Senior Residential Worker

Pathway Community Services LTD. - Vancouver, BC (22 months ago)

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Position Summary:
Assists the Primary Service Provider/House Manager in the day-to-day operations of the residence. To provide a safe, structured, educational and developmentally appropriate home environment that promotes a sense of well-being, self-confidence, belonging and independence for the individual. Collaborates with the individual, their families and other professionals to pro-actively promote opportunities for inclusion in both the community and the individual’s home life.

Plans, develops and implements recreational, social and/or educational activities for individual within their residences. Assists in the implementation of the individual’s care plan.

The role requires that this person take on a leadership role when the Primary/ Manager is away from the residence, as well as the Primary’s responsibilities and accountabilities as directed by the Primary/Manager.

Reports to: Primary Residential Support Worker/ House Manager.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
Collaborates with the individual, the individual’s family, network, in house team, and assigned professionals for the preparation of a Plan of Care/Person Centered Plan for the individuals.
Actively participated in the implementation of the Plan of Care/Person Centered Plans and provides assistance to individuals with:
Development of their sense of independence
building life skills
Inclusion in the greater community
Introduction to the workplace (where appropriate)
Development and evaluation of all individual goals and objectives in collaboration with the greater team
Conducts appropriate safety/risk analysis with the individual and their network when appropriate.
Plans and provides service delivery to individuals including implementation of recreational, social, educational and job activities, designed to meet the developmental and intellectual needs of the individuals.
Monitors individual’s progress, and provide support, as well as discuss any issues with the individual and his/her support team
Provides input on the individual’s skills, strengths and needs, and to provide input for evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment programs by monitoring individual’s behavioural changes and responses to interventions
Maintain awareness of any problems (medical, behavioural or other) experienced by the individual and then to inform the Primary/Manager
Co-ordinates with the house team and residents to develop a recreational activity calendar, which provides a wide range of social and leisure activities that include and promote amenities in the local neighbourhood and in the wider community.
Supports the individual in the learning of daily life skills (as appropriate) such as cooking, washing dishes, cleaning up after themselves, etc
May need to provide direct or “hand over” support in some areas of daily living
Depending on the special needs of the individual served by the program, may participate not only in group planning but also in the development of individual activity plans.
Depending on the special needs of the individual served by the program, may participate in day programs/summer day program with the individual.
Act as a liaison with the community and promote/encourage community involvement.
Acts as an advocate for the individual and provides support for him/her while the individual is in the program and, as appropriate, provides follow up support to them upon leaving the program.
Accompanies the individual to appointments, as required.
Maintains accurate reports and records on all individual. Ensures that all required documentation is complete. Reports and discusses case planning and concerns with therapists, social workers and others as requested by Primary/Manager
Maintains a thorough knowledge of community resources to meet the individual’s needs.
Is responsible for the individuals and the residence while providing respite for Primary Caregiver.
Encourages and facilitates the participation of the individual in the program. Creates a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in order to enhance the program's appeal.
Maintains an up-to-date knowledge of new trends in activities and social programming.
Fosters a positive working relationship within the residence and the individual’s care team.


Is responsible for the maintenance, cleanliness, safety and repair of the residence, meeting all community standards. Also, maintains the residence's food and other inventory. These responsibilities may be done directly or through delegation to other workers.
May be required to transport individuals. Ensures that all requirements are met to provide safe transportation
Participates in evaluating the effectiveness of programs. Provides suggestions to modify programs and training programs to the Primary/ Manager.
Prepares or assists with preparation of all meals for individuals using Canada’s Food Guide as a reference. Quality and appropriateness of diet is important.
Prepares clothing inventory for individual
Assists in Maintaining binders and keeps them up to date
Assists in Preparing for and executing Monthly Home Inspections
Assists with emergency drills.
Assists in the maintenance and rotation of emergency preparedness kit (“grab and go” kit) every six months


Administers medication to individuals as per policy and procedures manual and doctor’s orders.
Ensures that all medication documentation and protocols are observed
Ensures the safe storage of medication, as per house protocols


Assists with the preparation of all reports including:
Daily Logs, CIRs, contact logs, miscellaneous data collection
Individual Progress Report, as required (PCPs)
Month End Reports including Occupancy and Financial Reports
Monthly Home Inspection
Shift Change Reports
Accurately documents any issues with staff and/ or individuals


Maintains relationships and ongoing open dialog with all team members, individuals and their immediate networks, PCSL management, and members of the community.
Adheres to professional standards and observes PCSL’s Code of Conduct when communicating with individuals, co-workers, and other professionals.

Qualifications, Education, Training and Experience:
One to three years previous work in a similar environment required.
Direct program delivery experience in the community social services sector with a demonstrated working knowledge of community-based programs and related provincial and community support systems is preferred.

Job Skills and Abilities:
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (oral and written).
Organization, time and general management skills
Knowledge of group process and facilitation techniques.
Ability to work effectively with other program workers, and all involved professionals
Ability to work independently

Additional Information:
This individual is required to work in a stressful environment often dealing with individuals in crisis situations. Managing emergency situations is an ongoing expectation of this position.