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E-Comm's vision is a safer British Columbia, and our goal is consolidating emergency communications services for the benefit of first responders and public safety. In direct alignment with this vision, we have expanded our services on southern Vancouver Island with a new consolidated South Island 9-1-1/Police Dispatch Centre. The facility, owned by the Capital Regional District is operated by E Comm, amalgamates 9-1-1 call-answer, police call-taking and dispatch services for the Victoria, Saanich, Central Saanich and Oak Bay police departments, along with South Island RCMP detachments.
We're looking for people to join our team in helping to save lives and protect property. Our 9-1-1 Emergency / Non-Emergency Call Takers are responsible for receiving emergency and non-emergency calls, creating reports, and relaying information to dispatchers and appropriate services.

BECOMING A 9-1-1 Emergency / Non-Emergency Call Taker
With two 9-1-1 call centres in British Columbia, we recruit using an extensive selection and assessment process. 9-1-1 Emergency / Non-Emergency Call Takers work in the emergency communications centre that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer nearly 1.6 million calls anually.

9-1-1 Emergency / Non-Emergency Call Takers provide a critical service that supports both public and first responder safety through the delivery of information and assistance. They are the hidden backbone for the work that our first responders carry out in communities across British Columbia. Our 9-1-1 Emergency / Non-Emergency Call Takers are often the first point of contact for the people who call 9-1-1 which gives you a chance to assist the public when they are facing a crisis and get them the help they need.

Excellent Communicator | You are fluent in English and have a commanding telephone presence. In high stress situations you are calm and can be assertive when necessary. You can quickly summarize and paraphrase information that you hear.
Service-Oriented | You have a strong desire to help others through public service. Your customer service skills include conflict-resolution and active listening.
Energetic | You thrive in a fast paced environment and are able to multi-task with ease. The opportunity to take a variety of calls excites and motivates you.
Collaborative | You enjoy working in a team environment. The opportunity to be involved in mentorship and interactive training programs will elevate your work and learning.
Inquisitive | You have a thirst for knowledge and are always looking to improve. When you ask questions it is driven by your curiosity to understand a situation.
Effective Communication Skills | Fluent in English both orally and in writing.
Computer Skills | Must be able to type a minimum of 44 WPM during a 5-minute typing test.
Education | High School Diploma or equivalent.
Availability | Able to work full-time during 9 month training period with minimal or no vacation time.
Geography | Knowledge of southwest British Columbia with an emphasis on the south island region.
Work Authorization | A Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident residing in Canada for a minimum 3 of the last 5 years.
Security Clearance | Applicants must be successful in a Vancouver Police Department (VPD) interview that will investigate your employment, education, associates, finances, drug and alcohol use, and criminal activity over the past 10 years. **Security Clearance Interviews may be held in Vancouver and you must be available to attend in person. **

Additional Education | Courses in public safety, emergency communications, or criminology.
Volunteer or Work Experience | Experience working in a Public Safety or Emergency Services environment.
Superb Geography Knowledge | Knowledge of British Columbia Geography at a high level. This can include knowledge of street names, landmarks, tunnels, bridges, and bodies of water.
Call-Centre Experience | Experience working in a high-pressure or high-volume call-centre.

Attending a Recruitment Testing Session (RTS) is mandatory in order to proceed in the recruitment process. The upcoming dates of our next testing sessions are listed below.

Monday, October 7 - open for registration
Monday, October 21 - open for registration


CUPE, Local 873

Saanich, B.C.

This is an Auxiliary (casual, on-call) position. Auxiliary Employees are an integral part of our workforce who fill planned and unplanned staffing needs on a continuous and/or intermittent basis, Auxiliary employees may be required to fill last minute shifts and may be required to work holidays. Scheduling of work is on an "as needed" basis and therefore Auxiliary employees are expected to be flexible in the hours they are available to work.

PG 15 | $24.70 per hour | Training Rate (2018 rates)
PG 17 | $26.77 to $31.48 per hour | Job Rate (2018 rates)

We offer a competitive salary, commensurate with experience and 12-16% in lieu of benefits for Auxiliary employees.

Minimum of Six (6) for each of the start dates mentioned below.

~ January 3, 2020

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