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Location: Various
Position Reports to: Community Services Manager

Employee Name:
POSITION SUMMARY: Brief description of the main purpose of the position and why it exists

Reporting to the Community Services Manager this position provides care and support to clients in a community environment. Ensuring a safe, healthy and well maintained surrounding, the incumbent takes a lead role in developing individual learning plans; providing coaching, training and support in order to help clients achieve a safe and fulfilling lifestyle that respects their individuality. All actions must be respectful of the set values of the organization, at the same time staying within legislative and licensing requirements.

List of the most significant outcomes or end results of the position (not duties) and how they are achieved. Typically a position has 4-6 core end results. For each end result approximately 4-6 major activities are described.

1. Provides care, training, coaching and support to clients and assists in their developmental growth and success in a community setting by:
Ensuring clients have their needs met in a safe environment where their unique physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and cultural needs or interests are respected
Ensuring personal service plan goals are in place, while being realistic and appropriate to the client
Administering prescribed medications as required
Working within CARF, CLBC and TCS standards and requirements
Providing services within the agency's philosophies, values, policies and procedures

These actions directly impact on the clients, their families, other employees of the program, and affect external stakeholders.

2. Maintains the community program by:
Ensuring all areas are clean and tidy, and all equipment is repaired and maintained in good order
Performing regular safety checks in the program and on company and / or personal vehicles
Carrying out housekeeping duties as required
Participating in routine fire drills and emergency procedures

This ensures a safe and well maintained environment for clients and staff.

3. Provides case management and related administration by:
Developing, reviewing and updating strategy lists from the client's Personal Life Plan (PLP), revamping and improving the plan as appropriate and documenting / reporting client progress and concerns
Submitting quarterly outcome reports to the manager on client progress
Charting, recording and filing information as needed and ensuring all schedules are followed and services are delivered
Working within existing budget allocations while monitoring expenditures

These actions have direct impact on the care and development of clients and demonstrate respect for their individual possessions.

4. Provides recreational / vocational support to clients by:
Accompanying clients at work sites or recreational events and providing them with coaching and support toward success oriented learning opportunities and growth, while ensuring their individual circumstances are respected
Using creativity by developing and , if needed, restructuring or modifying the learning environment to best meet the client's needs and ensure their safety

These actions support the inclusion and meaningful contribution of individuals in their community and contribute toward their growth.

5. Maintains and builds effective relationships and advocates on the client's behalf by:
Establishing / maintaining a support network for the client
Maintaining / promoting contact with family and outside advocates
Assisting the client at meetings and advocating on their behalf

This has direct impact on the person receiving service, co-workers, community members and family.

6. Takes responsibility for personal growth and contributes to agency development by:
Serving on committees, attending meetings, in-service workshops and participating in quality assurance programs
Maintaining a working knowledge of the medications in use within the area
Maintaining current knowledge of and complying with policies, procedures, schedules, routines and company philosophy

These actions support a professional service dedicated to learning and development.

KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE: List of the most important knowledge factors, as well as the relevant training and education necessary and the type of experience required for the position
Knowledge of program policies and procedures, schedules, routines and company philosophy
Knowledge of client care and the role of a job coach and advocate
Knowledge of the principles of normalization and Personal Life Planning Process
Understanding of training strategies, positive programming, and fading techniques
Knowledge of relevant medication and dispensing practices where required
Successful completion of grade 12 or equivalent
Completion of, or course work toward, the Community Support Worker Certificate or Group Home Support Certificate are preferred

LEADERSHIP: This section describes the level of coordination, organization and leadership required to produce the results expected of the position.

The incumbent of this position must show leadership by initiating individual plans and by identifying specific outcomes and goals for their clients. The position must coordinate and solicit the input of everyone who is significant in the client's life as well as continually review, monitor and revamp the plan as necessary.

The incumbent must show creativity in order to plan and organize client needs while ensuring their health and safety. The incumbent represents TCS in the community and must demonstrate a professional image. The position must build active partnerships with the business sector and relevant agencies in order to foster and promote opportunities for clients. The position is expected to connect clients with opportunities and be a role model for them.

More experienced staff are expected to give direction, provide feedback, training and correction to less experienced staff. All incumbents are expected to show leadership by addressing and reporting concerns or doubts regarding the performance of other staff where they observe errors or omissions being made, or policies and procedures not being followed.

Description of difficult or challenging situations the position is typically expected to solve and the assistance available.

The incumbent frequently needs to use creative problem solving skills and common sense in order to address behavioral challenges with clients. The most challenging areas involve knowing how to "re-focus" clients when emotional outbursts occur or in order to prevent their occurrence.

The incumbent must use creativity and take into account client individuality and staff / client relationships. The position needs to be aware of acceptable approaches to problems within established policies and procedures.

The incumbent must exercise judgment to determine when to access available management support and guidance.

SCOPE OF THE POSITION: Describes the degree to which the position impacts organizational results, what is the scope of decision making, and what are the ramifications of the position within the organization.

The Community Support Worker - Community Based, is a front line position providing direct client care. The magnitude of the incumbent's actions have enormous and immediate and direct impact on the clients and consequently on Thompson Community Services.

The incumbent's actions must ensure that requirements are met and good relationships are maintained with all stakeholders. The position is expected to meet all agency standards, procedures and outcomes.

Failure to meet these expectations can negatively impact on clients, families as well as the agency's reputation and license to operate.

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