Project Manager/Structural Engineer – Houses

K. H. Davis Engineering Consultants - Toronto, ON (11 months ago)

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Intermediate/Senior Level – 7+ Years Experience

Full Time/Salary Position (salary commensurate with background/experience)

Minimum Requirements:
Licensed Professional Engineer – PEO
Comprehensive Experience with Wood Frame House Construction
Very good written and oral English Language Skills
Ability and willingness to carry out Construction Field Reviews and write reports
Ability and willingness to meet new clients, write Fee Proposals, and Resolve Design and Construction Problems Independently
Familiarity with structural design software such as Forte, Woodworks, SAP2000, AutoCAD and REVIT
Valid Drivers Licence

K H Davis is looking for an Intermediate Level or Senior Level Structural Engineer with at least 7 years of relevant design experience to join our team of Structural Engineers and Architectural Technologists who specialize in the Design and Engineering of Houses and Small Buildings, most of which are wood structures with some steel and concrete components.

The candidate must have a degree in Structural Engineering or Structural Engineering Technology from a PEO accredited Engineering School and must be a Professional Engineer Licensed in the Province of Ontario.

Candidate is expected to have several years of directly relevant design and construction experience with Wood structures. If candidate is not familiar with acronyms such as LVL, OSB, and CLT, then they are likely not suitable for this position as it requires direct experience with the design of wood frame structures.


K H Davis Engineering Consultants Ltd are Structural Engineers and Architectural Technologists and have been in business since 1999. We are specialists in Houses and Small Building Projects that often fall under Part 9 of the OBC but also require custom design under Part 4. Some of our projects involve multi-unit dwellings that must also conform to Part 3 of the OBC. We do not design large projects; rather, our specialty is small buildings.

We serve private homeowners, architects, and builders who need our expertise in design services for their residential projects. We have appeared on many HTGV shows, such as Leave it to Bryan, Income Property and we have developed a very good reputation for this type of work in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our office workload is spilt into approximately 3 different areas: The first 1/3rd of our work is purely structural engineering design for house renovations and custom homes, the second 1/3rd involves providing expert consultations and reports to homeowners that have a problem with a house or a construction project, and the other 1/3rd is providing full service architectural design services for home renovations and new houses, usually projects that have a large structural component.

We bring extensive experience with virtually all types and styles of homebuilding construction and we always look forward to a challenge.

Our Principal, Ken Davis, P. Eng., regularly contributes to the AEC community by speaking at Trade Shows and related Trade Organizations in the Toronto Area and provides expert witness services to assist lawyers, insurance adjusters, municipalities, and other engineers in litigation related matters.


We have an energetic team consisting of structural engineers and architectural technologists who work in an open, friendly, and collaborative office environment. At the same time, most of our design projects are done quite independently – one project = one person; However, there are many exceptions, such as when there is a significant drafting component which requires the involvement of a dedicated design/draftsperson for a project; this means that our people are truly “Consultants” to our clients and al of our staff are expected to be able to answer to them on a day-to-day basis. Very few of our staff are strictly “task” oriented and shielded from the entire Consulting process, and for this reason, our people need to develop fully over a short period of time to truly become a key member of our consulting team.

The firm offers flexible work arrangements and a casual but professional office environment that especially suit many of our younger staff. Some staff find that a combination of in-office hours and out-of-office work hours adequately meets the needs of both the employee and the firm.

Job Description

If you are a structural engineer/structural designer/building plans examiner and you truly enjoy applying your engineering skills to help homeowners and builders with their projects, then this may be the place for you.

Note: This is a job that requires a customer service-oriented person that must have good oral and written English skills, AND someone that is truly interested in the design and construction of wood frame houses and small buildings. We are seeking people that already have experience in Part 9 and Part 4 design and construction and are ready to take on added responsibility in a more senior position in our firm. If you don’t already have some relevant experience with wood frame design or house construction, then you will not be considered for this position.

An ideal candidate would be a person that has been involved in the design of many wood frame structures in the past, possibly working as a Structural Engineer for a firm like ours, having previous experience as a Municipal Plans Examiner or possibly having experience as a wood truss designer for a Truss Manufacturer.

The candidate is expected to be involved in all aspects of our Consulting work – from writing fee proposals to carrying out detailed design, and then carrying out final site visits to reviewing as-built structure. The candidate will be “client facing” and as such, needs to have a friendly and confident manner; This is important since the candidate will be expected to work for and liaise directly with our Clients, from start to finish. Often, the candidate will need to carry out construction field reviews to ensure that construction work is proceeding in accordance with our designs and carry out site visits for Homeowners in need of a Structural Consultation for some aspect of their existing home. Homeowners sometimes call us to respond to a structural problem, such as a cracked foundation wall, sloping floors, or are considering adding a 3rd floor to their home, and these Structural Consultations often lead to larger assignments for our firm.

If you are a Structural Engineer, or an experienced Structural Designer who is looking to move up in terms of design responsibility and autonomy, then we are likely the firm for you. We offer a very flexible work environment, benefits, and above-average annual bonus (based upon year end profitability).

Summary of Job Requirements

Thorough Structural Design background and comprehensive knowledge of both Part 9 and Part 4 of the OBC. Must have an excellent understanding of North America style wood frame house construction. Excellent 3-D spatial visualisation skills are required, understanding of gravity load analysis and lateral load analysis (including the design of shear walls and moment resisting frames for typical residential applications).
Candidate must be able to handle projects from start to finish independently. This position requires the full range of skills expected from an Engineer who is offering Consulting Services to the Public.
Excellent Interpersonal Skills – Many of our clients are homeowners, so we often we need to explain technical things to non-technical people in a manner whereby the client understands the issues. The Candidate must also have excellent verbal and written English skills since direct client communications, including proposal and report writing, is a big part of the job. This job cannot be done by someone who does not have high proficiency with written English since 2-3 reports/proposals per week are typical.
Working knowledge of all commonly used Structural Analysis and Design software for House Design, such as Woodworks, Saffire, SAP2000, etc.
It is expected that you have a good working knowledge of MS Office, and commonly used design software such as AutoCAD and REVIT. You should have a G driver’s licence for this position as well, since you must carry out site visits to locations all around the GTA and within about 100km of Toronto.