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Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers Ltd - Campbell River, BC (4 months ago)

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We are looking for a person who loves doing healing work, natural health, is passionate about making a difference in lives of people, as well as personal and professional growth, and enjoys collaborative environment with other practitioners.

Min Skills Required:
Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish

Natural Body Care treatments: kelp, salt, hydrotherapy, clay, herbs use, natural organic facials etc.

Note: Our body care treatments are used mostly for healing and relaxation purposes (not for beauty), as the focus of our retreat is assisting clients in health restoration. However, if you have an experience in aesthetics and/or were working at a spa, and have an interest in natural and therapeutic work, we can train you in our body care therapies.

Lymphatic Drainage (Dr. Vodder technique) – if do not have, must be willing to acquire

About the Fresh Start

Fresh Start is the Health and Lifestyle Transformation Retreat, specializing in physical health, emotional wellness and habits transformation, offering 7, 14 and 21-Day holistic programs.

Our team feels a great sense of being a part of a life and health-changing work, as well as making a difference in lives of others. We are not simply a spa or walk-in clinic, we are a healing stay-in centre. It creates a very different environment and dynamic, provides a different level of satisfaction with work. It is for people who are healers by heart and for whom helping people get well means to live their dream.

Pay: $50 per 1 hr service, $75 per 1 ½ hrs

Terms: Contract

Our Program Dates: Work is available during the programs. We operate on approx. 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off basis. In total we have 9 program sessions per year.There are two 2-week per year, the rest are 3-weeks. All program dates are planned a year ahead

Reliability & Flexibility Needed: We look for a person who is reliable, can work evenings and weekends, welcomes a lot of business, yet is quite flexible with the number of treatments and can plan vacations around our program sessions.

Though we are typically quite busy during the programs, the hours may fluctuate depending on the demand, so you either need to have the 2nd source of income in-between programs or a spouse supporting you.

1:30-9:30 p.m. with a break 5:30-6:00 p.m.; occasional treatments may be scheduled earlier in the day
2-5 days per week; flexibility on working days is needed
Most our treatments are 90 min long, so you can be scheduled up to 4 90-min treatments a day

Main Requirements:
Min 5-10 years of experience in body work (ex. massages, wraps, hydrotherapy, facials, foot treatments, facial acupressure, Indian facial massage, hair mask, herbal stem massage, hydrotherapy etc.)
Knows how to create relaxation experience in a quiet and gentle manner
Can do quality deep tissue massage (your hands are strong, you know how to work with people with injuries safely)
Current professional liability insurance
Enjoys working with natural materials (clay, real sea weed, herbs, food like avocado, essential oils etc.) and using organic ingredients in his/her treatment
Team player. Though working mostly independently, you'll enjoy our team spirit.
Our company culture and values align with yours (read about it at the bottom of the Job Board page

Unique Certifications Required:
Lymphatic Drainage Certification (Dr. Vodder) - if do not have, must acquire within 6 months

Additional Requirements:
First Aid – current or will acquire within 6 months, must keep at own cost
Personal Vehicle and Driver’s License

Would Be an Asset:
Aesthetics Certification

Has a very light, joyful, bubbly yet relaxing personality; gentle and pleasant touch; naturally and quickly connects with each client
Enjoys a healthy lifestyle, believes in natural health principles and is an example of health and self-care
Tactful, respectful and humble
Great team player; loves getting together with like-minded team to enjoy time together, to learn, to discuss how to improve guest service or just to connect
Is happy to learn new things and therapies and practice them (poultices, grass therapies, castor oil packs etc.)
Has a good sense of humor, as well as very positive energy and spirit

Fresh Start aims to provide a high quality service to its practitioners.

We book all treatments and take care of payments.

We pre-book a large portion of appointments a week prior to the beginning of the program and aim to group them well. Though you still need to be able to come for 1 appointment, if scheduled and wait between appointments, when needed.

Our practitioners do not need to come to the retreat unless an appointment is already booked. You know what you are having the next day, and we’ll contact you in person, if there is a late appointment request to confirm you can take it.

We do not use seniority principle. Your bookings numbers are influenced by your schedule flexibility, specialty and abilities.

Our support staff takes full care of cleaning of treatment rooms and laundry, glasses replacement. The practitioners are simply change linens and maintain basic cleanness between treatments.

We sign with our guests release forms and collect thorough health information forms, which will be provided for your review prior to each program.

We encourage our clients to tip and give them permission to put tips on via all types of payment, including credit card (and at the moment we pay % that this requires! – though this may change overtime).

We take care of 99% of all “house chores” and bring business so that you could focus only on one thing: doing what you love most.

You have a chance to be a part of unique business assisting people on their journey to health.

You provide quality natural organic ingredients for body treatments

Study health profiles of each guest prior to treatments, log appointments, post appointment notes

Participation in occasional team meetings and regular communications

Training in the company processes and procedures

Supporting us in getting the word out/ promo (f. ex. occasional interviews) if necessary


Our Intake Process:
Application: Please read the full position description in detail and apply on our company job board. It includes a resume and a simple questionnaire, and takes about 20 min. Our Company Job Board address is: Once you pick the position you are applying for, click on the green button Apply for this Job on the upper right corner of the page.
15-min Pre-Screen interview: If you meet our core requirements, we'll contact you over the phone.
In-person Interview. If you are qualified, you will be invited for a 30-60 min in-person interview.
If you have the necessary qualifications and are interested, we are looking forward to hearing from you!