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Pacific Ridge Landscapes - Sidney, BC (4 months ago)

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Imagine finding a company that not only you work for but works for you. That is what you will find with Katie and Merle. They are a class act, treating both their employees and their clients with equal respect. The first day I had an interview with the company, the ocean side office, the dogs, and Katie put me at ease. Katie and Merle are equal parts kind, fun, caring, passionate, and professional.

Whether you are looking for a job or seeking a future professional to bring your space to life, you could not find a better company to invest in.

  • Jen F., Install Crew Member
Katie and Merle are very caring employers who make you feel appreciated. They focus on building relationships and it shows. They've created a strong team of competent and friendly employees and the clients are people I looked forward to seeing each week.

  • Aldyn C., Maintenance Crew Member
Merle and Katie are two of the most devoted, kind and genuine people I know. No matter what comes up they handle it, no matter who needs what they take care of it. I have had the pleasure of working with them for 3 years now. I have been in the trades for close to twenty years and have not found any employer, any company that takes care of their employees and their clients as beautifully as Merle and Katie do.

When anything new is happening there is almost always things to work through, lessons to learn. With Merle and Katie and the team we did work through them, we did learn, together. This is the difference between almost every company and this one, we do it together. There is no ego when establishing a new idea; there is no idea unheard because someone thinks their’s is the best. Merle and Katie are building a company that unifies the employee, the customer and the owners of the company.

Over the three years working with this team I have gone through quite a few changes, both with life and with work. Merle and Katie have been right beside me: “What do you need?” “What can we do?” “How can we help?” The level of professionalism and care for both the clients and the staff is like no other. I didn’t really know the direction of landscaping or life I wanted to pursue. They helped me find it, and it’s here, happily.

  • Corey J., Maintenance Crew Lead