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North American manufacturers of industrial HVAC equipment are experiencing unprecedented demand for chilled water (CW) and direct expansion (DX) cooling systems. Increased shipments are driven by large data center projects, upscale health care facilities and other commercial-industrial end-users. To supply a fraction of this demand, a U.S.-based boutique private equity fund has completed exhaustive research with end-users, their architects, leading engineering firms and existing manufacturers. The end result is the creation of a disruptive and rapidly emerging player in the North American HVAC space. A team of expert and accomplished HVAC executives has been hired to establish the corporate sales office and leading-edge manufacturing operations in Montreal, Canada.

The Company is currently hiring its first key management, engineering and business development team members. The men and women of this new team will be given opportunities to grow professionally and personally by playing key roles in shaping the future of the business. Roles being advertised include Director President Sales, Applications Manager, Applications Engineer, Acoustical Engineer, R&D Manager. Compensation is above average for above-average results.

Job Description

The Director of Sales is responsible developing, documenting, directing and executing the client’s North American sales strategy. This activity shall include but not be limited to contributing significantly to corporate executive planning sessions, developing, presenting and justifying human resource strategies related to sales, meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers and manufacturers’ representatives in areas of sales and engineering support, conceiving innovative marketing and sales tactics consistent with the company's overall strategic objectives, and ensuring that all sales efforts are aligned with the company's overall corporate strategy, marketing plan, financial metrics and budgets.

Daily activities include the following:

  • Ensure that Manufacturer’s Representatives design and price HVAC equipment accurately while delivering a highly competitive product offering.
  • Support Manufacturer’s Representatives during the bidding and negotiation phases of each project to ensure the highest probability of order closure.
  • Provide timely technical assistance to Manufacturer’s Representatives by facilitating answers to technical questions, generating specifications favourable to manufacturing capabilities.
  • Develop creative unit designs and engineering solutions that are customized to meet the specific needs of each project at the lowest manufactured cost while meeting project requirements and addressing competitive issues in the market.
  • Ensure that submittals for secured orders are assembled and professionally delivered in a timely fashion. Make sure that submittal approval is pursued and achieved within allocated time frame for on-time release
  • Release all orders to production and process approved change orders immediately to minimize delays.
  • Monitor progress of each order through production and keep Manufacturer’s Representative informed of the scheduled ship dates.
  • Assume ultimate responsibility for the designs and selections to assure integrity of unit operation, system effects, optimum component selections, sound, vibration, power, and feasibility of component installation at plant and job sites.
  • Collection of feedback on departmental work load, team issues, productivity, market developments, and other work related issues.
  • Consistent improvement of the department's performance and morale to better serve representatives and customers.
  • Ultimate responsibility for training of new employees, and their introduction to the appropriate tools, knowledge
  • Accountability and full participation in development of annual sales plan, resource requirements and budgeting, periodic forecasting, sales reports, backlog reports, Rep. performance and analysis of market conditions.

Selection Criteria

Are you self-motivated, able to work on multiple tasks with minimal supervision individually or as part of a team? Do you have effective communication, interpersonal, problem solving, decision making and time management and customer relationship skills? Do you feel and project a sense of urgency, customer empathy, attention to detail and ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously?

The ideal candidate has hands-on design experience, field knowledge and experience and proven abilities in selling industrial HVAC projects and/or supervision of an all-star technical sales team. The successful candidate possesses a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent, is a Professional Engineer and must be fluent in English with a working knowledge of French.Expert ability with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access) and AutoCADare essential to performing this role. A Masters’ Degree in Engineering or Business Administration and LEED accreditation are considered assets for this position.


  • Twenty (20) years overall business experience related to HVAC engineering sales leadership, personnel management, proven impact on organization’s performance
  • Seven (7) years engineering sales leadership in a supervisory or executive role with demonstrated performance and financial impact
  • Teaching and coaching skills, acquired both formally and informally, either from an accredited institution or corporate training program, as well as through hands-on experience, as required to motivate and develop supervised employees in the pursuit of business development and other corporate objectives

Type d'emploi : Temps Plein