Job Developer/ Employment Skills Facilitator

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WCG team members are supported and expected to work as part of a team aligned with a shared goal of providing high quality service to clients, employers, the community and the Ministry. Each WCG team member uses strong communication and coordination skills and shares knowledge to work impactfully within a cross functional team of WCG staff and service delivery partners responsible for excellence in client service. All team members are responsible for the quality of our face to face and virtual interactions, for the promotion of WorkBC services, for providing outreach to various locations in the catchment and for supporting community engagement activities. At WCG, we are flexible and agile and we prioritize client service while ensuring contract and policy compliance – this is reflected in our day to day tasks, our scheduling and our support of one another. Strong relationships, developed and maintained through mutual respect and caring, characterize our team.

The Job Developer/ Employment Skills Facilitator is responsible for the delivery of Competency-based Client workshops. Competency-based training is an approach to teaching and learning used in the development of concrete skills and is an alternative to more traditional educational approaches. It helps eligible clients learn and develop the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for, find and maintain employment. Topics may include basic life skills, essential work skills, and short-term occupational training, and can be delivered to a group or one-on-one. This role will travel between the Centres within the Catchment to account for any specialty area they may be called to facilitate on.

This role is also responsible for providing individualized services to employers and Clients in order to achieve Labour Market Attachment for Clients who are unlikely to find work through self-marketing efforts to employers. Job Development Services provide Clients with direct support to negotiate with employers for new job opportunities that may exist or be developed (carved) from existing job descriptions based on the needs, skills and abilities of the Client and individual employer needs.


Facilitate Competency-based training on a range of topics in centre, online, and virtually
Conduct group-based information sessions in the Self-Serve area on centre orientation and familiarize clients with tools and resources available.
Generate enthusiasm and excitement about the prospects of participants finding work
Provide constant feedback regarding Participant progress and participation in workshops
Respond to all questions, comments, and submitted assignments from workshop participants
Ensure the facility and required equipment and materials are available and ready for use
Support participants to achieve their greatest potential by identifying and acknowledging strengths and identifying areas in which participants can grow and discussing those with participants in a professional, respectful, and caring manner
Stay up to date on the local labour market, community resources & government programs
Prepare and maintain Case Management records, reports, and evaluations, as required
Ensure confidentiality of all information
Provide one-on-one workshops with clients dependent on need (mock interviews, resume writing)
Provide tips on independent job search activities
Facilitate and organize the provision of various short-term certificate and Essential Skills courses
Lead/assist with community events and workshops
Develop curriculum for workshops as required
Administer and evaluate Strong Interest Inventory assessments with clients

Case Management:
Eligibility determination – provide assessment services to determine the need for Job Development Services. Assessment findings and a rationale detailing the need for Job Development services must be detailed within the Clients ICM case file.
Develop a plan that details the activities the Client will undertake while participating in Job Development Services. The plan must include the level of follow-up determined appropriate prior to providing this intensive level of service.

Primary Job Development services include:
working with Clients to establish potential employment opportunities;
providing individualized job marketing to employers;
arranging interviews and supporting Clients at job interviews as required;
negotiating job terms and conditions.

Job Retention and Maintenance Support

Provision of Job Coaching and Job Maintenance support - an individualized service provided to Clients and employers when the Client needs on-the-job support and guidance to successfully maintain Labour Market Attachment. These services are intended for Clients who are not likely to achieve success through employer training and support alone. Services include:
Conduct initial employer on-site visits to ensure the best working conditions for future employees;
Assisting the Client and/or employer to resolve issues that may impact the Client's ability to maintain employment;
Identifying and arranging for any accommodations and supports necessary for the Client to continue in employment;
Coordinate and facilitate required training that will support job retention, including on-the-job training
Providing any other supports the Client requires;
Monitoring the Client's employment on a monthly basis at a minimum, or more frequently where required;
Ensuring a transition to Natural Supports, specific to each Client and employer
Create opportunities for employment by being solution oriented, proactively marketing specific clients to specific employers for direct job placement including, volunteer, part-time and full-time paid employment placements, job shadowing, informational interviews, and work experience placements. (Work placement options may include work experiences, Wage Subsidy, place and train, job shadowing, job carving, job simulation, job sharing, on-the-job training, volunteering, or part or full-time paid employment)

Clients in Job Development Services who require intensive support for job retention and maintenance will also be provided with extended, post-outcome follow-up services that increase the Client's ability to maintain Employment.

Community Involvement:
Stay attuned to local community employment related venues and market WorkBC services on behalf of the centre
Regular attendance/presentations at local Job Fairs and other employer related networking opportunities
Represent WCG and develop WCG brand awareness through the marketing of WCG programs and services within the given geographic area
Attend business and community events including Chamber of Commerce functions and other community or employer-based trade shows
Join local Business Associations and committees as appropriate
Participate in the hosting of community and employer events

And other duties as required, including going beyond job description to help colleagues or to do work related to other roles whenever necessary


Demonstrated experience in delivering basic life skills and essential work skills programs; conducting and interpreting Client Needs Assessments; coaching and mentoring Clients; working with individuals with complex barriers and a broad range of cultural backgrounds; and building partnerships with employers, community agencies, and other stakeholders
Demonstrated experience in conducting and interpreting Client Needs Assessments; coaching and mentoring Clients; working with individuals with complex barriers and a broad range of cultural backgrounds; and building partnerships with employers, community agencies, and other stakeholders
Experience in effectively marketing Clients, including Specialized Population Clients, and explaining the benefits to employers
Knowledge of the local labour market, community resources & government programs
Knowledge of job search techniques, career development, and issues relating to the unemployed
Excellent interpersonal skills coupled with strong verbal communications skills; ability to successfully communicate with persons with barriers to employment
Excellent diplomacy, teamwork & problem-solving skills
Strong digital literacy skills including Microsoft Office Suite, web conferencing and delivery tools including Skype, Zoom, and others
Solid understanding of confidentiality and other professional codes of conduct; must submit for a criminal record check
Ability to work outside require business hours, including in shifts, evenings, and Saturdays
A valid driver’s license, a reliable vehicle and the flexibility and the ability to work in different locations in the Fraser North East catchment

Proficiency in French and/or other languages in addition to English
Comfort and proficiency using Social Media
Experience with Ministry and other online tools such as ICM, online employment services, Magnet

Post-secondary certificate degree or diploma in a relevant field (e.g. career or employment development, vocational rehabilitation, social work, psychology, sociology, human services, counselling, education, or human resources management) preferred
CCDP preferred
Certifications to deliver Short-Term Occupational Certificates such as Serving it Right, SuperHost, WHMIS, First Aid considered an asset