Municipal Public Works Labourer

The United Townships of Head, Clara and Maria - Stonecliffe, ON (30+ days ago)

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POSITION: Temporary full time; one year contract with possibility of renewal

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Reports to Clerk-Treasurer

1. To job shadow and work with the Road Superintendent and Disposal Site Attendant
learning the scope and performing the various duties of each position with the end
goal of being fully qualified to perform all of the duties of either position capably and
without supervision.
2. Perform all duties necessary to manage, repair and maintain the municipal roads
according to Municipal policy, by-laws, the Municipal Level of Service document, the
Minimum Road Standards Policy and all applicable federal and provincial legislation.
3. Perform all the statutory and other duties necessary to maintain and manage all
municipally owned waste disposal sites as dictated by Council, the Ontario Ministry of
the Environment (MOE) and any other applicable legislation.
4. Learn collection routes and practises in order to collect regular household waste
curbside along all Municipal roads and Highway 17 within the municipality as per the
current collection schedule and current policy.
5. Perform management of the Municipal disposal sites according to the site Certificates
of Approval and Development and Operations Plan.

1. Participates in the annual budgeting process by providing annual estimates of all
expenses required to meet operational needs for the current year and capital needs
for future capital expenses (reserves) to the Clerk-Treasurer.
2. Performs general administrative activities including daily activity, road maintenance,
winter road and other reports, keeping accurate time records of contractors.
3. May be required to co-ordinate and schedule work and the activities of contractors
including those who operate construction and other heavy equipment for the
4. Conducts themselves in a manner that considers the health and safety of every
individual including the public and other staff members.
5. Actively participates in identifying potential and actual hazards, taking steps to
eliminate or minimize them and works towards correcting identified hazards.
6. Resolves work problems and recommends measures to improve productivity.
7. Works alone or with crew to perform the following tasks:
a. Performs all activities to maintain and repair roads, parking lots and other
areas within the municipality.
b. Sweeps debris and shovels snow from parking areas, building grounds and
other areas including from around disposal site gates.
c. Spreads sand or salt on parking lot and walkways for snow and ice control.
d. Digs ditches and trenches using shovels and other hand tools.
e. Operates power mowers and cutters to cut grass and weeds along roadsides.
f. Cuts trees, trims branches, rakes leaves, and applies fertilizer and
insecticides by hand.
g. Loads and unloads trucks with supplies and equipment.
h. Operates chainsaws safely to remove obstructions and debris.
i. Wears all necessary and appropriate personal protective equipment.
8. May be required to assist skilled tradespersons such as carpenters, electricians,
plumbers and mechanics hired for specific projects.
9. Maintains all roads according to the Municipal Level of Service Document and the
Minimum Road Standards policy.
a. Arranges for grading and calcium application as necessary.
b. Brushes all intersections, curves, signs and other hazardous locations.
c. Orders, measures and installs new civic addressing signs.
10. Responds to all road emergencies making or causing to make repairs as necessary
to prevent further damage and to remove hazards.
11. Participates in maintaining all municipal pits, completing annual compliance reports
and reporting to the Clerk-Treasurer all material removed to verify payment to the
12. Participates in the issuance of driveway permits and decides where and when
culverts are needed for new driveways as per the Municipal culvert and driveway
13. Participates in maintaining and protecting all machinery, tools, materials and
implements owned or used by the municipality and completing annual inventories of
the garage, yard and vehicles.
14. Follows the Municipal vehicle policy keeping all applicable reports and participates in
arranging for routine and special maintenance as required.
15. Participates in overseeing matters relating to the Township garage and reports
problems in a timely fashion to office staff.
16. Participates in monitoring winter weather patterns and arranging for snow removal
and/or salting/sanding with our contractor as required.
17. Participates in monitoring situations within the Municipality in the event of fire,
whether structural or brush/forest. Provides continued checks on the status of the fire
and reports to the Municipal office and/or the Ministry of Natural Resources as
required. May perform regular checks during hours not normally at work and will be
compensated accordingly.
18. Performs other related duties as required.
Disposal Sites
1. Controls admission to disposal sites allowing only municipal residents, property
owners or others who are in possession of a valid tipping fee receipt or approval
issued by the Municipal Office.
2. Enquires about the type of waste to be disposed of and directs the individual to
appropriate location on site.
3. Refuses to accept any material that contravenes the Environmental Compliance
Approval, and notifies the Clerk-Treasurer as soon as possible after doing so.
4. Records the type and amount of waste received and maintains records of all site
operations on forms provided as per the Certificates of Approval and the MOE.
5. Manages the recycling, reuse, scrap metal, tire, mattress and wood/burn pile to
ensure continued safety of employees and the public.
6. Ensures proper litter control practises are being utilized, including the collection
of all loose and/or blowing debris. Ensures that the site is secure and that the
gates are locked during closed hours.
7. Is responsible for calling in and supervising the contractor during:
a. Stockpiling of cover material;
b. Excavating trenches (location-size etc.) or creating berms;
c. Spreading and compacting of waste;
d. Placing required cover on the active landfill face as per the operation
e. Maintaining the on-site road and surface drainage;
f. Maintaining a 30 metre fire break around the burning area.
8. Follows the contingency plan and reporting requirements for all fires and
incidents occurring at the disposal sites.
9. Maintains a record of any complaints received and submits them to the office.
10. Completes incident reports when necessary and submits to the office.
11. Ensures that proper safety barriers are in place beside the open faces.
12. Ensures that signage is maintained.
13. Performs all other duties as assigned from time to time by the province, or the
Road Side Pick Up
1. Collects regular household waste from residences along Highway 17 within our
Municipal borders and along Municipal roads only.
2. Collects household and light commercial garbage only as per our Environmental
Compliance Approval and the Waste Management By-law 2011-21, and refuses
material otherwise.
3. Maintains the disposal site vehicle as per the Municipal vehicle policy completing
and submitting required reports and ensuring that routine maintenance is

1. Working conditions in the field are subject to extreme variations in temperature, and
can include high wind, excessive heat or cold, rain or snow. As most work is
completed outside must be able to work effectively during adverse and inclement
2. Work is in an unclean environment that includes strong unpleasant smells. Must not
be averse to collecting garbage that has been scattered around the disposal sites or
working in an area that attracts nuisance animals, vermin and insects.
3. A majority of duties involve medium to heavy physical labour. The employee must
be physically fit and able to work for prolonged periods performing manual labour.
The position is subject to physical fatigue due to strenuous activity. Must be able to
lift up to 50 lbs unassisted.
4. Works in full view of the public subject to occasional interruptions to provide
assistance and information to the public on municipal roads and disposal site matters
referring issues to other staff members as necessary.
5. Work is performed with a high degree of independent activity.
6. Work is subject to internal and external deadlines, flexible hours as imposed by
legislation, seasonal obligations, Municipal schedules, or Council policy with frequent
changing priorities.
7. Must be available for work as per the Municipal collection and site schedules (which
may change from time to time).
8. Must be able to drive and maintain control of a ½ ton truck safely following
acceptable defensive driving techniques.

9. Must be able to:
(a) Communicate information clearly and effectively on a number of different
levels, both verbal and written.
(b) Be highly organized, detail oriented and possess the ability to prioritize
conflicting projects.
(c) Maintain confidentiality regarding employer/employee relations,
disciplinary matters, etc.
10. Possesses a valid Ontario driver’s license, practises safe driving techniques and
reports loss of driver’s license to the Clerk-Treasurer immediately.

1. With the Clerk-Treasurer, Council and staff: provides guidance and advice on all
roads and disposal site related activities. Ability to be a team player and to establish
effective working relationships.
2. With the public: Provides information and coordinates responses regarding
Municipal programs, services and policy as related to roads and disposal sites as
necessary. Access is available to policies and procedures for reference as required.
3. With others: Ability to interact pleasantly and effectively with the public and outside
agencies to provide information.

1. Completion of secondary school or equivalent in education and/or training required.
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2. Basic math skills are required in order to participate in budget development,
preparation and administration, and the compilation of statistics and corresponding
3. Experience in the road maintenance and construction occupation is desired but not a
4. Methods, materials, tools and equipment used in the repair and construction of
gravel roads would be an asset.
5. General electrical system, mechanic, carpentry and plumbing maintenance
6. WHMIS training or willingness to complete upon hire.
7. Traffic control training or willingness to complete upon hire.
8. Safely operate a chainsaw or willing to complete training.
9. Must be able to read, understand and comply with the site Environmental
Compliance Approvals and the Site Development and Operations Plans.
10. Ability to fill out forms/reports and keep records.
11. Basic computer knowledge is required.
12. Must practise effective conflict resolution methods.
13. Must have good public relations skills to deal with the public.
14. Must be able to analyze working conditions, processes, practises and policies
proposing changes to the office for consideration.
15. Must be able to identify faulty processes and suggest effective methods of correction
keeping in mind legislation, Council direction and the Municipal budget.

16. Recognize, prioritize and accomplish needed tasks analyzing administrative and
organizational problems and making appropriate recommendations.
17. Follow oral and written directions to carry out policies of the Municipality.
18. Establish and maintain cooperation and working relationships with those contacted in
the course of work.
19. Meet the physical, mental and environmental demands of the job.
20. Respond quickly and effectively in difficult situations, exercising sound judgment and
showing initiative.
21. Recognizes and corrects challenges as they relate to health and safety.

1. Errors could result in serious physical, legal, financial and/or political consequences
for staff, the Municipal Public Works Labourer, the Council and the Municipality.
Could result in injury, law suits, fines or other penalties.

1. Complies with provincial legislation, following Council policy under the supervision of
the Clerk-Treasurer.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $34,303.00 to $38,209.00 /year