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The Department of Social Development (SD) delivers services to its’ Income Assistance, Social Services and Housing clients through the use of three (3) large mission-critical business systems with over 1700 combined system users. The users of these large complex systems all require system training either in the form of new user training, refresher training or training on new functionality; with each system having unique training needs.

The purpose of this project is to develop a set of training standards/guidelines for these 3 business systems. It is important that this project focus on how to best provide training to the users of the 3 core business applications with a focus on the best practices from an Adult Learning perspective.

Services Sought

Service New Brunswick on behalf of its client, Social Development, is seeking the services of a Business Analyst/Project Manager resource with an Adult Education background who is skilled in the best practices related to training Adult Learners (in the context of business systems users) and their use of business applications.

The successful resource will receive work direction from the Client Systems Business Support Manager in order to complete a project to define and develop a series of Application Training Standards.

The successful resource will be expected to work closely with the Manager, supervisors and team members of the Client Systems Business Support unit and all relevant stakeholders as part as this project and throughout the development of the new Business Applications Training Standards.

The project tasks shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

· Review of Current Training Programs: Conduct a review of the current training approach, including existing training material, for each of the 3 major business applications. SD business application trainers and user support analysts will be made available to provide examples of training material and current training methods for each application. As well, subject matter experts will also be made available to provide business procedure expertise, to help identify if business application training reflects current business processes.

· This review should include an end-user survey and/or interviewing end-users in regional offices.

· Produce a Gap Analysis: To identify any and all training gaps across all 3 applications including any gaps between system training and business processes/procedures.

· Conduct Research: Identify industry best practices in relation to adult learning, content, design, delivery methods, administration, maintenance, data gathering (i.e. surveys/assessments) and compliance.

· Determine Training Requirements: Identify documentation and/or training materials that would need to be newly created and provide estimated timeline to create, review, update and complete a final review. ·

· Design/Delivery: Identify standardized training needs assessment to help determine the best training methods, as well as other standardized tools/templates/processes associated to training planning and delivery that would help form the Framework for a Social Development Training strategy.

· Administration and Maintenance: Efficient process for storage, access control and ongoing maintenance of training material to ensure it is properly protected and kept up to date. (where to find the documents, who may need to use them, what you can use them for)

· Post-Training Data Management: Best means to capture post-training assessments and compilation of this information to help identify ongoing improvements to training content, delivery, etc. Identify potential ways to track user compliance and ongoing statistics regarding training uptake.

Some after hours and weekend work may be required for the successful candidate, however, any overtime or work during non-business hours must be approved in advance.

The Language of Work is English. The Language of Service is English.

Mandatory Requirements
M1 University Degree (Information Technology or Business Administration related)


Community College Diploma (Information Technology or Business Administration related)


An equivalent level of Information Technology or Business Administration related education and experience may also be considered.

M2 Years of IM/IT experience. Minimum 10 Years

M3 Years of experience in IT training or Business Systems training field. Minimum 5 years

M4 Resource must be able to effectively communicate in English (verbal and written)

Scored Requirements

S1 Demonstrate experience with delivering training to individuals and groups regarding IT System Training, maintenance, and support or business systems. 5 plus (+) years

S2 Demonstrate experience in defining training needs for IT and/or Business systems. 5 plus (+) years

S3 Demonstrate experience in documenting existing business and or IT system processes. 5 plus (+) years

S4 Demonstrate experience with developing business processes. 5 plus (+) years

S5 Demonstrate experience in analyzing and documenting current business and training approaches and methodologies through user and support staff interviews/surveys and a review of existing training documentation. 5 plus (+) years

S6 Demonstrate experience with systems used to support delivery of services to clients. 2 plus (+) years

S7 Demonstrate experience in analyzing and documenting current business and training approaches.

2 plus (+) years

S8 Demonstrate certification in Adult Education field.

S9 Demonstrate experience in Project Management. 2 plus (+) years

S10 Demonstrate experience in performing ‘Gap Analysis‘ activities to illustrate the differences between current and proposed training approaches and reporting on findings. 2 plus (+) years

S11 Demonstrate experience in developing or delivering training regarding IT and/or business systems used to support the delivery of services to clients. 2 plus (+) years

S12 Demonstrate experience working with a geographically distributed team. 2 plus (+) years

S13 Demonstrate experience with preparing proposals to change existing business and/or training approaches. 2 plus (+) years

S14 Demonstrate level of familiarity with Microsoft Office 2010 (PowerPoint, Visio, Word, SharePoint 2010, and Microsoft Project 2013) 2 plus (+) years

Reporting Structure

The successful candidate will report to and will receive work direction from the Social Development’s Client Systems Business Support Manager.

The successful candidate will be a mix of fulltime and part-time work effort a period commencing January 2, 2020 through June 30, t 2020 (120 days in total), with the option of a 6 month extension from July 1st, 2020 until December 31, 2020.

This project effort is expected to be full time for the initial phases. However, alternative arrangements incorporating part-time hours may be considered as long as project milestones and deliverables deadlines can be met. For the balance of the project timeline, some part-time effort would be required.

SNB reserves the right to truncate the engagement, as needed.

SNB may extend the engagement, monetarily, by 25% or 6 months, whichever is reached first, if it deems necessary.

Work Location and Travel
Work location is at Social Development’s Central Office located at 551 King Street, Fredericton, NB .

Office space will be provided with current technology at Social Development’s Central Office located at 551 King Street, Fredericton, NB with access to pertinent information and resources for the duration of the engagement.

Travel Expenses:

Some travel within the province travel may be required - such travel will require prior written approval from the Manager of Client Systems Business Support.

In the event there are any unanticipated expenses, SD agrees to reimburse the Contractor for reasonable expenses incurred by the Contractor in the performance of the Services related to this project, provided the Contractor has received the prior written approval from SD to incur them. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Claims for expenses incurred by the Contractor shall be submitted for payment in accordance Government of New Brunswick Travel Policy (#AD-2801) with no mark-up by the Contractor.

Supplied Devices
SNB will provide technology devices as required to complete the services requested in this Statement of Work.


The training coordinator will be expected to:

· Conduct a review of current training approach including survey for end-users and staff currently delivering training materials.

· Provide a summary report of current training approaches and materials used including any processes and approached that are not currently documented.

· Perform gap analysis between current training approach and feedback gathered from business and system staff involved in the support of mission-critical business and the systems that support them.

· Prepare a proposal for a new training approach and materials moving forward for all 3 mission-critical systems.

· Develop a process for maintaining new training material and approaches to ensure it remains consistent and up to date.

· Develop and document an approach for gathering and adhering to post-training assessments to facilitate continuous quality improvement.

· Project Charter and Governance;

· Project Plan

· Progress Reporting and Presentations;

· Leading and documenting facilitated training requirements sessions to gather content and obtain consensus.

· Presentation on the results of the Training Review complete with any identified training gaps and recommendations going forward.

· Leading the documentation of any processes not currently documented.

· Report status and progress of assigned activities to the CSBS Manager

· Other roles, tasks, and duties as assigned

Job Type: Contract