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Application deadline: November 12, 2019, 16:00 hours / 4:00 pm
Term of the position: January 6, 2020 – November 15, 2020 (Contract)

The Bouchie-Milburn Community Planning Team is leading the development of a Community Plan for the communities of Bouchie Lake – Milburn Lake (hereafter referred to as “Bouchie-Milburn”). The planning process will provide an opportunity for residents to engage in a collaborative, inclusive, and community led approach. The intention of the process is that it will build capacity and bring people together to share their vision and ideas for the community. The project will focus on engaging the community so that projects and priorities are identified which are then captured in a Plan. The proposed community plan will focus on a variety of issues as identified by the community. Examples include but are not limited to: resident retention, safety, recreation, infrastructure improvements, housing, lake health, fire protection, community assets, disaster preparedness and evacuation, economic development, heritage, fire smarting, beautification, trails / green spaces, and government services.

This project will support future projects as follows:

(i) it will be a plan based on community-wide input;
(ii) it will result in a community informed about their community, its needs and priorities;
(iii) it will identify “shovel ready” projects that have community support; and
(iv) it will include recommendations where relevant.

The final report will be made available to the community on social media, through email and in hard copy. The report will also be presented to the Cariboo Regional District through the North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee and the Northern Caucus. This plan will augment the Bouchie-Milburn Neighbourhood Planning process undertaken by the Cariboo Regional District in 2019 ( ).

To learn more about the CPT, check out:

Overview of Responsibilities*
The Community Plan Coordinator (CPP Coordinator) will be responsible for facilitating the Community Planning process under direction of the Bouchie-Milburn Community Planning Team (CPT). The coordinator will be a creative and energetic person who is willing to be part of a Team. The coordinator will meet with the Team, identified groups, and community members to explain the project, gather guidance and input, answer questions, and bring the information back to the planning team.

The Coordinator will also share information on the project with the community through various communication methods (i.e. newsletters, social media, in person, video, radio, email, phone, print material, articles, posters etc.).

This position will be based upon certain deliverables being completed within the term of the position as identified above. This position is contract and results based. Funding for this project is provided through the BC Rural Dividend Fund.

Experience / Skill Sets / Assets
Must be able to work both collaboratively as a team member and be self-motivated and self-directed.

Must have experience working with, taking direction from, and reporting to volunteers.
Must be friendly, adaptable, personable and professional.

Good knowledge of the Bouchie Lake – Milburn Lake communities or be willing to take the time to learn.

Experience in delivering community-based research programs and/or expert data collection and analysis skills
Demonstrated success with partnership development, stakeholder engagement, and relationship management
Familiarity with the non-profit community sector and social service organizations.
Experience with working with community groups and individuals.

Ability to be assigned tasks and to work to complete the tasks.

Must have own transportation and access to a computer, telephone, internet, and printer.

Must be able to demonstrate an ability and knowledge of word processing, document formatting, letter writing, spreadsheets, promotional material, email, internet and the use of personal computers.

Ability to take detailed notes during meetings and interviews with community members.

Ability to develop surveys / questionnaires, newsletters, gather information, conduct research, tracking down information from libraries, universities and government.

Ability to summarize information from reports and other documents.
Experience with Sponsorship and Grant Writing.

Willingness to help design a future vision for the Bouchie – Milburn community based upon community input.

Must be comfortable speaking in public.

Develop a Timeline for the project from beginning to end which will be used to guide the project through to completion.

Schedule, organise, facilitate, and attend Community Planning TEAM Meetings
Take Minutes at CPT Meetings and distribute them as required via email, social media and online.

Communicate with and report regularly to the CPT.

Liaise with community members, government representatives, and community groups.

Gather information through research, statistics, reports, etc. that will aid the Community Planning TEAM in setting priorities and ensuring that the report is based upon accurate information.

Manage any correspondence and documents received during the project
Write and format the Community Plan based upon input from the Community Planning Team, community input, and the vision as stated.

Assist the CPT with accessing additional funding through sponsorship and grants.

Develop a Budget for the Project by tracking expenses and revenue and “in-kind” contributions and /or sponsorship (e.g. venue rental, volunteer hours, kilometres, supplies, etc.).

Complete and submit the Final Report for the BC Rural Dividend Fund with support from the CPT.

Total Funds available for this Project: $8500.00 (includes GST). No additional funds are available.


Applications: *
To apply for this position, please:
submit a Proposal that captures the following:

(i) Your experience and /or education with a project of this magnitude;

(ii) Your experience with community engagement and Community Planning that requires working respectfully with volunteers and people of different ages, genders, abilities, cultural backgrounds and individuals with experience;

(iii) A brief outline as to why you are interested in this position and feel you are the ideal candidate to get the job done.

(iv) A proposal on how to envision the project to unfold with specific actions and / events to ensure the project is completed.

(v) Your renumeration to cover your time, computer and vehicle usage. Please do not include costs associated with mail outs, printing, venue rental, and refreshments

Please include a copy of your resume with your Proposal and two References. No contact will be made with References without notifying the applicant first.

Please submit your Proposal DIGITALLY as a pdf to:

Bouchie-Milburn Community Planning

2338 Bonny Road, Bouchie Lake, BC, V2J 7G6 or our email by November 12, 2019, 16:00 hours

. The deadline may be extended if no suitable applicant applies


For additional information, please email us or contact Monika Robert at 250.249.0215.

All Proposals will be reviewed by the CPT Hiring Committee and interviews will be scheduled shortly thereafter. Only those qualified applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $8,500.00 /year


  • Bouchie Lake, BC (Preferred)


  • English (Required)