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Location: Toronto, Canada

L’Activité Mondiale Systèmes de Transport Terrestre fournit des solutions de signalisation ferroviaire pour les grandes lignes et les transports urbains, des systèmes intégrés de communication et de supervision, des solutions billettiques et les services associés.

Thales fournit des systèmes de commande de trains par télécommunications (CBTC) et des systèmes d’enclenchement destinés au secteur des transports en commun sur voie ferrée à l'échelle mondiale. Le centre de compétences pour la signalisation ferroviaire urbaine est situé au centre-ville de Toronto. Nous sommes le plus grand bureau situé au Canada et nous disposons d’un service pour chaque étape du cycle de vie du développement logiciel (SDLC). Cela comprend le logiciel, le matériel, la conception des systèmes, la vérification et la validation, les opérations, etc. Les équipes de services partagés dans les domaines des finances, des ressources humaines et des technologies de l’information sont également situées sur ce site. Notre espace de bureau est conçu pour fournir un milieu de travail sûr et durable qui correspond à la marque TRSS et qui favorise la collaboration. Le mobilier répond aux normes Greenguard, les appareils ménagers sont certifiés EnergyStar et les adhésifs et produits d'étanchéité répondent aux critères de faible émission. De plus, les portes coulissantes en verre laissent entrer la lumière dans les bureaux intérieurs qui offrent ainsi une vue sur l'extérieur. Venez vous joindre à la grande famille du Transport, ici à Toronto !

Thales people architect solutions that support 85 million mainline and suburban passenger journeys, worldwide, every day. Our Rail Signalling and Communication systems are used on metro lines across major cities, and 72,000 kms of route, 52,000 trains per day in 16 countries are controlled by our Traffic Management Systems. Together We deployed the first-ever nationwide ticketing system which processes over 50 million ticketing transactions in 100 cities daily.

Thales provides world-leading Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) and interlocking for mass rail transit applications globally. The Centre of Competence for Urban Rail Signalling is located right before you at mid-town Toronto. As the largest office in Canada, we house a department for every step of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)! This includes Software, Hardware, Systems Design, Verification & Validation, Operations, etc. The supporting corporate shared services teams in Finance, Human Resources and IT is also located at the office. Our office space was designed to provide a sustainable, healthy workplace that expresses TRSS’s brand while increasing collaboration. Features include Greenguard furniture, EnergyStar appliances, low-emitting adhesives, sealants, and sliding glass doors on internal offices provide daylight and views to the outside. Come join the big Transport family, here in Toronto!

SCOPE OF JOB (general mission, key accountabilities)

To provide direction and advise on technical issues with respect to assigned projects and ensure that system designs meet contractual requirements.
To propose system safety engineering design solutions to RAMS Engineering objectives using Thales Rail Signaling Solutions products.
To predict system safety engineering operational performance and review design details to accomplish this: safety distances, block layout, permissive movement authority and interlocking requirements, algorithms to resolve safety conflicts.
Coordinate the resolution of technical issues between Thales Rail Signaling Solutions and subcontractors, vendors and the customer and innovate compliant, cost effective technical solutions to project problems.
To provide RAMS engineering expertise and analysis in the development and implementation of Advanced Train Control Systems.
To perform safety design, analysis, modeling and simulation to specify and verify train control systems developed at Thales are safe to operate.
To provide the expert level of technical knowledge and leadership to define what delivered equipment must do to meet customer requirements and how this is verified.
Ensuring that suitably competent staff are assigned to perform the various hazard and safety analysis activities, and that the competency management log books of all project or department staff are maintained;
Assist in the Safety effort during the business development, bids & proposals and project launch stages to ensure the scope of safety work is well understood, planned for, and that the cost estimates are practicable. This includes clear acknowledgement and understanding of all applicable standards, devising a strategy for the eventual Safety Case, and highlighting any limitations or roadblocks in achieving the Safety Case.
Provide technical support, leadership and mentoring for Safety Engineering staff, including review and approval of the safety staff competency logbooks for the relevant Product and/or Project area.
Review of all Safety Risk; Safety Hazard; and Pending Hazard SCRs related to their product and/or projects to ensure consistent and thorough assessment and analysis by Project Safety Specialists, and to ensure safety defects with broader implications are cloned and managed correctly.
Remain current with the state-of-the-art in safety engineering practices. Ensure Thales processes are safe and compliant, and advise the Director of RAMS and Director of Safety Assurance of any gaps in processes. Propose the necessary process changes, and contribute to the revision of those processes.
Recognize opportunities for, and encourage, cross-use and cross-acceptance of safety certifications and Safety Cases. Similarly, recognize unnecessary repetition of activities across multiple Projects using similar Product solutions.
Represent Safety in technical meetings involving safety-related issues. Participate in, influence, and approve design decisions impacting or potentially impacting safety. Attend the bi-monthly Systems Technical Review for their respective Product and/or Project areas.
Exercises safety leadership on the product and/or project and is accountable to the Principle System Engineers (PSE) for the technical safety of the CBTC system including:
Support the development of Compliance Matrixes for CENELEC Safety Standards (and other safety-relevant standards) on their respective Product and/or Projects;
Review of the Hazard Log and associated Hazard Analysis performed on the CBTC equipment;
Trains, leads and supervises more junior members of the Rams Engineering Group.
Identify with adequate anticipation risks and opportunities and propose mitigation actions
Prepares technical proposals, reports, presentations, change evaluations & responses to customer questions based on knowledge of train protection & operational needs, Thales products, job requirements & industry standards. Provides technical Bids and Proposals support as assigned
Works with customers, ISA's and design teams to develop solutions to RAMS Engineering problems.
The Technical Specialist is accountable for performing the work correctly within cost and schedule limits as defined in approved Work Packages. The work is typically defined by the Technical Specialist then agreed with and approved by the RAMS Engineering Manager or Group Lead RAMS Engineering
Prepares system & subsystem safety requirement specifications, interface requirements and test requirements by analyzing and decomposing customer requirements.
Technical trade off evaluations are performed to identify the system safety engineering design choices with associated advantages and disadvantages.
Evaluates the compliance and safety of designs with safety engineering requirements by review of technical specifications, designs & designs changes for both HW and SW, and suggests design alternatives where appropriate to enhance safety based on a knowledge of design feasibility & the safety requirements. Represent RAMS Engineering, and provides evaluations & recommendations with respect to safety in formal design reviews.
Proposes Work Package estimates and descriptions based on knowledge of the work and project requirements. The work is estimated based on an assessment of what is needed to meet customer requirements.
Defines processes and standards covering the work and its products based on knowledge of RAMS engineering and or his technical specialty
Reporting to the RAMS Engineering Manager and Chief Safety Engineer and liaises with the Group Lead RAMS Engineering.
Define safety requirements by evaluating & defining railway operational hazards that could be caused by the ATC system.
Verifies the safety of both hardware and software products and the system by performing:

1. Failure Modes Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA) - Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), and
2. Hazard Analysis - Event Tree Analysis - Operating & Support Hazard Analysis (O&SHA)

Assures that safety requirements are met by participating in hardware, software and field testing (as required).
Supervises other Safety Engineers and consultants by defining their work, coaching them on how and what to prepare, monitoring their progress, and directing them on priorities
Supervises consultants by defining their work, coaching them on who and what to prepare, monitoring their progress and directing them on priorities.
Resolves safety related issues by participating in the Safety Committee, as required.
Ensures that safety can be verified. Approval of test documentation
Detailed knowledge of customer requirements & needs as well as Thales product capabilities are required to perform effectively. A background in railway train protection & operation technology as well as System Engineering is required.
Experience in real time software development is an asset. The technical specialist typically works with a team of engineers to define what will be designed; how it will perform and how it will be determined that it is working correctly. Specific technical specialties can be one or more of the following:

BUSINESS CONTEXT (major challenges to face and issues to be resolved)

To ensure:
relevant new technology is incorporated in design/enhancement of products
System Requirements are accurately and completely defined
that System Design meets the customer and regulatory requirements

To assure the safety of products and services is maintained.

To provide:
innovative ideas for new products and enhancements
“systems safety designs” which meet specifications and budgets.


B.Sc. Electrical Engineering Computer Science or equivalent
10+ years train control experience and/or automatic control in the other industry, such as aircraft, industry. i.e. related field.
A detailed knowledge of system requirements definition/design, safety and risk analysis.
The Systems Safety Engineering tasks are complex both in technical and managerial areas:
Technical New concepts need to be created and evaluated for safety impacts and railway operating rules, which are different for each contract and often change within the life of the contract
Familiar with systems engineering, electrical or software engineering and electro magnetic compatibility.
Good technical writing skills, good communication and analytical skills.
Excellent command of the English language, both written and oral.
Computer skills, MS Office; DOORS; Modeling; Data Bases.
Knowledge of Railway System Operations & Thales Transport Automation products is fundamental
Knowledge of specification-driven systems and designs.

Decision Making And Authority

Approves safety qualifications of all products and installed systems
Selection of Technological Solutions.
Evaluate performance of technical staff.
Defines work methods and techniques for more junior group members.
Manages and schedules daily activities within budget & time allowances given.

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