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33345 - Oro Station - Rotation - 12 months

Hydro One is proud to be the largest electricity transmission and distribution provider in Ontario, serving nearly 1.4 million customers. We have a long history in the industry with our roots dating back over 110 years to 1906. Since then, we have worked to grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers and communities across Ontario. Today, we’re focused on providing exceptional customer service and ensuring we are building safe communities where we live, work and play.

It’s an exciting time to join the team at Hydro One!

General Accountabilities

Perform material management responsibilities for helicopter operations services including maintenance and update of related computerized systems.
Analyze output data and initiate information feedback pertaining to system maintenance.
Analyze, monitor, resolve and troubleshoot problems associated with office and helicopter operations such as: inventory maintenance, collection, costs and expenditures, and billing Evaluate existing inventory utilizing a computerized system (e.g.
CALM), producing, creating and approving Material Requests, processing electronic re-order notices and generating purchase requisitions.
Communicate with field to ensure that their requirements are being met.
Monitor inventory performance through forecasting, stock shortages, surplus and usage.
Determine when to requisition material and the most economical quantity.
Determine whether substitute parts can be used by contacting suppliers and engineering personnel and make the decision whether to create a direct change to the Material Request or Replenishment to Inventory, based on the required number of parts and availability.
Transfer or substitute parts when required, or as determined by air maintenance engineering personnel.
Establish schedules and mode of delivery by utilizing extensive interrelated computer records and forecasting data.
Consider the interplay of various factors such as: ordering costs, procurement cycle, changing lead times, market conditions, demand trends, transportation costs, safety levels, physical size and characteristics, handling and holding costs, quantity discounts and vendor reliability.
Clarify and explain present and changing procedures to personnel including methods and policies relating to the ordering and delivery of material.
Analyze and evaluate material demands from requisitioning group and suggest quantity revisions where appropriate.
Communicate with vendors and suppliers to ensure material will be available when required.
Identify situations where shortages and surplus seem imminent.
In the case of limited supply, analyze the potential use of alternate materials and/or revisions of delivery schedules.
Advise field personnel when delivery delays will affect their schedules and when material demands are unrealistic in terms of manufacturing capabilities, or when delivery dates are changed due to overdue situations.
Regulate issue of materials and set priorities with warehouse and field by establishing computer control parameters.
Liaise with material committee representatives, users, catalogue and coding group, as situations dictates.
Maintain contact with materials standards group in regard to specifications or standard changes and utilize this information to predict future demand trends.
Suggest possible substitution or change method of control.
Collaborate with suppliers’ representatives to follow-up, discuss and reach agreement on various matters associated with scheduling and re-scheduling of materials, updating delivery requirements, blanket order agreements and inventory control aspects.
Follow-up, expedite and defer orders, with direct involvement from the senior engineer for alternate supply sources.
Be responsible for the control of parts, ensuring accurate delivery dates and delivery locations.
Provide information on the analysis of speculative purchases and agreements.
Receive and process various forms from field staff for helicopter parts including order forms, issue forms, parts transfer forms and rotable parts return.
Review database CALM to determine if the part exists in system. If they do not, check with vendors and suppliers to ensure availability and accuracy of part numbers provided.
Determine the required date of parts according to job being performed.
Create and approve Material Requests or Replenishment into inventory depending on requirement for parts and approve purchasing requisitions to generate Purchase Order.
Create and approve multi-order requisitions using the Replenishment process.
Create and approve Material Requests and issue parts via computerized system to Work Orders, according to issue sheets being received from field and jobs being performed, to ensure proper cost allocation.
Produce receipts of all parts from either packing slips or invoices and create over, short, damage and discrepant (OSD&D) notices if required.
Work in close collaboration with purchasing staff to clear the OSD&D notices so that invoices can be paid.
Contact and work in close collaboration with vendors and suppliers, to ensure pricing is current.
Be directly responsible to ensure current prices have been quoted on requisitions to eliminate discrepancies, so that invoices can be paid accurately by Accounts Payable.
In cases where pricing has changed after the order has been placed, work with the purchasing staff to ensure pricing has been updated on the Purchase Order.
Review all parts order receipts and then create Material Requests to issue Work Orders and process for proper cost allocation to appropriate aircraft.
Assign parts to determined warehouse, zone and bins in computerized system (eg CALM).
Create new bins in the system on an as-required basis.
Maintain, monitor, review and provide support to personnel on "Fly Facility" inventory system and on occasion, show staff how to perform tasks or duties.
Perform "Return to Inventory" in computerized inventory system CALM when parts are removed from helicopters, overhauled and returned to inventory.
Ensure helicopter parts are placed in "unfit" status in the Work Management system in order to return to the Inventory Management system.
Work in close collaboration with purchasing staff as well as with suppliers and vendors to create key Purchase Orders, to facilitate the ordering of parts and fuel to designated warehouse and zones within the "FLY" Facility.
Create and review all existing Purchase Orders.
Determine appropriate accounting to be placed on invoices received from various vendors and submit to Accounts Payable for payment processing.
Maintain a report of invoices being submitted to Accounts Payable, to ensure that payments are being processed in a timely manner.
Handle calls from various vendors and suppliers’ regarding outstanding accounts and contact appropriate field and accounting personnel to resolve issues.
Create and approve Work Orders and tasks in Work Management system.
Be responsible for the control of fuel being ordered, Compare and negotiate fuel rates with supply chain for fuel companies for the various helicopter fuel caches or job sites.
When agreement has been reached, prepare and approve requisition for a Purchase Order.
Re-order fuel through computerized fuel inventory on an as-required basis to maintain a minimum supply at all cache locations.
Receipt invoices or packing slips and log into computerized system CALM.
Receive the fuel sheets from field and create Material Request to issue fuel to appropriate Work Orders and distribute costs appropriately.
In cases where fuel has been used by external companies, create and approve Work Order.
Issue fuel to Work Order and create invoice requisition.
For external flying assignments, contact the appropriate company and provide them with job estimates.
Request that they create a Purchase Order so that an invoice may be generated.
Submit to Accounts Receivable for processing, to retrieve the appropriate revenues for the jobs being performed.
Contact appropriate companies regarding outstanding receivables and provide necessary backup when requested in order to resolve issues regarding late payments.
Follow-up on late payments of external revenues and prepare letters of follow-up on delinquent accounts, or contact the companies directly.
Provide assistance with preparation of the annual budget and future business plans.
Report and explain variances to projected costs Maintain inventory levels by taking physical inventory, reconciling variances and locating material lost in transit.
Arrange with transport companies for shipping of materials ensuring the correct location and preparing a bill of lading.
Ensure all incoming and outgoing parts are certified to CARS standards.
Catalogue in accordance with WHMIS, TDG and CARS regulations.
Track and arrange for testing, re-calibration or re-certification of aircraft parts, tools, first aid kits, survival kits, etc.
Perform other duties as required.

Selection Criteria

Requires a knowledge of the theory of materials management to handle the various aspects of the materials management function including evaluation of inventory, analysis and assessment of material demands, requisition of material and evaluation of associated costs.
Requires a knowledge of computer applications to produce reports, to ensure integrity of computer inputs, to monitor computer outputs and to carry out other miscellaneous tasks.
Requires a knowledge of business mathematics to calculate quantities and costs of alternative supply techniques, to verify accuracy of timesheet reporting and to track costs and expenditures.
Requires proficiency in English and effective verbal and written communication skills to communicate with internal and external personnel.
Requires a knowledge of general business and office practices in order to understand the requirements of office systems functions and to provide assistance with budget and business plan preparation. This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired in either a Grade XII education in a secondary school plus up to one year of further concentrated study, or the equivalent education.
Requires experience in material management, work management and inventory control, to gain awareness of potential problems involved and to setup up and approve Work Orders as well as to expedite material and costs in most efficient and cost effective method.
Requires experience to understand the interaction of various factors such as ordering costs, procurement cycle, market conditions and transportation costs.
Requires experience to be familiar with the type of materials used in the job and their general application in work programs, stocking procedures, and the effect of material requirement delays on work programs.
Requires experience to be familiar with data processing requirements in the application of computer systems to materials management and inventory control.
Requires experience to be familiar with the type of records and reports used in a materials management function. A period of over six years, up to and including eight years, is considered necessary to gain this experience.
Requires reviewing use of required materials or services and characteristics of equipment, assessing work schedules and negotiating with supplier representatives to arrange for substitute materials where feasible, or to re-schedule delivery dates.
Requires occasional periods of light physical activity including operating a computer.
Requires frequent sustained periods of close attention to detail throughout the day in excess of one hour when reviewing forms or data, analyzing various reports for material requirement or expediting purposes, verifying material requests, inventory levels, and other aspects of material control procedures.
Requires referring to Supervisor or others only on unusual or relatively important work matters, such as informing Supervisor on status of contentious issues.
May on occasion require showing staff how to perform tasks or duties such as related to the inventory system.
Requires communication with internal and field personnel to determine material requirements and to ensure that their material requests are fulfilled.
Requires communicating with vendors and suppliers to ensure material will be available when required as well as contact with material committee representatives, users, catalogues and coding group as situations dictate.
Requires maintaining liaison with materials standards group in regard to specifications or standard changes.
Requires working in close collaboration with purchasing staff to clear invoice discrepancies and to ensure payment of invoices.
Requires working in close collaboration with suppliers' representatives to follow-up, discuss and reach agreement on various matters associated with scheduling and re-scheduling of materials.
Requires comparing and negotiating the best fuel rates with fuel companies, which may require exercising influence where there is likely to be a difference in point of view.
Requires contacting and providing job estimates to external companies.
Requires collaborating with Supervisor and the bank regarding new corporate card accounts.
Requires collaborating closely with Finance personnel, management and field staff to troubleshoot and resolve costing problems.
Requires performing a variety of duties and related tasks in a business environment.

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Deadline: December 16, 2019

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