Senior Software Architect

Deluxe Entertainment - Toronto, ON (30+ days ago)

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Senior Software Architect


Position: Senior Software Architect

Location: Toronto

Job Summary: This role will contribute to the leadership, creation and maintenance of a cutting-edge, multi-site production and asset management software, used to create many of the major motion pictures out in cinemas today.


Architect and code complex solutions. Drive innovation within Stereo D and in the industry. Pleasantly surprise the customer base with creative solutions. Provide a vision for the future product and recognize and recommend trade-offs with respect to the whole system and its limits.
Quickly turn around high quality and stable software solutions.
Implement and deliver large features, across systems involving one or more team member’s contributions, on-time, and at a high level of quality.
Coach, mentor and inspire senior and junior developers
Lead conversations within the development team about the technical direction of major areas of the technology stack; drive team-wide consensus, change management and the adoption of this direction; and use this direction to inspire engineers. Proactive in identifying and clearing roadblocks for the team.
Lead and help improve software engineering practices across the development team. Embody and advocate a culture of quality code development.
Identify areas of strategic technical debt and business ROI and provide analysis and recommendations.
Handle short term and long term projects concurrently, and take control of immediate, production-stopping issues.
Take direction and change of direction in stride and adjust to on-the-fly prioritization changes.
Humble, flexible and easy to work with.
Well-liked by the team and customers. Effectively able to manage positive customer support user experiences. Able to present to external executive clients the advancements of our product innovation.
Take loose UI concepts and turn them into a solid technical specification with a smooth user-experience. Take a technical paper and turn it into a reality.
Debug and solve the toughest technical problems that the team encounters and often in a live, time critical and high risk setting.
On-site presence during office hours and available, as needed, off-hours.

Mandatory Technical Qualifications

12+ years of coding experience in a variety of languages and must include: C++, Python, and SQL.
BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent
Experience with PostgreSQL, query optimizations and BDR replication
OSX, Linux and Windows platform and build expertise.
Proven low level system expertise: Hardware, drivers, assembly language debugging and resolving operating system quirks.
VFX industry experience and the ability to work with a team to deliver high quality software in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
Architected for 2 or more Entertainment industry Applications
Algorithm expertise with modeling, animation, rendering, renderfarm management, particles, visualization, caching and AI.
Well done and proven UI/UX development experience within the Qt framework.
Experience in handling, debugging and resolving server issues in a high risk live global environment for thousands of users.
IT and DevOps experience. Experience with networking and transfer software and protocols.

Nice to have

6+ years’ experience with working with large datasets and/or working with writing applications for high performance data centers
4+ years’ experience real time graphics and massively parallel multithreaded design paradigms such as CUDA or OpenCL.
2+ years’ experience with Agile principles and practices such as TDD, Continuous Integration, daily Scrums, and sprint/release planning and execution.
Experience with content management or digital asset management systems.
Experience with SQL databases
Experience with messaging frameworks such as MSMQ or workflow engines.