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Code Fellows - Vancouver, BC (17 months ago)

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Vancouver Coding School is looking for a part-time Coding Instructor. This person must have a strong aptitude and desire to help people change their lives and enter the world of professional software development through instruction and guidance. This is a hands-on instruction role.

We are part of a well-established education group in Vancouver for 18 years, inlingua Vancouver. Opening in 2019, Vancouver Coding School is powered by Code Fellows. We will use their proven and effective curriculum. Since 2013, Code Fellows has been building, refining, and adapting this curriculum so that graduates are prepared for the rigorous demands and high expectations of the tech industry. With over 700 Code Fellows-trained software developers in the tech industry and over 65 advanced classes taught, Code Fellows has been able to tailor this curriculum to fit learning styles and exceed employer expectations, industry standards, and our own high bar for excellence.

You will work closely with the Code Fellows Education department in order to ensure we are delivering students the best possible learning experience. Developers who learn to code with the Code Fellows curriculum and training methods (like stacked learning) have the skills they need to be world-class developers who immediately contribute to their companies. They build portfolio-ready projects, understand the ins and outs of their craft, and have the aptitude necessary to nail any technical assessment or interview they will face in the job market.

Skills & Qualifications
Vancouver Coding School maintains a high bar for instructors. We have a thorough evaluation process that measures each candidate's teaching ability, technical skill set, and overall culture fit. To become a Vancouver Coding School instructor, candidates must have at least one of the following two qualifications, spanning a total of at least two years:

Professional software development experience.

Professional experience as an instructor or educator, including experience teaching students how to code, recent relevant coding coursework as a student, or demonstrated coding ability.

Instructors must be legally authorized to work in Canada, and also pass a background check as a part of the on-boarding process.

Technical Experience
Instructors must have suitable experience to guide Code 201 students through developing a well-rounded foundation of skills necessary for modern web development. These skills include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding; utilizing Git workflow processes; project organization; designing with wireframing; and employing introductory Agile development methods.

Additionally, instructors must have suitable experience to guide Code 301 students through the collaborative process of creating dynamic web applications, focusing on the front end and back end independently, then creating full-stack applications.

Responsibilities & Expectations
This is a part-time role, at 20 hours per week. The instructor will need to work evenings and Saturdays.

The Lead Instructor operates as a technical lead for students, the manager of the classroom, and a supervisor of Teaching Assistant(s).

Instructors are expected to:
Instruct according to the guidelines and rules set forth in the Code Fellows Instructor Handbook.

Effectively manage and leverage the assistance of TAs.

Ensure that weekly course status survey is submitted.

Prepare a welcome letter with pre-work tasks unless it already exists, ensure that this welcome letter is sent and is accurate/consistent with your class/curriculum.

Prepare a syllabus, schedule, and assignments using our template materials. If this is already done, ensure that it is accurate/consistent with your class/curriculum. Communicate these to students.

Manage the curriculum with a Canvas LMS course, if not already done.

Develop (or modify, if working off of existing deck) a slide deck using Google Slides software.

Proactively assist student learning in-person and online.

Evaluate assignments and provide meaningful feedback.

Alert the Company to any significant student issues that arise right away to pull in support, help, and provide resources.

Incorporate feedback from the students back into the running of class, balancing need to achieve learning outcomes and needs of the students.

Assist with equipment setup and cleanup at the Company’s facilities. Ensure that students understand housekeeping/code of conduct and that facilities are kept in good working condition, clean, etc.

Support other instructor(s) and teaching assistant(s) with the curriculum, as appropriate.

Ensure the best possible, highest quality learning environment for students.

Be available to students outside of class, in person, as needed.

Wrap up the course no later than three (3) days after the conclusion of the course.

Record student performance and report to admissions/headquarters staff for recordkeeping.

Instruct Code 101 and Code 102 workshops throughout the year.

Attend community tech events on occasion.