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The Senior Planner, Capacity Integration will report to the Supervisor Market Development

The Senior Planner joining the MRP-Capacity Integration, Planning Processes team will support the detailed design and implementation activities of the Incremental Capacity Auction. They will be primarily responsible for conceiving, initiating, conducting, overseeing, and coordinating the necessary research and analysis involved in the design and implementation of the planning processes needed to support the Incremental Capacity Auction. This includes taking the lead in the development of analytical models and methodologies, as well as interactions with relevant parties and participation in the stakeholder engagement, regulatory, and procurement processes. This job is of a power system planning expert within a particular planning stream (i.e., Resource Integration, or Transmission Integration) and plays a technical lead and operational role in the department’s work.

Job Description: (Key Responsibilities)

Conceptualise, initiate and perform various aspects of power system analysis, with a focus on one of two specific streams. This includes identifying needs, developing and evaluating options, making recommendations, and establishing a rationale for a preferred solution.
Coordinate the work with those responsible for other planning streams to balance all aspects; manage the development and maintenance of tools and processes to support the requirements of their stream; developing formal business cases and/or evidence required to support regulatory or other approvals processes to implement and, as required, representing IESO, defending these in public and regulatory forums.
Lead complex power system and other technical, economic, scenario, and risk studies or assessments as part of the integrated power system planning process. This includes the development or use of complex analytical models and data in order to simulate and assess the behaviour and performance of the power system components in the Ontario context. Conduct research on technologies, planning methods and practices, bringing relevant external trends and practices to benefit Ontario’s planning. This requires each incumbent to work together with staff from the other streams to ensure well integrated outcomes. Specifically under the following streams:

Resource Integration:
Expert in planning system resource mix to meet the short and long term system adequacy while balancing economic and environmental attributes.
Responsible for developing, maintaining and implementing processes that apply the principles related to reliability, operability, environmental and economic requirements as they apply to electricity system resources in Ontario.
Expert in assessments leading to practical proposals as part of the system planning process that reflects an appropriate balance of these principles so that electricity customer resource requirements are best met within the Ontario context. This includes conducting capacity, energy, emissions, financial and risk analysis with analytical tools including: the development of pro-forma economic/financial models; tools to emulate contract and market settlements and customer billing; industry tools such as GE MARS, UPLAN etc.; and risk analysis software (e.g., @Risk). Produce appropriate reliability, emission and costing information to support assessment of plan alternatives.
Responsible for specific resource types and supporting processes to ensure effective deployment of the resources in an integrated supply mix and assess local area solutions to inform Regional Plans, renewables integration, etc.
Responsible to work with Conservation and Demand to understand the demand requirements and conservation opportunities; and with Transmission to ensure the most effective deployment and utilization of resources for energy, operability and capacity

Transmission Integration:
Expert in planning the bulk transmission system including identifying needs and integrated solutions for meeting the needs in accordance with planning criteria. Expert in conducting studies related to contingency analysis, voltage performance, congestion, etc. and identifying practical alternatives for meeting needs. Must also be expert in conducting the economic analysis to rationalize / justify required expenditures.
Take responsibility for a specific regional area of the province and overseeing the overall transmission planning needs for that area. This includes developing and maintaining business relationships with industry partners (Transmitters, LDC’s and / or Transmission Connected Customers), stakeholders (Municipalities, Interest Groups or the General Public) and Indigenous Groups impacted by plans.
Responsible for developing and executing processes to support procurement activities such as Transmission / Distribution Availability testing, Scoping assessment, congestion assessments, and economic connection testing.
Responsible to work with Conservation and Demand to understand the demand requirements and conservation opportunities; and with Resources to ensure the most effective deployment and utilization of resources for energy, operability and capacity.
Serve as the planning spokesperson as appropriate when participating in stakeholder meetings, including officials from other jurisdictions, private sector companies, community engagements, public forums and consultations with government on proposed solutions and planning issues. This may include interacting with and advising community leaders, company executives, government officials and/or other agency staff and interfacing with media. This requires demonstrated competence in one or more of the following specific streams:
Resource Integration: Enable the common understanding with stakeholders of resource characteristics along with the challenges and opportunities for sustainably balancing demand and supply at the bulk and regional/distributed level over the short and long term.
Transmission Integration: Facilitate the development and execution of bulk and regional planning processes working with industry partners, stakeholders and communities to ensure process effectiveness and efficiency.
Lead in the preparation of broader technical, economic and policy based reports and submissions related to planning (i.e., projects, recent developments) for stakeholder reviews, Board of Directors’ information, regulatory proceedings, or other purposes.
Keep abreast of electricity industry developments, government, energy, environment, and economic policy and regulatory changes. Recommend participation approach, and propose strategies to address matters that are relevant to their specialised stream.
Mentor, advise and guide junior and less experienced staff. Set and manage quality control and review of work and products of junior planning staff.
Other duties or responsibilities as may be assigned.

Skills and Qualifications:
4 year University Degree in Engineering, Science, Mathematics or equivalent, preferably with a curriculum that includes courses in electrical theory, circuits and power system analysis.
6-8 years progressive work experience in the field of Power Systems.
Skilled in the use of various specialized power system analysis and production simulation tools and technologies (i.e. GE MARS, PSS/E, etc.) is an asset; good understanding of the results from such analysis and simulations
Skilled in the use of PC and web-based applications and databases, in particular Excel, PowerPoint and graphic programs
Excellent understanding of reliability criteria, their application and relevancy
Keen interest and general knowledge of the current policy and market environment as it relates to the electricity sector in Ontario. This would include an understanding of the history, structure and public policy considerations behind the evolution of the Ontario electricity system in Ontario. Good understanding of the regulatory processes and relevant codes. General understanding of Regional and Municipal planning processes and products including Distribution planning process used by LDCs.
Passion for serving electricity customers and public interest in the role of planning and an appreciation for its importance.
Comfortable with work assignments that span a wide range and require flexibility in reporting and delivery. Initiative in research, synthesis of wide range of data and reports, and summarizing for relevance to planning in Ontario.
Experience with interacting with others inside and outside the IESO including making presentations to small or large groups, representing the company at public information sessions and replying to questions from stakeholders or the public.

Functional/Technical Skills
Customer Focus
Interpersonal Savvy
Peer Relationships
Problem Solving
Action Oriented
Learning on the Fly
Developing Direct Reports and Others

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