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Software Developer - Team Sitecore

Are you a tech addict with a passion for flawless code? We're looking for people just like you to join our forces. We hope you can think as much as you can code, because we're not looking for hired guns to type in some architect's desired code. Along with your team, you'll take charge of every aspect of a project from early analysis to production and maintenance. Time to get into innovation mode, develop some serious features and scale them for major customers. Oh! and while you're at it: have fun, learn and share your passion with your new friends. That's the #CoveoLife!

Ready for something big?

When you develop the world's best solution in your industry, you can't limit yourself to a technology landscape. That's why we're looking for some Fullstack talent, really capable in both front-end (React) and back-end ( with .Net and C#) along with Typescript and open to other techs as well! Obviously, we work in Agile teams, and we're always looking for great ambassadors to keep the teams motivated.

If you love diversity and cutting-edge technology, we want to meet you! All developers bring their own touch to every aspect of the project: analysis, development, deliverables estimation, architecture, testing and infrastructure automation, release, performance optimization and the good ol' code reviews.

Your day at Coveo in the Sitecore Team:

  • You arrive at 8 am (or 6:30, or 9:00: your choice!), and prepare for your morning scrum: you're kicking off a new sprint for the next 2 weeks and need to be ready!
  • Think about your next lines of code. Stuck on a specific problem? Ping one of your teammates on Slack and ask for some new perspective to solve your issue.
  • Code, code, code… When you think you're ready, open a pull request to get feedback from your colleagues. (And when they do the same, needless to say you will have to give them some feedback on their work too!)
  • You found a bug in your feature, and notify everyone to fix it. No bugs will pass through on your watch.
  • You forgot it's already lunch! Take a good break and coffee. You can also speak to a few colleagues about the project you have in mind for the next Coveo Blitz ( ) coming up.
  • You take a moment with your team's technical writer to explain how to troubleshoot a certain problem that showed up in your feature. He will take care of writing down the instructions for our customers for you while you prepare a fix in the next deployment.
  • You end your day proudly, with a fist in the air, because you finally understood the interaction between 8 different modules that caused a glitch. Good job!
What we are looking for…

We have a ridiculously big ambition to not only keep selling our own product worldwide to impressive customers, but also conquer our market with the best solution in the world.

To accomplish this, we need some essential things from our software developers:

  • Creative and passionate people: You're always thinking about new ideas or projects, exploring new techs, reading blog posts, training online and so on. You love to question the status quo and share your ideas with your colleagues who are as determined to solve technical issues as you are.
  • People who are literally obsessed with the quality of your code (like we are in this job post).
  • Genuinely positive people: A "hard" task or problem is a challenge, not a pain. If it were easy, someone else would have done it by now.
  • Autonomous people who can take on their projects, set objectives and make sure they reach them on their own. We are in an environment with a lot of excellent resources to help you succeed: all you have to do is go get them.
  • Driven people. With the Agile size of the team and the lot of challenges ahead, we need people with a "Get Things Done" attitude, not passengers.
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