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Campus Creative - London, ON (30+ days ago)

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This is the perfect position for a talented creative looking to take their career to the next level, especially those that are looking to get a foot-in-the-door in management at an established creative agency.

You will have the opportunity to work on a variety of creative and strategic projects, testing your business skills and developing or finding skills and talents that you never knew you possessed while establishing and maintaining client relationships as you collaborate with a team of diversely talented creative professionals across Ontario. Additionally, you will be assisting our Executive Director in implementing our national expansion plan.

In addition to the vast amount of creative projects resulting in exponential portfolio growth within a short span of time, this opportunity is also quite lucrative compared to annual freelance earnings, especially for those with under 5-years of freelance experience. In the majority of cases, new team members immediately earn 3-6 times as much income from their creativity per-year by collaborating with their teammates through Campus creative vs. their annual freelance income prior to joining the team. This is no surprise, based on our analysis of the data aggregated from 948 freelancers surveyed in the 2017 CreativeEarners Report released by RGD, which shows that the average freelancer in Canada earns only $6,226 in total freelance income annually, which is just under $519 / month.

This position is open to all levels of experience: we will teach the business side of things to the best-fit candidate. Your professionalism, drive, and creative prowess will be determining factors in your selection to work alongside our Executive Director to represent our team locally, provincially, nationally, and when borders open up again, internationally. Whether you have 1-year of experience or 5-years of experience, at the end of the day, you either have the talent needed to succeed, or you do not. If you think you have what it takes to be a top creative performer, let us know, we look forward to the opportunity to collaborate!

We are looking for an Executive Assistant to perform a variety of creative, administrative and managerial tasks to support our team’s efficiency and effectiveness. Of paramount importance is optimizing the use of our Executive Director’s time and effort by taking on a number of delegated responsibilities, where discretion, intuition, proactive and reactive decision making are required in both one-off and routine scenarios and situations.

Your responsibilities include managing team resources, making travel arrangements and preparing business reports. To be successful in this role, you should be well-organized, have great time management skills and be able to act without guidance.

Ultimately, you will contribute to the efficiency of our business by providing personalized and timely support to the Executive Director, including acting as a proxy where your skills and experience allow the Executive Director to comfortably delegate select responsibilities to you, while they focus on other strategic priorities that come up that require their personal, focussed attention.

If you are looking for a strictly administrative or secretarial position, there may be other positions out there better suited to your goals. An Executive Assistant at Campus Creative is a core executive team player, that is involved in much more than strictly administrative work. We expect free-thinking and creativity, and the ability to jump into challenging and dynamic situations to assist our Executive Director in their responsibility of achieving our team goals, much in the way that players on a professional sports team jump in and assist their forward-facing players in scoring goals, by playing the game, covering positions where needed, observing the moves that need to be made to ultimately ensure that when their teammates are in scoring position, they receive the ball at precisely the right time to score a goal.

As we are a media-focused organization, the ideal candidate is a creative with a knack for business, that would thrive in an environment where they have the opportunity to work alongside a fast-paced and driven young entrepreneurial leader, while providing multimedia support at presentations, conferences and networking functions in addition to working with the Executive Director to produce multi-media material for both internal and external audiences. If you are looking for a position where you sit at your desk all day, there are other options out there, this position is for an energetic go-getter.

Years of experience are not relevant compared to your natural ability to keep up with our Executive Director, understand the team vision, and assist our Executive Director in executing on a number of plans, some quite elaborate and long-term. If you are looking for a simple start in your career and a position that you can sit back and start with slowly, there are other positions out there, and we encourage you to explore other possibilities. Fully expect that if you are not the right fit, you may not last 1-day. It is paramount that you are able to jump right in and lean as you go, on the fly, so that you save our Executive Director time and energy, rather than being a drain on our their very scarce available time. If you are confident in your competence for this role and responsibility and think you have what it takes to give your 100% every moment of every day and learn as much as you absolutely can each day so that you can effectively save our Executive Director time in their day, and allow them to execute their plans faster and more efficiently, with your support, we look forward to hearing from you!

Responsibilities May Include:
Act as the point of contact among executives, employees, clients and other external partners
Manage information flow in a timely and accurate manner
Manage the Executive Director's calendars and set up meetings
Make travel and accommodation arrangements
Prepare revenue and expense reports
Oversee the performance of other team members
Manage team and project budgets
Act as a team manager by keeping everything running smoothly
Format information for internal and external communication – memos, emails, presentations, reports
Take minutes during meetings
Screen and direct phone calls and distribute correspondence
Organize and maintain the office filing system
Prepare presentations for stakeholders
Design and develop visual training materials for team members, based on strategic objectives
Produce visual representations of the Executive Director's plans to ensure optimal understanding
Manage the production and curation of social media content for the Executive Director
Driving the Executive Director to events, meetings, airports, etc. so that they can maximize their available output in a day by working while in transit

***The above is a sample of the most common and core responsibilities we expect that you are able to handle in order to qualify for this position. You are not a "cog" in a system, be mindful that your tasks and responsibilities will vary as widely as our projects and initiatives, and you are expected to participate to the fullest extent possible on any project or initiative, with your full creativity and talents. For instance, if our summer camp program needs an extra set of hands one day for a photography lesson, be prepared to jump in and teach a 12-year old a lesson on editing a photo in lightroom.***

If you have never done many of these duties before, that is totally fine. Our agency got to where it is today by being bold and confidently taking on new and diverse projects we had never done before but knew we could handle. Pioneering is in our DNA as an organization. We take this same approach to our team "tryouts". What matters most is: you CAN do, not you HAVE done, and that you put your all into everything you do. There have been cases where we met the perfect fit as-a-person, that did not have the exact hard-skills we needed (they developed video games in Unity, we needed experience in the Unreal Engine for that particular role), in which case we hired them on for a 2-week "trial-by-fire" where they started for a couple of days to see where they were at and where they needed to be, left for holidays, with the expectation that when they returned, they had learned all the hard-skills required, or they were off the team (they learned the skills within the time allotted, and performed exceptionally thereafter). We understand that this role requires a lot from you. If you have what it takes, you will see immense personal and professional growth, learning valuable skills and insights from our team, based on their years of experience in the creative and innovation industry. Coaching from our Executive Director in-and-of-itself is immensely valuable as you develop as a creative professional.

The more skills you have, the more creative work opportunities exist for you, and the more likely you will be selected for a spot on the team. This is a competitive process, much like a tryout for a professional sports team. If you are not the top player in any one position, you need to rank very high in skill and competence in a variety of positions, or you need to be understanding that you might only qualify for an alternate part-time opportunity, with the skills you do have, vs. being eligible for a full-time opportunity. If you are applying without a complete portfolio (i.e. only photo samples, no video samples or samples of other creative skills, such as graphic design), you had better be so exceptional at photography that we can justify the decision to bring you on board, and provide you with the opportunity to build your videography skills as you go. This is an extremely competitive industry, as you are well aware, and you need to be mindful at all times to strive for continuous learning and growth as a creative.

Based on your current availability and experience, you can either dive-right-in and start full-time, or get your feet wet with the new responsibilities with part-time and weekend work as you increase your level of comfort working with the team and develop your competency for the management responsibilities of the role.

Travel opportunities exist for collaborations with our other studio locations. Productions will be most frequently in London, Toronto and Ottawa.

Company Overview Video:

We are a diversified team, looking to join forces with other diversely talented creatives. Campus Creative is our original brand, however, our team currently focusses on the following 4 core-brands, each tapping our full creative potential as a team, with different markets and target audiences. You will have an opportunity to work with all of these core-brands:
https://www.campuscreative.ca/ [B-to-B creative services for businesses and organizations]
https://www.undertheumbrella.ca/ [B-to-C creative services for weddings and life events]
https://www.blacksmithstudios.ca/ [B-to-C and R&D creative services for Video Games and Technology]
https://www.smartstartcamp.ca/ [B-to-C education/outreach-oriented summer camp to strengthen the next generation of creatives]

Portfolio Work: You Created It, You Should Be Able To Show It Off!
One really unique aspect of being a member of the Campus Creative Team, is that you are an individual working with a team. In the majority of cases, all team members in good standing are permitted to display their work at Campus Creative in their own personal portfolios, to help develop their personal brand and reputation as a creative. This is of course subject to proper citations for the team, and correctly citing the aspects of the work that the individual team member actually produced when team work is listed in their personal portfolio. Additionally, certain projects may have confidentiality or licensing considerations and may not be published or displayed in personal portfolios. Generally, if a project is publicly available in the team’s portfolio, that project may be displayed in the portfolio of the individual team members that worked on it. Likewise, as we are a team that looks to build up each other as individual creatives working together on more challenging and rewarding projects as a team of creatives, we encourage team members to bring their own personal portfolio to become a part of our collective portfolio, enhancing our profile as a cohesive team with the diversity of our creative talent to showcase.

Core Skills:
Customer Relations
People Skills
Graphic Design
Business (not necessarily that you have run a business or gone to a business program, but you are confident you understand a business, how it works, why customers choose one business over another, ideally, have at least some free-lance experience so that you understand concepts like quoting, invoicing, customer relations, marketing, customer acquisition, networking, budgeting, etc.)
Management Ability (not necessarily that you have managed before, but that you are confident you have what it takes for a position of responsibility)
Full G Level Drivers License (or G-2 with the understanding that you will need your G as soon as possible)
Drone Operation (if you have not flown a drone before, you will have an opportunity to learn, the expectation is that you will pass the drone pilot basic flight operations certification, we can provide coaching)

Core Software Skills:
Premiere Pro
Google (Know how to effectively and efficiently Google anything and get the results you are looking for)

Value-Added Skills:
Bilingual French/English
Website Design
Computer Programming
Motion Design
Visual Effects
Fine Art
Other Performing Arts
Drone Pilot Advanced Certification

Value-Added Software Skills:
After Effects
Unreal Engine

Flexible Work Environment:
We are very flexible with requesting time off requests wherever reasonable and practical, provided that all responsibilities to your clients and your team are being met. This is a two-way street, and we expect that you will likewise be fully available and flexible in meeting the needs of your clients and your team. If you are looking for a 9-5, Monday to Friday gig and cherish your weekends over your creative potential, we are certain that you would be better suited for another position elsewhere, we understand this is not for everyone.

Vacation Planning In A Dynamic Environment:
Projects can come up any day and at any time, that require immediate attention. For this reason, it is of paramount importance that if you will be unavailable for any reason, you let the team know, make sure that someone is designated to cover for you, and book off official vacation time as required. If you are making any plans that are not easily changed, such as taking a weekend trip to Vancouver, on a weekend that previously did not have any productions planned, understand that this could change in an instant. By properly coordinating with your team, and officially requesting and being granted that time off for an official vacation, the situation can be avoided where you would be required to choose between being accountable to your clients and your team, and your trip that you have already paid for. The expectation in this case, is that unless you have booked an official vacation day, you will be prepared to cancel any plans you have made to adapt to the changing production schedule. It is far easier to change a trip to the local park, than a trip across the country, so be mindful to request official vacation time off, where you are not prepared to cancel your plans if a production comes up. We understand that this level of responsibility and accountability is not for everyone. If you have what it takes, you are in for an incredibly fulfilling experience!

"Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team." -- John C. Maxwell
- > We are looking for the right fit, in some areas we are flexible, such as years of experience, in others, we are not, like the quality of work, and drive to succeed.
- > If you get the warm fuzzies inside just thinking of the opportunity to collaborate with such a diverse group of creatives, at a very unique creative agency, so much so that your gut feeling is "Put me in the game coach! Where do I signup?" there is a good chance that this opportunity is the right fit.
- > If you are looking for a 9-5, M-F creative "job" because your skills or hustle are too mediocre to support a freelance career, and you love your evenings and weekends and thus want a team to pick up your slack, please find another opportunity more suited to your goals, the Campus Creative team is only looking for reliable, skilled, motivated and driven teammates who are looking for a jumpstart to their soon-to-be wildly successful "creative career" (we find that those that have the hustle to freelance right out of school, or during school, tend to be the best fit, however, the freelance experience is not necessary, if you can demonstrate skill and hustle in other ways).

Expected Start Date: 2020-08-21

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Casual, Permanent

Salary: $14.00-$15.00 per hour

Additional pay:

  • Bonus Pay


  • Casual Dress
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Company Car
  • Company Events
  • Flexible Schedule
  • On-site Gym
  • On-site Parking
  • Profit Sharing
  • Work From Home


  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends

COVID-19 considerations:
We are allowing voluntary work-from-home wherever practical, based on the project circumstances.
Due to the nature of this role, you will be required to be on-site at a number of locations as you work alongside the Executive Director.


  • Videography: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Photography: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Graphic Design: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Portfolio [digital portfolio link required in application]: 1 year (Required)
  • Freelance: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Administration: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Production Management: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Bachelor's Degree (Preferred)


  • London, ON (Required)


  • Drone Pilot - Basic Operations (Preferred)


  • $26,499 total compensation would make this opportunity work (Preferred)
  • 44 hours per week would be manageable (Preferred)
  • $15,142 total compensation would make this opportunity work (Preferred)
  • $51,484 total compensation would make this opportunity work (Required)
  • 60 hours per week would be manageable (Preferred)
  • 20 hours per week would be manageable (Required)
  • 35 hours per week would be manageable (Preferred)
  • $33,313 total compensation would make this opportunity work (Preferred)
  • you are on the team or you are off the team, there is no mid (Required)
  • pre-existing freelance clients referred to team [bonus pay] (Required)
  • full commitment to work as a team, freelance not permitted (Required)
  • $14.25 / hour would make this opportunity work (Preferred)
  • $15.00 / hour would make this opportunity work (Required)
  • $14.50 / hour would make this opportunity work (Preferred)
  • $14.00 / hour would make this opportunity work (Preferred)
  • $14.75 / hour would make this opportunity work (Preferred)
  • add personal portfolio to our team portfolio [bonus pay] (Preferred)

Work remotely:

  • No