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Hamilton Police Service (HPS)

HPS provides policing to over 536,000 residents in the City of Hamilton.
In 2016, HPS answered over 194,000 911 calls for assistance, and responded to over 301,000 events in the community. We have over 1,200 employees and our mission is to serve and protect in partnership with our communities.
Join us as we work toward making Hamilton the best place to raise a child and age successfully.


For May 14, 2018 and Fall 2018 start dates
Status/Length: Part-time Regular and Temporary Full-time As Required - Part-time staff are hired to provide vacation, maternity/parental leave, and/or other relief to full-time staff who are not at work. Part-time staff are hired to a pool and assigned shifts as required.

Job Location: Communications Centre, 1st Floor, Central Police Station, 155 King William St, Hamilton, ON

Hours of Work: Up to 12-hour rotating shifts, working days and nights (starting at 0700, 1600, or 1900 hours) in a 24 hour/day, 365 day/year operation, including weekends and statutory holidays, working anywhere from 0-48 hours per week, typically not more than 24 hours per week. You must be flexible in terms of hours of work and provide on call support as needed.
  • The initial training period (minimum 19 weeks, with opportunity for extension) will typically entail fulltime work, working either regular business days (0800 to 1600 hours) or rotating shifts, days and nights, starting at 0700, 1600, or 1900 hours.
  • Once you have completed the initial training period, you will be scheduled to work anywhere from 0 - 48 hours per week. This job is not suitable for students or someone working fulltime hours elsewhere, and we do not schedule shifts around other employment/ commitments.

Union/Non-Union: Hamilton Police Association

Job Summary

We are looking for high caliber applicants who can meet the demands of our community, our officers, and fellow Communications Operators. Successful applicants will be working in a high stress, interactive team setting, performing the dual roles of Call Taker and Dispatcher.

Under the direction of a Communications Supervisor, Communications Operators receive and process calls for service received through 911 and administration lines, and disseminate calls and coordinate a police response, according to the Priority Response System and Service Policy.

Call Takers:
  • Respond to and assess emergency and non-emergency calls for police, fire, and ambulance from individuals experiencing varying degrees of trauma.
  • Fire and Ambulance calls are transferred; for Police, pertinent information is gathered quickly, and accurately documented in our computer aided dispatch (CAD) system.
  • Split second decisions are made based on extensive knowledge of policy.
  • Are responsible for numerous officers, as they direct a police response to calls for service.
  • Communicate information with precision in a calm, clear, and strong voice.
  • Continuously monitor police locations, anticipate resources required, and take prompt action, in accordance with policy.
Working Conditions: Individual sit/stand workstations within a large, open-concept office, with considerable background noise and suppressed lighting. Will be subject to external disruptions and numerous interruptions during a shift. Will be required to constantly deal with people in crisis, and work with behaviourally difficult and demanding members of the public (e.g. persons in crisis, intoxicated persons, those struggling with mental health issues, those with difficulty communicating, agitated/angry individuals, frightened/scared individuals, etc.), in an extremely fast-paced, multi-tasking environment. Must be able to adapt to constantly changing technology, e.g. text with 911 calls for service.

Physical & Sensory Demands/Dexterity: Candidates must be able to listen and comprehend information provided through various stimuli simultaneously (e.g. units on-the-air, co-workers in room, public on telephone, etc.) while keyboarding and/or talking and/or monitoring multiple computer/voice radio systems/screens, all at the same time. Position also requires sitting/standing for long periods of time, reading, writing, and reaching. Members are attached to a phone and/or radio for 10 out of 12 hours per shift, with only 2 one hour paid scheduled breaks.

Training: Call taking training will be 3 weeks in a classroom, plus 6 weeks on-the-job training with a training coach following a regular shift rotation. Dispatch training will be 3 weeks in a classroom, plus 7 weeks on-the-job training with a training coach following a regular shift rotation. There will also be a few days of computer applications training.

During the training period, you must be willing and able to commit to reading and studying several hundred pages of manuals, taking notes, completing homework assignments, and completing and passing practical and written examinations.

The qualities that contribute to a successful Communications Operator are:
  • Calm and even tempered disposition
  • Pleasant yet authoritative manner
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure
  • Decisiveness and willingness to take initiative
  • Excellent multi-tasking, organizational, and computer skills
  • Ability to take direction/correction, especially during training period
  • Good knowledge/familiarity with the City of Hamilton and vicinity, including major landmarks, streets, and highways
  • Ability to maintain emotional detachment, to be satisfied with not always knowing the immediate result or conclusions of a call received or dispatched, and separate home life from work life
Success in this position requires well developed stress management, judgment, and teamwork skills. You must be able to deal effectively with people in stressful (sometimes life threatening) situations in a fast-paced emergency response environment with constant interruptions and background noise. The ability to interact with officers on the radio, Call Takers/Dispatchers in the room, and people on the phone simultaneously is necessary to ensure public and officer safety. High efficiency, flexibility to respond to changing priorities, and a commitment to continuous learning are essential, as are strong computer skills and the ability to monitor multiple computer screens and use multiple software programs simultaneously.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada
  • At least 18 years of age as of the posting closing date
  • Grade 12 education, or the equivalent
  • At least one year of previous customer service experience in a fast-paced, multi-tasking computerized work environment
  • Clear English verbal/written communication and comprehension skills
  • Accurately keyboard a minimum of 50 words per minute (wpm), and utilize computer technology associated with the job, including map reading.
  • Ability to communicate with callers in a pleasant yet authoritative manner, take control of a call, and respond to the needs of our community and members in a prompt, professional, and sensitive manner.
  • Ability to learn and comply with established HPS policies and procedures, and exercise good judgment within the framework of these policies and procedures.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with others, and manage conflict, when required.
  • Ability to organize tasks efficiently in an extremely fast-paced environment, and manage multiple tasks as well as changing priorities on an ongoing basis.
  • Ability to work accurately, with high attention to detail, despite constant interruptions and distractions.
Although not essential, it is helpful to have previous experience in a call taking environment or similar related experience, including:
  • Providing high quality customer service while utilizing auditory and visual information, multiple computer software/hardware tools, and standard policies and procedures in a calm and professional manner
  • Utilizing highly effective verbal, written, listening, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Solving problems, and making fast, effective decisions
  • Dealing with people in distress
  • Working with behaviourally difficult people
Preference will be given to applicants who have experience in emergency response, distress situations, and/or high-stress call centre and shift environments.

If you think you have what it takes "To be the best" and are interested in this challenging opportunity, please send us a cover letter and resume (all one document, cover letter first, with name at the top) indicating why you are interested in this role, and provide clear evidence as to why we should consider you for one of these demanding yet highly sought after positions (e.g. previous experience in a similar role).

Also, please provide a response to the following in your cover letter:
  • Provide an example from your life experiences that demonstrates your ability to work in a fast paced, multi-tasking, service environment.
  • Provide an example from your life experiences that demonstrates your ability to effectively handle a difficult person or a difficult situation.
  • Rate your knowledge/familiarity with the City of Hamilton and vicinity (including major landmarks, streets, and highways) on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, and explain the reason for your answer (e.g. born/raised here, went to school here, work here, frequently travel around the City, etc.).
  • Are you currently employed full-time or part-time?
  • If you are currently employed, why are you considering leaving your current position or looking for alternate employment?
  • How much notice would you need to give, if you were to leave your current employer?
  • If you are not currently employed, what is the reason for leaving your last position?

Salary: During training, members will be paid Schedule 8E - $31.614 (As of January 1, 2017); once training is completed Schedule 10E - $36.027 to $42.385 per hour (As of January 1, 2017); will also be paid 14% in lieu of benefits plus 4% vacation pay on each pay.

Applications are to be submitted via the City of Hamilton’s Careers website before Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Those previously tested for a Part-time Communications position at the HPS in the last 12 months are not eligible to apply. Ensure you have carefully read the job posting and followed the application instructions. Failure to follow the instructions will be an indication of poor attention to detail and will result in your application being rejected.

To apply for the position you will need to:
  • Have/create a user name and password for the City of Hamilton Careers website
  • Upload an application (i.e. cover letter and resume – all one document, cover letter first) to the City of Hamilton Careers website
  • Complete a questionnaire as part of the online application process
Email correspondence is an essential part of the recruitment process. Ensure you include your email address, as well as your business/day phone number, your home/evening number, and/or your cell phone numbers on your application and online, to facilitate our ability to contact you. Failure to provide an e-mail address will result in your application being rejected. Also, please ensure you allow your email to accept messages from and/or check your junk mail regularly after applying.

We thank all applicants, however, only those candidates selected for testing and/or an interview will be contacted. No phone calls or emails please. We are unable to respond to all applicants.

Please note that the Hamilton Police Service is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and reflecting the diverse community that we serve. Fluency in a second language is an asset; please indicate if you are able to speak another language on your application.

The Hamilton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to inclusive, barrier-free recruitment and selection processes. If contacted for an employment opportunity, please advise Human Resources if you require accommodation for testing, interview, or employment purposes.

We invite you to visit the Hamilton Police Service website to obtain further information on the Service, or visit our Careers webpage to obtain further information on career opportunities with our Police Service (e.g. Police Constable, Police Cadet, Civilian, Volunteer, and Auxiliary opportunities). Information on the Constable Selection System (CSS) can be found on the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website.

If hired, the incumbent shall comply with all Health and Safety Policies and Practices for their position and the workplace.

By applying, you agree that the statements made by you are true, complete, and correct to the best of your knowledge. Further, you understand that any falsification of statements, misrepresentations, and/or deliberate omission or concealment of information may be considered just cause for dismissal.