Business Development Manager (contract furniture business)

Drechsel Business Interiors - Toronto, ON (13 months ago)

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Basic Function:

This position does extensive research and networking to generate leads, qualify potential customers and convinces clients to buy furniture and services from the dealership. You are responsible for generating new business goals, new sales volume, and targeting account development and competitive account penetration.

Specific Responsibilities and Duties:

Lead Generation

  • Networks extensively for leads (business groups, real estate brokers, A&D community, local community organizations, industry organizations); develops relationships with key influencers (A&D principals, real estate brokers, property managers)
  • Researches for leads through business journals, newspapers, industry periodicals and publications, internet, etc.
  • Cold calls potential clients in person or by telephone, or combination
  • Develops target account list of potential clients, including major corporations, government business, and educational entities; uses deliberate measurable long term plan to penetrate these accounts
  • Works closely with dealership's manufacturer representatives to target opportunities for sales
  • Participates in dealership lead generation programs such as telemarketing, open houses, industry events, etc.; follows up diligently on leads provided by the dealership

A&D Marketing

  • Works with all A&D firms in the marketplace; knows most senior personnel in the major and many of the smaller firms
  • Makes persuasive presentations to A&D firms on dealership’s products and services—in person, through written/graphic documentation and by electronic means/ works to get dealer and dealer's products specified on bids, and for opportunities for selling that don't require bidding
  • Follows up on all potential leads from A&D firms; works to get dealership's products specified in A&D client requests for bid documents
  • Works to get A&D firms to dealership/manufacturer promotional events, open houses; works with dealership/manufacturer staff to plan and put on those events; visits A&D firms on a regular basis
  • Is sensitive to the A&D community's sense of style and design

Qualification and Selling

  • Qualifies leads into potential customers; does thorough need analysis to understand client’s requirements for furniture products and services
  • Researches client's core business to completely understand client and market factors that impact client's business
  • Makes persuasive presentations to customers on dealership’s products and services—in person, through written/graphic documentation and electronic means
  • Develops detailed, accurate and professional looking quotes through own effort or in conjunction with dealership personnel (designers, customer service representatives, project managers, etc.) and presents these to the customer in a timely manner
  • Provides accounting department with timely information for any necessary credit checks

Sales Order Management

  • Is responsible for setting up the sale so that it can be efficiently managed and administered by the dealership, and the dealership operations and business personnel
  • Establishes costs and sell amounts for all account products and services, based on contract pricing, gross margin guidelines and established service pricing; is responsible for “cost-of-sale” against account purchases
  • Accepts responsibility for the accuracy of specifications when entering orders themselves, and reviews specifications for obvious errors when done by others (design, for instance); provides complete, accurate and timely sales order (header data, pricing, contract numbers, etc.) and work order (site and project parameters, installation schedule, etc.) information required for proposal/sales order system
  • Ensures a responsible close of sale by obtaining signed sales orders (and terms & conditions, if appropriate), client purchase orders and deposits as required
  • Stays involved throughout sale implementation to ensure that any bottlenecks or changes in scope are identified and resolved, and that both customer and dealership are satisfied
  • Ensures documentation standards are maintained for all account activities; ensures dealership process and procedures are followed

Customer/Account Interfaces

  • Is available, responsive and timely to customer inquiries, requests for information and/or quotations, problem resolution, etc.
  • Provides frequent and regular follow-up contact with customer regarding after sale services and information, including customer satisfaction
  • Conducts a professional, cooperative interface with the customer, the customer’s employees, and the customer’s third party consultants/subcontractors
  • Assists accounting in resolving any late receivables or customer credit issues

Goals and Performance

  • Meets monthly, quarterly and yearly sales, margin and new business goals as set by the dealership and sales manager
  • Provides timely reports on sales forecasts and new leads as required
  • Participates in special sales programs sponsored by the dealership or in conjunction with the dealership’s designated furniture manufacturers; attends training sessions as determined by the dealership

Contract Furniture Management

  • Is knowledgeable of dealership’s product lines—product features, application, technical capabilities, specification, etc.
  • Has good understanding of contract furniture management at dealer level—account servicing, project management, order preparation, order management, factory interface, delivery & installation— including sale’s role in those processes and procedures
  • Has knowledge of office environment issues (ergonomics, technology integration and use, office productivity, etc.) and general business trends

Job Type: Full-time


  • English (Preferred)