Marketing Consultant - Entry level

Upstat Marketing Inc. - Hamilton, ON (6 months ago)

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Location: Hamilton, Ontario

As a junior marketing consultant, we’ll put you through the paces in the first 4 days, and you’ll have the equivalent of a marketing degree in one year.

We move fast!

You will learn:
Mindset of the most successful marketers
The customer’s mindset – what and why they buy
Why no jobs even exist without marketing and sales
The success habits of the most successful marketers in the world – we study them
A career path to take you from no experience to a position that could be worth $500,000/yr (No gimmicks, no secrets, no catch - This has already been done at Upstat Marketing and we have no problem proving it and showing you)
From the marketing they teach you in school, to how it goes in Real Life, we’ll close the gap and show you what really works. Learn directly from a team of 6 figure earners.

No matter which position you apply for at our company, it’s extremely important that you are a good communicator and a good culture fit for our team.That’s why no matter what position you come in for, you will begin with the same on-boarding program and introduction to the company. We invest heavily in our people. Our team members are literally THE reason we are so successful. Here’s what you can expectcoming on board:

4 day on-boarding training followed by 1-2 day job shadow
1-on-1 support everyday while you build confidence
1-hour ongoing training EVERYDAY to advance and sharpen your skills
Introduction to sales and marketing via our Client, Cogeco Cogeco Connexion, and their UltraFibre Internet, Home Phone and TV product promotions
Quick start marketing and promoting our Client's products using direct sales presentations, cold calls, phone calls, brand marketing at Community Events, Festivals and Municipal Fairs
Opportunity to advance to management, director position, and more challenging position with Grant Cardone Canada, marketing Cardone Sales Training as seen on
Continuous support from our managers every step of the way
Clear and attainable goals to grow and advance your career here
When we take care of our People, they take care of the Brand. Our promise is to always create an environment where you can develop the skills and leadership necessary to achieve your goals. Not just your career goals - your personal ones as well.

What You can Expect from Us

$973/wk Average Earnings
Paid Training
Competitive Compensation
Tuesday - Saturday work schedule
Opportunity to make management (we promote from within)
Industry recognized resume experience
Travel & special events

What We Expect from You

Positive attitude (absolute #1 before anything else)
Must be 18+ and able to pass a background check (no exceptions)
Be coachable. We’re not teaching things that don’t work. We have literally produced half a billion dollars in revenue for our clients
Work hard on yourself. Personal development is a huge priority here
Attend team meetings for continued training and development
Manage time effectively and strive to exceed personal goals
Be a great team member to your coworkers but be able to work alone as well
Please use and understand technology, or learn it quickly