Outdoor After School Care Coordinator

West Adventures - Victoria, BC (4 months ago)

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Outdoor Education After School Care Program Coordinator

Western Educational Adventures (WEA) is looking for a permanent outdoor

education based after school program coordinator to run our outdoor after school

care program. This position will start 1 week before the start of school September


WEA runs outdoor education programming for families, children and adults. We are currently looking

for someone with a strong background in the outdoors and after school care industry with strong

marketing, management and supervisory experience.

Important items to note before applying:
It is important to read every bit of this posting before applying. Incomplete applications will not
be processed.

Between our other positions and programs, there is the possibility of year-round, full time
permanent work for the right person.

A criminal record check should be submitted with your application. If offered a contract,
documentation such as a criminal record check, must be submitted within 30 days of signing

your contract.

Copies of all certifications currently held must be submitted prior to receiving an offer.

Applications may still be considered if lacking certain certifications. If successful, a contract will
be conditionally offered based on certifications being completed within a certain time frame.

Typically, all certifications must be completed at least 120 days prior to the first day of the new

coordinator’s contract. Proof of registration for missing certifications and a contingency plan

must be in place prior to being offered a conditional contract.

Why Us?

WEA is one of the only outdoor education companies out there that is for profit. We focus on providing

our participants with the best experience possible. We make sure our kids come with the proper gear

and our staff are experienced and passionate about what they do. You will get the chance to develop

your leadership skills, outdoor skills, outdoor experience and organizational skills as well as opportunity

for future advancement.

Please note, this is a lifestyle opportunity more than a job. Only apply if you are passionate about

making a difference in children’s lives in an outdoor environment.

What’s expected

Many organizations have young, inexperienced staff and rely heavily on policies and procedures. While

WEA has top-notch risk management policies and procedures in place, it understands that it is

impossible to plan for all potential situations when in the wilderness. WEA only hires outdoor childcare

professionals that are experienced, certified, and demonstrate excellent judgment. Our professionals

Passionate about working with people, especially children
Passionate about the outdoors
Passionate about teaching/instructing
Believe in educating children outside is the primary motivation for working with us
Performs their functions in a highly professional manner within the scope of their

training/certifications while following WEA’s standards and policies.

Understand, respect and appreciation of the natural environment including but not limited to
weather, nature identification, no trace camping, etc.

Socially aware
Able to take initiative
Highly independent
Highly responsible
Able to work without direction or supervision for long periods of time
Excellent communicators
Able to receive and learn from feedback
Willing to learn, grow and develop
Flexible and versatile
Excellent at managing time
Detail oriented
Highly adaptable
Excellent at problem solving
Strong leaders
Able to supervise other instructors/guides
Excellent at taking care of themselves in all situations.
Can asses group energy levels, weather, conditions, etc.


This contract requires you to be able to perform various functions and duties, some of which are listed

Supervise, hire and oversee staff
Handle with office and admin tasks
Manage registrations

Deal with parents and families
Manage weather conditions and make operational risk management decisions
Supervise children, adults and families in various indoor, outdoor and wilderness settings
Supervise participants overnight
Supervise participants in adverse weather conditions
Teach participants about no-trace camping, nature, weather, etc.
Drive/transport and supervise children in leased, rented or owned company vehicles to and

from various locations on Vancouver Island

Attend required training sessions
Keep certifications current
Facilitate various outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, swimming, archery, hiking,

orienteering, geocaching

Facilitate unstructured exploration time in the wilderness
Cook meals and/or assist participants with meal preparation
Clean facilities, vehicles, etc.
Organize, supervise or oversee certain programs/activities
Provide constructive feedback for supervisors, other staff and programs
Facilitate games and other activities

Minimum qualifications:
Significant experience working with children, youth and adults
Strong recreational background, experience/interest in the outdoors
Significant childcare & childcare management experience
Understanding of childcare licensing rules and regulations
Clear criminal record check
40-hr Wilderness First Aid
Food safe certification
Bronze Cross certification
BC Class 4 Unrestricted drivers license
Clean driving record/abstract and insurance history (only necessary if you have your class 4, 2 or


Applicants may apply with proof of registration for missing certifications.

Desired qualifications:
Class 2 or class 1 drivers license
80 Hour wilderness first aid
National Lifeguard certification
Kayak or canoe guiding certification
Kayak or canoe Paddle Canada or other skills certification
Top rope climbing instructor or higher

Experience working with children, youth and adults in outdoor/wilderness settings

$28-$35/hr depending on experience and certifications.

Term, Dates & Hours:
Term: Early September 2020 to end of June 2021

Dates: Monday - Friday with holidays and early dismissal days off.

Program Hours: 14:30 to 18:00

Admin Hours: 2 hrs/day working

Total Daily Hours: 5.5

Application Instructions:
Positions are being filled on an on-going basis. For your application to be considered, we must receive

the following:
1. Cover letter

2. Resume

3. Copies of all relevant certifications and documents required above

4. A minimum of 3 references

Please apply by clicking the "Apply" button on our website and completing the application

form. https://www.westernadventures.ca/careers.htm

Let us know if you have any further questions and thank you for your interest!