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Job Purpose
The Customer Service Representative (CSR) serves as a primary point of contact for JCA’s customers on matters related to the acceptance and delivery of purchase orders for regular production product. The CSR works closely with the customer, Inside Sales/Account Manager, and production, to ensure orders are reviewed, entered, and confirmed to the customer with a minimum of delay. In advance where possible, the CSR is expected to communicate to the customer, failure to deliver on time. Also, when JCA fails to deliver as promised, the CSR should communicate this information internally, for process and continuous improvement purposes.


Review all new purchase orders or purchase order revisions for completeness prior to entry.
Ensure all pricing, delivery, payment and warranty terms and conditions match the corresponding quote/proposal. Work with customers if their purchase order pricing does not match our records. Any significant issues or discrepancies that cannot be resolved with the customer or which require clarification or investigation, should be brought to the attention of the Inside Sales/Account Manager.
Review requested delivery dates and determine what delivery dates are to be confirmed to the customer. Use information from MRP to derive the optimal delivery dates (i.e.: stock on hand, material lead times and production labour times). Note that because there is no place to enter or allow for customer transit/shipping times to offset the date that production is required to have the goods available, a different delivery date than that which is on the customer purchase order, is entered in the SAGE sale order for production to use as their target date.
Enter customer purchase order information into SAGE for sales order creation and batch entry into the MRP system. Also enter information into the Sales Log spreadsheet. Note that currently each separate delivery date (even under the same customer purchase order) requires a separate SAGE sales order to be created.
Enter any revised customer demand into SAGE and also manually in MRP and in the Sales Log, as required.
Prepare and forward a written confirmation to the customer (usually email) of the promised delivery schedule.
Respond to customer requests for improved delivery. If a customer requests improved delivery, work with the customer and inside staff to develop plans for improvement, where possible (raw material expedite charges, overtime charges, expedited delivery charges, etc.). Where needed, Inside Sales/Account Manager should assist with and/or negotiate with the customer, the payment for some or all of the exceptional costs associated with an improved delivery.
Notify the customer of certain or potential delivery delays. When aware that a previously confirmed delivery will not be met, work with production, Inside Sales/Account Manager and the customer to implement corrective action that will minimize the impact on the customer’s production schedule.
Respond to customer requests for rescheduling, cancellation or return of orders or product. When a customer requests the cancellation or postponement of a previously confirmed order, work with production and Inside Sales/Account Manager (where required) and the customer to formulate an acceptable revision to the existing schedule and/or payment of restocking or cancellation charges. When a customer asks to return damaged, defective or surplus product, ensure the information is forwarded to the Quality department and appropriate follow on actions are taken (i.e.: credit memo processed, etc.).
Update the customer and work with the customer to update any orders where new versions or revisions of products are required. Work with production on the plan to implement new or changed products, taking the existing processes and systems into consideration. If the new version or revision was customer-initiated, work with production, Inside Sales/Account Manager to re-coup from the customer some or all of the obsolescence costs, if applicable.
Respond to customer requests for an update on the status of open orders or deliveries.
Perform a regular review of upcoming deliveries/orders due and follow up with production on the status of work orders. Plan shipments and create appropriate packing slips for the shipping department. Update the Sales Log with this information.
Create invoices for all shipped products and completed services. Consolidate and submit invoices to customers. Update the Sales Log with this information (include shipment details and waybill numbers, invoice numbers, etc).
Support and execute other miscellaneous orders, such as engineering billings (project work, prototypes etc.).
Continually update in the Sales Log as needed.

Job Experience and Requirements
The following are considered preferable traits and experience for the CSR role:

Previous experience as a Planner or Customer Service Representative, preferably in a manufacturing environment.
Excellent communications skills (verbal and written) and well developed listening skills.
Excellent interpersonal skills to be able to deal effectively with people at all levels inside and outside the organization.
Good analytical skills.
Proficient in the use of personal computers, including word-processing and spreadsheets.
Excellent clerical and data entry skills.

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