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New City Contracting - Vancouver, BC (4 months ago)

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Our Site Superintendents play a key role in the managing, and executing of our projects. Representation of New City Contracting is demonstrated through the role of Site Superintendent at each project. We look to our Site Superintendents to adhere to New City Contracting’s standard of customer satisfaction and field performance.

Job Summary:
The Site Superintendent, under the direction of the President-Production, will primarily be responsible to ensure all persons on the construction site are using the required personal protective equipment properly and at all times.
This position will ensure all employees are performing duties in compliance with company policies and standards for cost control, waste reduction, quality, safety, and complete and on-time delivery.
This role will also manage job site administration duties, such as reviewing/submitting employee time-sheets, and completing/maintaining daily logs.
The Site Superintendent must possess a degree or diploma in a related field and position-relevant bonding and certifications.

Coaching - Engages in regular, structured discussions with employees in order to encourage and improve individual employee performance, and attain organizational objectives.
Communication - Expresses and transmits information with consistency and clarity.
Conflict Management - Foresees potential conflict and takes preventative steps. Handles conflict when it arises; assisting with resolution or determining solutions.
Economical - Ensures work is completed in a way that is conscientious of company resources.
Health and Safety Leadership - Ensures that employees are following health and safety policies, procedures and regulations. Models appropriate behaviors.
Judgment - Ability to use sound reasoning when faced with various issues. Has the ability to make quick, effective decisions.
Managing Performance - Identifies employee's strengths and weaknesses and provides long-term direction and support regarding areas of growth.
Project Management - Accurately estimates duration and level of difficulty of tasks and projects. Sets out goals, objectives, and work plans to complete tasks and projects. Determine where work needs to be delegated.

Job Duties:
Assist in creating project schedules where required.
Obtain all health and safety documents.
Review project documents to gain familiarity prior to project commencement.
Review details and source possible cost savings.
Collaborate with Project Coordinator to identify and coordinate items with long lead times.
Conduct a pre-construction survey, noting on record of any existing damage or deficiencies with photos and notes.
Communicate any existing damage or deficiencies to Project Coordinator.
Manage and control equipment list. Sign off.
Install signage on sites. Confirm with Marketing to ensure quantity, quality and positioning with photographs.
Monitor and control project schedules and budgets.
Monitor and control project quality.
Completely understand scope of work, and notify Project Coordinator and Project Manager of any “Extras” or change orders.
Ensure daily completion of timesheets in HH2 Software.
Keep daily log of site activities in HH2 software.
Maintain log of any First Aid situations.
Coordinate and schedule sub-trades and subcontractors.
Adhere to and accelerate project timelines and materials.
Manage/set the pace of production to ensure timely execution.
Ensure a clean “Work Safe” work site.
Conduct safety meetings and maintain safety log.
Fill out appropriate forms for any Work-Safe related events.
Ensure all site staff and sub-trades’ conduct and appearance is professional and in accordance with Work Safe BC.
Ensure that proper tools and machinery are available to complete the project in a safe, timely manner.
Monitor and address all tenant complaints in a professional manner.
Maintain a good working relationship with management and tenants.
Prepare and provide schedule updates to the project management team, consultants and clients, as required.
Assist and communicate with HR to make sure all site staff paperwork is processed.
Conduct site staff evaluations.
Communicate and/ or escalate all employee matters to HR.
Anticipate any delays such as weather, labor shortages, and project budget cuts; be prepared to move ahead with a backup plan so as not to delay the progress of the project. Communicate to the project management team.
Assist Project Manager with preparation of monthly progress draws and schedule updates.
Maintain site security, for work areas and residents/occupants.
Ensure the site is protected in the event of expected or unexpected weather conditions.
Maintain a daily journal of site activities, employee achievements, contribution and/or performance.
Conduct deficiency walkthrough with Project Manager and Client.
Ensure completion of deficiency items and communicate with the Project Management team.
Final site cleanup and demobilization.
Ensure all equipment is cleaned
Ensure all equipment is returned and stored away in an organized fashion.
Sign off on the Equipment list with Purchasing Coordinator at the time of return.

Job Requirements:
Degree or diploma in a related field
Position-relevant bonding and certifications
Three years of experience in a management role and five years of experience in a related industry
A well-defined sense of diplomacy, including solid negotiation, conflict resolution, and people management skills
Ability to manage coordination efforts in construction projects with various parties, such as architects, project engineers, and landscaping installers
Strong knowledge of health and safety regulations
Proven experience preparing and conducting post-implementation evaluations
Ability to create realistic schedules to support the timely completion of construction projects
Demonstrated ability to exercise necessary cost control measures
Demonstrated project management skills
Ability to prioritize and manage conflicting demands
Ability to delegate, set expectations, and monitor progress of all direct reports

Work Conditions:
Exposure to hazards associated with the industry/trade
Extended periods of standing, and other physically demanding conditions
Regular exposure to conditions including heat, humidity, and dust
Use of required personal protective equipment
Flexible hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays