software. You will also be the science behind all of our EQA programs playing a vital role in bringing new programs to market and improving the science behind existing programs. You will work closely with our customer-facing staff to ensure service levels in reporting analyses are of the highest quality and on time, every time. You will also work with our technology team to ensure the informatics system is up to date with all the current technical information.

If you are a medical laboratory technologist with a passion for quality and improving the quality of laboratory testing and also looking for regular work hours with an interest in business, then please contact us.

Main Duties:

Evaluating EQA Data + EQA Program Planning

· Evaluate the performance of EQA participants using our in-house developed software for statistical analysis

· Review the evaluations to provide laboratories with advice on the EQA errors

· Review the performance data to look for trends, outliers and biases

· Plan all of the scientific aspects of our EQA programs, such as the testing complexity for the participants, the concentrations in the samples or the organisms present

· Work with sample providers to ensure that the samples received comply to our technical specifications

· Undertake research into new instrumentation, reagents, kits and assays relating to the current test programs and add them to our database so our participants can register them to their EQA program

· Design new and review current EQA programs with science architects and our customer groups to meet exacting public health standards

· Acquire and review stability and homogeneity results from our sample providers for new and current EQA programs with a view to improving current program offerings

· Design the performance reports and graphs to be simple, understandable and heuristic

Communication + Administration

· Assist customer-facing staff answering technical queries associated with EQA evaluation, suitability of methods and the handling of EQA items and therefore providing level 2 support to our EQA participants

· Prepare notices for participants and assist in the document creation for new programs relating to safe handling of the samples

· Meet with consultants to review results, samples and statistics for programs requiring such

· Assist in maintaining technical databases and records related to EQA programs, both within the various softwre consoles (e.g. sample provider information), and outside (e.g. case history information, case findings, test instructions)

· Ensure translations of key documents are added to the system (case histories, case findings, interpretations and instructions)

· Manage the quality and presentation of the digital images used in the image- based programs

· Ensure that our EQA programs are analyzed to ISO13528 and any other appropriate standard

· Assist in managing the technical information held on file, including but not limited to certificates of analysis, certification from suppliers (ISO, GMP etc.) and safety data sheets (in conjunction with the biosafety officer)

Additional Duties:

· Possible international travel to provide training

· Occasional travel to other sites/clients may be required

· Carry out any other duties as are within the scope, spirit and purpose of the job, the title of the post and its grading

Personal Attributes:

The post-holder will have:

· University degree or diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (RT or MLT registration is an asset), or equivalent International qualifications

· Experience as a General Technologist in clinical diagnostic laboratories

· Strong communication and interpersonal skills

· An aptitude and proficiency in statistical analysis

· Strong attention to detail

· The ability to work under own initiative while remaining a core team player

· The ability to work under pressure handling the multiple and complex tasks

· Good quality IT skills to include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)

· Fluency (written and spoken) in English

· Fluency in other languages (French / Spanish would be an asset)

· Experience in using the following software would be an asset: SQL, Reporting, JIRA, Confluence, ZenDesk

Job Type: Full-time


  • Dental Care
  • Extended Health Care
  • Vision Care


  • 10 Hour Shift

Work remotely:

  • Temporarily due to COVID-19