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General Duties The general duties of the Dish Washer are to support the BOH and FOH team by working efficiently to ensure woks and all dishes are cleaned promptly. The Dish Washer also provides support through maintaining a clean BOH area, overseeing the laundry process and assisting with prep as required.

Primary Objectives

- Washing Woks

- Dishwashing

- Prep assistance

- Linking communication between the line cooks and the prep cooks

- Clearing bus bins

- Laundry

- Cleaning & recycling

- Putting away orders

- Maintain expectations as per “Guest At Our Party” model in an effort to provide a Remarkable Experience for our guests

- Assist both line cooks and FOH as needed Specific Areas of Responsibility Washing woks Washing woks effectively during a busy service requires knowing what is expected of you. This includes the following:


- One wok should take no longer than 20 seconds to wash Technique

- Use small amounts of cold water, wash, scrub, and rinse - Only scrape woks that are burnt or that contain excess food Cleanliness

- Maintaining cleanliness of wok washing area at all times Organization

- Refresh sanitizer every 2-3 hours/at least each shift change.


- After washing woks catch up on dishes

- While washing anything with labels (inserts totes and anything else with masking tape) peel labels off before putting away on shelves Prep Assistance

- Before helping prep cooks with jobs like washing veggies, chopping ginger etc., be sure you know what standards are required

- See prep guide for specific guidelines.


- Clean as you go, don’t leave a dirty station behind you

- Change sanitizer solution

- Sweep and mop floors around sink

- Have dirty dishes washed and put away

- Wipe down sink and clean dishwasher filters

- Break down cardboard boxes and recycling

- Take out garbage and replace bags if needed

- Refer to HACCP Guide.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $13.65 /hour


  • dishwashing: 1 year (Preferred)