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Job Summary

The Accounts Payable Coordinator is accountable for ensuring that expenses related to the purchase of goods and services for Meridian Credit Union (MCU) and motusbank are properly separated, classified, approved, and paid in a timely manner. This position is the primary contact for MCU Branches, Commercial Business Centres and departments within the organization related to the purchase of goods or services.

Key Responsibilities

Invoice Responsibilities:
Review and code all invoices for both organizations to ensure expenses are approved by a proper signing officer based on their signing limit. Ensure there is an approval date for audit purposes and proper GL and cost centre are listed.
Communicate invoice coding errors to branches and departments to assist in educating/training managers of invoice protocol and procedures.
Responsible for printing, coding, and processing all utility bills for the organization since they are sent directly to Accounts Payable electronically without prior approval. The responsibility is on Accounts Payable to process these payments independently, without involvement from another department or branch.
Process consolidated invoices by completing batch journal entries for various vendors and make adjustments to the journal entry when branch changes occur.
Review all EFT information submitted to Accounts Payable, verify with the vendor that the information is correct, and then accurately update vendor EFT information into the SAGE system.
Responsible for regular review of the property tax tracking sheet to ensure all property taxes are paid in a timely manner and no late fees are incurred.
Responsible for knowing the procedures for HST assessments on any invoice where HST is not listed in full. Review the descriptions fully on such invoices, assess and apply HST calculations.
Review and prepare US Invoices to ensure payments by wire or draft are completed on a weekly basis. This responsibility includes ensuring proper approval, proper coding, HST assessments, proper service charges are applied, contacting Anti-Money Laundering department where applicable and accurately enter into the SAGE system for reporting purposes.
Responsible for knowing the policies and protocol involved with Input Tax Credits and when they can be applied to certain expenses.
Audit and review Capital Invoices to ensure Capital Budget paperwork is attached and completed properly, proper approvals were obtained on the capital paperwork as well as the invoice, appropriate tracking is included, Input Tax Credits are reviewed and applied where applicable, HST is assessed where necessary.
Review and process Mortgage Broker commission payments on a weekly basis and act as liaison between Broker Unit and external mortgage brokers when issues arise.
Process Deposit Broker commission payments and apply appropriate exceptions.
Responsible for printing, coding, and processing over 200 Equifax invoices on a monthly basis to ensure they are paid in a timely manner. Accounts Payable is expected to process these payments independently and without involvement from other departments or branches.

Expense Report Responsibilities:
Responsible to review and separate expense reports for Board members and all MCU and motusbank employees.
Audit expense reports for accuracy to ensure expenses are allocated to correct GL’s, check that mileage carry forward is accurate and the appropriate approval is provided.
Communicate with employees and managers regarding expense report discrepancies, errors, and missing receipts; provide policies and procedure training regarding expense report expectations.
Managing Executive Assistant VISA expense summaries and ensuring total expense submitted matches payment made by Accounts Payable to pay their previous VISA statement. Audit VISA summaries for accuracy to ensure expenses are allocated to correct GLs and the appropriate approval is provided.
Assess and adjust Expense Reports that list expenses in US dollars. Review each expense to determine which items were purchased in the US and converted to CAD funds. Assess HST on these items and calculate the new expense amount correctly.
Manually process US expense reports for employees where expenses are listed in US funds and reimbursement is to be made to a US account. Ensure proper staff exchange rate is applied based on date of expenses and HST is assessed.
Act as a liaison to People Services to collect recipient information for taxable benefits on their behalf. Responsible for understanding the policies and protocol and what meets the definition of a Taxable Benefit.

Monthly Duties and Responsibilities:
Process Outgoing Rent payments by reconciling the Prolease report to the SAGE system Rent batch. Make any necessary adjustments each month before preparing post-dated cheques.
Process Incoming Tenant Rent payments by reconciling payments received to Rent Schedule. Act as a liaison with Real Estate & Property Management to ensure all rent cheques are received prior to the 1st of each month.
Complete accrued payables every month to capture expenses for all utilities and miscellaneous vendors to ensure costs are accounted in the correct month and follow up with departments for outstanding payments.
Responsible for knowing the threshold for Prepaid Expenses and knowing which invoices should be processed as a prepaid item. Balance the Prepaid schedule each month ensuring all invoices are entered with correct start and end dates. Manage sponsorship and naming rights amortizations.
Responsible for knowing the due dates for monthly corporate tax payments and HST remittances and making the payments accurately and in a timely manner.
Manage corporate VISA cards for Meridian employees which involves setting up, cancelling, reviewing policies and procedures with cardholders and handling all administrative responsibilities such as following up for outstanding statements.
Maintain current VISA administrators; review as needed to ensure proper coverages
Reconcile Allianz Travel Insurance invoice to ensure all polices are booked and payment has been received, investigate transactions that have not cleared and follow up with branch staff to correct errors. In addition, Accounts Payable is to notify the Risk Department of policies that have been paid, but were not properly processed.
Balance and close off SAGE payable system each month end to ensure all reversals are complete to ensure accurate reporting. Ensure month end checklist is complete to ensure the next month can start with no errors.

Support and Administration:
Open and audit mail items separating expenses between Meridian Credit union, Motusbank and Meridian OneCap.
Monitor the Accounts Payable Inbox for both Meridian and motusbank and respond to questions and requests from vendors, MCU branches, CBCs and departments in a timely manner.
Act as a liaison between external vendors and MCU/motus staff by handling all vendor inquiries in a professional manner. Responsible for tracking down outstanding invoices and ensuring approval to pay is obtained as soon as possible before processing.
Read and review all Employee Onboarding/Offboarding/Transfer notifications to ensure updates are tracked for employees permitted signing authority and identify if a corporate VISA account update is required.
Consistently maintain and update the vendor database in the SAGE system and separate EFT vendors from vendors receiving cheques.
Organize and track all charitable donation receipts MCU/motus have received to support the filing of the Corporate Tax.
Manage and maintain signing authority binders for branches and departments for MCU and motusbank.
Remain familiar with most signing officers’ signatures and the cost centre in which they reside in order to maintain fast and efficient processing of expenses.
Responsible for investigating journal entry requests to ensure the accuracy of the re-allocation and then posting the entry once it is deemed correct.
Responsible for investigating external cheques allocation when they are received with no coding direction.
Assist all areas of the organization by processing urgent manual cheque requests.
Responsible for investigating lost payments by searching if cheque was cashed and then distributing a bond of indemnity in order to complete the process of cancelling the lost official cheque.
Work in cooperation with Operations to track outstanding official cheques issued by the Accounts Payable Department by reaching out to original requester to help track down the location of the missing cheque, then following the correct procedure for resolving the outstanding payment.
Follow up with external vendors for outstanding official cheques and provide a re-issued payment if necessary.
Responsible to keep up to date records of branch locations due to opening, moving and/or closing.
As new branches are opened, Accounts Payable is responsible to liaise with the project office and other departments in the organization to ensure proper policies and procedures are in effect.
Responsible for providing weekly statistics of Accounts Payable activities to Financial Accounting Department.
Regularly complete the Banking Information Changes report received from People Services which involves extreme accuracy when entering new hires to the company, terminated employees and employee bank account changes/updates.
Responsible for compiling all expenses for home based employees and completing a detailed report to enable People Services to complete T2200 reporting for year end.
Coordinate year end shipments of Accounts Payable files to Iron Mountain for storage following year end audit.
File all Accounts Payable related documents to maintain an accurate and up-to-date filing system for both processed and pending items.
Continuous adaptation to new and increased responsibilities to improve efficiency in Accounts Payable processes.
Involvement in special project work either independently or as part of the Accounts Payable team.
Work in cooperation with Internal and External Auditors to meet their needs and requests.
Responsible for being familiar with any Meridian Campaigns, Events or Promotions to process incoming journal entries with accuracy.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Strong commitment to service excellence
Self-motivated and highly organized
Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
High level of professionalism and diplomacy
Strong problem solving skills – proven ability to quickly identify errors
Excellent speed and accuracy in completing daily responsibilities
Able to work independently as well as part of a team

Education, Designations, Training, and Experience

Accounts Payable experience an asset
Basic Accounting working knowledge is required
ACCPAC system experience an asset
Experience with MCU/motus systems and programs
Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word


Member Focus - Personally demonstrating that our Members are our highest priority.

Proactive - Seize the initiative by anticipating needs and identifying opportunities to provide a higher level of service.

Open Communication - Engaging in honest and transparent dialogue to develop mutual understanding, trust and cultivate deeper relationships.

Business Savvy - Continuously acquiring the knowledge needed to do one’s job to the fullest, using internal or external resources and applying the knowledge productively.

Partner Orientation - Initiates opportunities for collaboration and maintains productive relationships to achieve shared goals.

Integrity - Doing the right thing by always acting with openness, honesty and respect.

Talent Developer - Nurtures and supports direct reports, identifies strong team members, develops digital and analytical skills in direct reports

Creates a Supportive and Positive Team Environment - Creates and contributes to a positive team environment which encourages innovation, risk taking, and learning; speeds up team learning through sharing best practices; leverages the strengths and opportunities of the broader marketing team

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