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Majik Systems - Kitchener, ON (30+ days ago)

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A little about us.

MAJiK Systems builds the most intuitive and best looking Manufacturing Execution Systems for manufacturers.

Our team is collaborative, driven, and entrepreneurial in nature. The team values personal growth, having fun and building disruptive technologies.

Look around, nearly everything you see is manufactured. What you build here will directly change manufacturing and aid its transition into the fourth industrial revolution known as industry 4.0. At MAJiK, you will help introduce new technologies into factories. Through interoperability, we bring IoT technologies to factories by connecting disparate systems and data sources to collect and share production information in real-time. Our software harnesses this information to provide decision makers with transparency into their factory’s operations, allowing them to react swiftly to urgent problems, make more informed decisions, and pinpoint areas for actions or improvements.

You can expect to learn and contribute a lot at MAJiK and help shape the direction of one of the largest industries on the planet!

Back End Developer
MAJiK is looking for a self-driven and adaptable Back End developer to assist with scalability, technology adoption, systems integration (Both industrial equipment and software). You will also be working closely with Frontend Developers to help define the product and engineering roadmap. This isn't a "connect-the-dots" dev position, you should be able to take loosely defined, complex ideas and run with them, working toward that elegant result.

You have interest in learning or experience with:
  • Create real-time microservices using Node.js
  • Data modeling using reactive programming techniques using data streaming pipelines with Flink, Beam, or RXJS
  • Machine learning pipelines utilizing tools such as Tensorflow, Keras, or SciPy
  • API Design with GraphQL, Apollo, or Relay
  • Orchestrating microservices with Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, or Consul
  • Cloud Infrastructures Google Cloud, AWS, DigitalOcean, or Azure
Scaling Large Software Systems: You will practice writing modular and reusable code. When servicing many customers with different system configurations, it is important to maintain a single configurable code-base.

Performance and Configurability: You can expect to be a part of developing and implementing techniques for collecting, analyzing, and serving large amounts of information with the added complexity of performance and configurability.

Industrial Operations & Continuous Improvement: We provide customer value by making systems and processes more efficient and reliable for our clients. We are constantly developing tools to help solve industrial challenges such as factory transparency, continuous improvement, production forecasting, work order attainment, and reduction in waste such as downtime and scrap.

Networking and IoT: We are active in the IoT community! Specifically with manufacturing, to build the best virtual representation of a factory it is important that all types of systems, sensors, equipment, SCADA systems, and data sources can communicate.

Business Development and Entrepreneurship: You will be working alongside the founders. We welcome your questions, and interested in other areas of the company. Join us in our sales discussions, planning sessions, and product-review meetings.

Example Projects
  • Design data streaming pipelines to perform statistical analysis at scale
  • Create infrastructure around Machine Learning models, and design ML models
  • Design micro-services to be fault tolerant and independently operational from other micro-services.
  • Create data models for manufacturing concepts to improve the ability to model and monitor every aspect of a factory.
  • Notifications Engine used to notify managers and operators when key events happen in the factory.
Tools Used
  • Node.js,
  • Kafka / Redis / RabbitMQ
  • Beam/Spark/Flank,
  • Tensorflow,
  • RabbitMQ,
  • Redis,
  • MongoDB,
  • React,
  • Jest,
  • Java,
  • Python
Nice-to-Have Skills:
Manufacturing Experience (Just in Time, Quality Control, Process Flow, etc.), Telecommunications Networking, Machine Learning, Statistical Process Control, C/C++, PLC experience, SCADA, ERP Integration, Embedded Systems

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.