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Position Description

Nature & Scope of Position
This is technical work related to the repair of components, by welding, epoxy application, plasma or wire spray coating, water jet stripping and plating. Surface treatments by the application of anti-galling coatings, dry film compounds, metalized paints and conversion coatings, to both original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and Company specifications. The work also involves the operation of both vacuum furnace and curing ovens, as well as the preparation of components by the use of rotary tools and shot peen equipment.

Position Accountabilities
Perform heat treatment processes on components to process control procedures (PCP’s). This includes:
  • Setup and operate vacuum furnace controls, (DCP, UDC PLC and PCU).
  • Maintain and operate furnace support equipment, vacuum pumps, water system, gas system, air system, vacuum controls and gauges.
  • Ensuring that the maintenance procedures for vacuum furnace tooling and support fixtures are carried out.
  • Preparing parts for pre and post welding heat treatment, loading and unloading of the furnace.
  • Inspection of heat-treat furnace charts to verify furnace performance.
  • Maintain vacuum furnace, recorder charts, log sheets, maintenance records and certifications.
  • All required OBM of machine and cleanliness of area keeping in mind all 5s methods.
Perform TIG weld repairs on components in compliance with Company procedures, this includes:
  • Preparing parts for weld repair in accordance with standard practices using the appropriate rotary tools and associated burrs, files, wheels, etc,
  • Clean affected areas by prescribed methods.
  • Ensuring the correct use of supports fixturing and tooling to minimize the distortion of critical parts.
  • Pre-heating of parts prior to implementing weld procedures as required, also stress relieving of welded parts in the weld shop furnace.
  • Assisting in the disassembly of seriously damaged engines that require abrasive cutting.
  • All required OBM of machine and cleanliness of area keeping in mind all 5s methods.
Perform Plasma and Wirespray coatings on components, this includes:
  • Preparation and masking of parts to be repaired.
  • Selection and preparation of coating materials as specified in applicable PCP’s.
  • Application of plasma powder spray coatings of flame sprayed wire coatings to controlled thickness on target areas of repair components.
  • Operation and maintenance of manual and robotic spray equipment.
  • Development and maintenance of programs for Robotic spray equipment.
  • All required OBM of machine and cleanliness of area keeping in mind all 5s methods.
Perform epoxy repair, anti-galling restorations and dry film lubricant coating on components, this includes:
  • Removal of existing coatings by abrasive blasting.
  • Preparation of components for epoxy repair by use of rotary tools with the applicable burrs.
  • Prepare and apply epoxy, anti-galling and dry film compounds to parts.
  • Preparation and operation of curing oven to PCP’s, to bake or cure restored components.
  • The preparation of component surfaces by shop peening using specified methods and intensities.
  • All required OBM of machine and cleanliness of area keeping in mind all 5s methods.
Perform selective brush and immersion plate repairs on components, this includes:
  • Developing from the accompanying ERI and Routing Sheet, the method and type of repair required, in the form of a Process Work Instruction.
  • Dimensionally inspect the part at the required repair feature to determine the necessary plating thickness.
  • Shot-peen the repair feature as required in accordance with PCP’s.
  • Process components as required for embrittlement relief.
  • Ensuring that the concentration of elements in the solution, are within specification and that the plating parameters correspond with the elemental percentages in the solution.
  • Setup the appropriate plating equipment (brush or tank); ensure the correct power parameters are in place for each phase of the plating process.
  • All required OBM of machine and cleanliness of area keeping in mind all 5s methods.
Perform surface preparation and refinishing operations on components, this includes:
  • Determine the correct method of refinishing required in accordance with the Detailed Work Instruction requirements, and the applicable PCP’s and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) service process and operation procedures (SPOP’s).
  • Preparation and management of the refinishing solutions and coatings used.
  • Mask parts prior to the application of surface treatments or coatings on components that require partial protection while processing.
  • Apply surface treatments and coatings to components in accordance with the applicable PCP and repair instruction.
  • Operate the baking ovens to ensure the correct curing of the various applied coatings.
  • Ensuring that the daily maintenance and housekeeping procedures are carried out on the paint spray booth equipment and curing ovens.
  • Review updated and/or revised SPOP’s and PCP manuals, so as to ensure that the current refinishing criteria are valid.
  • Perform maintenance on equipment as scheduled by the applicable preventative maintenance program.
  • Maintain weld qualifications; submit weld workmanship, plasma and plating workmanship tests as required.
  • All required OBM of machine and cleanliness of area keeping in mind all 5s methods.
Perform preparation work and operation of water jet strip on components, this includes:
  • Prepare component and select proper hard masking fixtures required to prevent damage to component during stripping process.
  • Select proper program and method for removing coating per instructions provided by WI.
  • Review new components and the suitability for water jet strip.
  • Developing new programs for these new components.
  • All required OBM of machine and cleanliness of area keeping in mind all 5s methods.
Perform all other duties as assigned to ensure departmental efficiency.

Position Requirements

  • Minimum grade 12 or equivalent, with a preference of two years of post secondary education in a technical discipline or in a work related field.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Good visual acuity, be able to meet the minimum eye test requirements as determined by original equipment manufacturing (OEM) standards.
  • Free from known chemical sensitivities.
  • Must be able to comply with company established safety regulations and dress code.
  • Must be able to work occasional overtime, weekend and holiday on-call.
  • Must be willing to work shift work.
  • Some experience on vacuum furnace operation and /or plasma /metal spraying and preparation an asset.
Working Environment
An individual in this capacity must be aware that the position will involve:
  • Working in a hot but well ventilated area with a collection of toxic and non-toxic chemicals being used.
  • Will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as breathing masks, safety boots and safety glasses.
  • Must be willing to walk to various areas throughout the facility throughout the day.
  • Proper fit of masks and respirators are required at all times when working in this job capacity; specific facial hair guidelines exist and must be adhered to for this position.