ON Sushi Supervisor

T&T Supermarket - Markham, ON (30+ days ago)

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Major Responsibilities:主要工作職責:
1. Provide guidance and supervision to Sushi Outlet Production Assistants, ensure fair distribution of work and ensure proper scheduling is done
督導壽司分銷店助理的工作執行, 公平分配工作, 並確保完成日程安排
2. Supervise the Sushi Outlet production processes
3. Provide training to Sushi Outlet Production Assistants and provide feedback on staff performance
4. Participate in new product research and development process, encourage innovations
5. Manage product food safety and ensure FIFO is strictly practiced within the department
管理及確時掌控食品安全, 並嚴格執行「先進先出」原則
6. Familiar with product ordering, its process and execution
7. Control product (Sushi, Rolls, Sashimi, Teriyaki and/or others) quality, inventory level and wastage
控制產品(壽司、手卷、魚生、照繞食品及其他廚食製品)質量, 庫存的水平和損耗
8. Greet customers by providing good customer service with smile, friendly enthusiasm; answer customers’ enquiries
歡迎顧客, 提供良好顧客服務; 面帶笑容, 親切熱誠; 回覆顧客詢問
9. Lead by example by performing duties of Sushi Outlet Production Assistants as required
10. Produce the correct quantity of assigned products(Sushi, Rolls, Sashimi, Teriyaki and/or others) based on orders received
11. Responsible for the cleanliness, hygiene, equipment and tools maintenance follow up and workplace safety of the production area
負責壽司分銷店的清潔,衛生, 設備及工具維修跟進和工作場所的安全
12. Perform any other duties as assigned by the superior

Attitude Requirements:工作態度要求:
1. Demonstrate job commitment, accountable, reliable
做事認真, 負責, 可靠
2. A good team player, able to collaborate with and assist other colleagues
具備團隊合作精神, 能和同事和睦相處, 互相配合和幫助
3. Possess a positive, proactive, self-motivated work attitude
工作態度積極, 正面, 主動, 具自發性
4. Good attendance record, comply with company’s rules and regulations
出勤紀錄良好, 遵守公司規章制度

Knowledge, Skills and Ability Requirements:職位要求:
1. Possess knowledge, skills and prior experience in making products offer by the Sushi Outlet (Sushi, Rolls, Sashimi, Teriyaki and/or others)
具備相關廚食製品製作(如:壽司、手卷、魚生、照繞食品及其他廚食製品) 的知識和經驗
2. Possess knowledge in workplace health & safety and food safety (FoodSafe Certification is preferred)
了解工作環境下的健康安全知識和食品安全 (首選具有FoodSafe認證)
3. Process knowledge and experience in supervising production workflow and controlling cost and wastage
具備生產流程, 控制成本和損耗的知識和經驗
4. Good organization, and problem-solving skills
良好的組織, 協調及解決問題能力
5. Ability to manage and train employees
6. Ability to deliver product research and development relevant to the Sushi Outlet (e.g. Sushi, Rolls, Sashimi, Teriyaki and/or others)
能夠提供廚食製品的研究和發展 (如:壽司、手卷、魚生、照繞食品及其他廚食製品)
7. Good communication and customer service skills
8. Flexible to work in various shifts, including weekdays, weekends, holidays, morning and evening hours
需輪班工作, 包括平日, 週末, 節假日, 早上和晚上時段
9. Have a good understanding of tools & equipment relevant to the job
10. Possess basic computer skills in MS Office


11. Good command of English. Knowledge of Chinese (Cantonese and/or Mandarin) is an asset