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AON3D - Montréal, QC (30+ days ago)

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We're looking for someone who's fluent with and willing to work on all levels of code - from nitty gritty low-level C firmware, to writing CSS, Javascript and everything in between.

Our projects span the whole stack and as such, having a deep understanding of each layer and how different components interface is crucial. You will have plenty of opportunity to work on all areas of our codebase and make significant changes that will help steer the company growth and make sweeping impacts for our customers.

To be successful in this role, you are comfortable in a small team setting, and you are a thoughtful and data-driven decision-maker.

AON3D makes affordable industrial 3D printers designed for printing high performance thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM™ 9085, polycarbonate and more. The AON-M2, its flagship 3D printer, is a direct response to demands for hotter print conditions and the careful thermal control needed for producing strong and dimensionally stable parts from advanced materials. Most importantly, it offers an open filament platform that empowers users to choose the right materials for their project and slash costs by avoiding expensive proprietary materials and license fees.

AON3D is dedicated to ensuring designers and engineers have greater access to cutting edge materials and affordable 3D printers so they can drive tomorrow's innovation today.

Why work at AON3D?
Be a part of building something historic
A casual work environment with a young and dynamic team: leave the suit and tie at home!
Open space office to support a collaborative working environment and facilitate communication
All you can drink coffee from Café Union
Dog-friendly work environment
Team lunches, snack station, group activities, interest groups, and more!

You will be responsible for developing and maintaining the growing codebase that powers and supports our machines.
You will implement new features across the stack in firmware, the backend communication layer, and the frontend UI.
You will work on the internal tooling that helps support the company and infrastructure (for updates, management, and logging).
You will develop and present technical designs based on product requirements and feature requests.
You will rapidly write code, tests, and interfaces that implement technical designs.
You will demonstrate and present prototypes.
You will stay up-to-date with current developments in additive manufacturing technology and be aware of how the printers work.

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or relevant field of study
Three years or more relevant industry experience
Strong JavaScript experience and proficiency with fundamental web technologies
Proficiency with Python
Experience with git-based workflows
Familiarity with C, C++, or another low-level language
Fully comfortable working in a shell on some flavor of *nix
Experience working on a mission-critical codebase. We're not making rockets, but in some cases, our machines are making parts that do go in them!
Excellent knowledge of technical language (English fluency is an asset)
Independence and ability to multitask and prioritize
Additional requirements

The following qualifications are not required but we will give special consideration to candidates who possess the following competencies.

Demonstrated good eye for design
Familiarity with Docker, Flask, React, and SCSS
Strong opinions on code and architecture with reasons to back them up!
Experience in 3D printing or in a similar industry