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Gitsegukla Band - Skeena, BC (10 months ago)

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Finance Manager

Position Summary

We are currently seeking a dynamic Finance Manager to join our team. This person operates with purpose and is eager to learn, share and grow. If you are looking for an opportunity to rise within an organization and assume a Chief Financial Officer role within the next two to three years, we would like to hear from you. Under general direction, this person will perform professional level accounting and is responsible for maintaining journals, ledgers and other complex financial reports and for preparing related budgets, financial statements and analytical reports as required.

Gitsegukla offers personal growth and advancement opportunities, fosters a collaborative environment and encourages team cooperation. You can make a difference in a company that gives you latitude to deliver the best possible results.

Gitsegukla is a Gitxsan village located in the Skeena River Valley, an area that is surrounded by mountains and is located about 80 miles east of Terrace and 17 miles west of New Hazelton. Situated in a beautiful valley on the Skeena river, the community is surrounded by mountains, spruce, birch, pine, cedar and maple trees. The area is truly remarkable with access to spectacular wilderness adventures including trails for every level of hiker, horseback riding, mountain biking, 50-million-year-old fossils, kayaking, river rafting, salmon fishing and golfing.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Position Overview:

The Finance Manager is the lead contact for all financial matters of Gitsegukla. Reporting to the Band Administrator, the Finance Manager is responsible for financial and accounting functions for Gitsegukla Nation in accordance with the Financial Administration Law, policies, guidelines and generally accepted accounting principles. Other duties required include overseeing administrative day to day financial operations, and supervising staff members. The Finance Manager also provides advice and recommendations for senior administrative decisions and Band operations.

General duties include:

  • Financial Management and Administration – Provides day to day management of Gitsegukla’s financial administration system. Participates in the senior management team of Gitsegukla and provides input into decision making and identifies possible financial outcome of decisions. Develops, implements and maintains all Gitsegukla financial policies, procedures and systems. Provides direction, guidelines, resources and support on all financial-related matters and activities.
  • Annual Planning and Budgeting - Creates a budget development calendar, manages the performance of tasks and ensures deadlines are met. Develops and maintains the tools and processes for development of departmental and consolidated budgets, and a multi-year (5) financial budget. Participates in budget planning sessions with Council, the Finance and Audit Committee, Band Manager and other key stakeholders, and collaborates with department managers in setting draft budgets for their departments. Inputs the approved budget to the financial reporting and monitoring system and prepares and analyzes budgeted versus actual revenue and expense reports for Gitsegukla activities in accordance with the planning and budgeting schedule. Manages budget amendments that may arise throughout the year.
  • Capital Assets - Records and reports Tangible Capital Assets in the financial statements. Prepares the financial information related to routine maintenance and rehabilitation or replacement of Tangible Capital Assets. Monitors the Tangible Capital Asset Protection Insurance Program and makes recommendations to the Band Manager in adequate time before each annual renewal, or sooner if circumstances warrant. Develops and recommends procedures for the safeguarding of assets and ensuring approved procedures are followed. Develops the budget for Capital Project Plans and Annual Capital Plan.
  • Financial Reporting - Prepares all financial statements and reports in accordance with PSAS and Gitsegukla policies and procedures. Provides regular and ad hoc reporting of financial information required for all funding, regulatory, compliance and management purposes.
  • Financial Institution Account and Cash Management - Represents Gitsegukla in dealing with Financial Institutions including approving financial service agreements and manages Gitsegukla bank accounts. Reviews and approves monthly bank reconciliations on all Gitsegukla accounts. Documents and alerts the Finance and Audit Committee of any irregularities in the reconciliation process. Ensures that any irregularities or reconciling items are resolved and adjusting entries are made in a timely manner.
  • Procurement: Develops, documents and maintains policies and procedures relating to the procurement process for goods, services, and assets. Assists in the selection, evaluation, and monitoring of contractors and suppliers. Manages and monitors expenditures and ensures that purchases initiated are within budgets and cash is available.
  • Expenditures: Controls disbursement of Gitsegukla funds insuring that all regulation requirements and accountabilities are met. Reviews expenditures ensures they are permitted under the current annual budget and applicable policies before issuing payments and ensures all required documentation accompanies each payment and is retained in the financial records in accordance with the Information Management Policy.
  • Long-Term Debt Financing: Prepares long-term debt financing proposal reports for each proposed financing and presents it to the Band Manager for review and comment. Monitors and manages all long-term debt obligations, including timely payments, maintaining sufficient documentation, and performing regular reconciliations of debt transactions. Reports and discloses the long-term debt obligations in the financial statements in accordance with PSAS, the Financial Administration Law and any agreements under which the long-term debt obligations were incurred
  • Investments: Analyzes proposals received from Investment Managers and Custodians and performing a preliminary risk assessment analysis against criteria to be met prior to investing decisions being made by Council. Recommends transfers, rebalancing, monitoring actions, Investment Manager changes, and any other recommendations relevant to the successful management of the investments. Executes transfers of funds to / from the investment account(s) according to Council instructions.
  • Risk Management - Develops and recommends procedures for identifying and mitigating risks for the annual Risk Management Plan and follows these procedures for Financial Reporting Risk and Fraud Risks. Prepares the Gitsegukla investment strategy, insurance coverage and emergency plans. Manages insurance coverage and ensures that it continues to meet the needs of Gitsegukla.
  • Financial Management System - Maintains a General Ledger (G/L) and updated monthly reporting system to ensure the facilitation of a continual accounting of revenue received, expenses incurred, and any changes to assets, liabilities and equity. Maintains an efficient accounting system that meets the needs of the overall band operations and subsidiary departments as identified by Council. Ensures issues and concerns regarding the financial management system are tracked and resolved as required.
  • External Audit - Oversees, supervises, directs and facilitates requests for any information required by the auditor to carry out its audit responsibilities. Ensures the accounts are properly updated to reflect audit adjustments, the account balances are reconciled to the audit statements and schedules, and a proper year end closing of the accounts is completed.
  • Human Resources Management - Manages finance staff in accordance with Band standards and performance expectations. In conjunction with the Band Manager, recruits, coaches, and mentors staff; coordinates training and development activities for finance staff

Experience and Education Requirements:

  • 4+ years of related experience, ideally in a management role for a First Nations organization including experience with the following:
  • A budgetary accounting environment
  • Human resources management
  • Working for nonprofit organizations
  • Working with large operational budgets * A post-secondary degree in commerce or business management and working towards a chartered professional accountant (CPA) designation required.
  • Excellent organizational, leadership, communication and analytical skills
  • Intermediate/advanced user of the Internet and software applications such as Word, Excel, etc.
  • Knowledge of key issues, legislation, policies, and procedures relating to First Nations administration would be an asset
  • Ability to establish good working relationships, both internally and with external stakeholders.
  • Possesses cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Demonstrates a dedication to the role and to the Gitsegukla community
  • A valid BC Driver’s License and a reliable vehicle

This is a great opportunity for someone looking to elevate their career. We are committed to finding the right fit, so please only apply for this position if your beliefs align with ours.

Integrity _(doing the right thing)

Community & Social Responsibility _(give back)

Adaptive Thinking _(outcome over process)

Trust & Collaboration _(team building)

Passion for Excellence _(love what you do)

We sincerely thank all applicants for their interest in the position, however only qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Job Type: Full-time


  • English (Required)