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Goalcast - Montréal, QC (30+ days ago)

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Important message:
Blindly submitting a resume without submitting a video of yourself answering the questions at the bottom will result it an automatic rejection.

With over 27M fans on social media and 500M video views a month, Goalcast empowers millions of people to reset their conditioning and set themselves free to live life with purpose. More than a media brand, Goalcast connects human beings seeking truth and authenticity.

Entertainment-obsessed: Are you two main passions video editing and binge-watching Netflix?

Do you live on the bleeding edge of pop culture? Do your eyes burn sometimes from watching too many celebrity YouTube videos? Dust off your editing software, Hollywood heroes, and get ready to build the future of entertainment.

We’re looking for talented video editors who not just live and breathe pop culture, but who also know how to craft basic stories into epic, inspiring videos of goose-bumping proportions.

Any hack can pump out choppy webcam vlogs. Instead, we want you to bring the epic crush of Nolan, the heart-tugging feels of Spielberg and the spine-tingling suspense of Hitchcock, sharing your expertise in a way that inspires millions.

This is gossip for a good cause, dish for self-development.

Vision: Must have fully-developed third-eye x-ray heat vision

That vision must be powerful enough to punch through walls and laser your idea from inception to execution, cutting through all the stages of video-making.

From the moment you read a script, you will be asked to conceive and communicate a clear and authentic vision for your work.

High EQ: Heartless robots need not apply.

Emotion is the main currency we traffic in at Goalcast, and is the single most important aspect of our videos.

You need to know: what human emotion is; how to identify different types of human emotions; how to amplify those human emotions effectively.

We need you to dig deep inside yourself and hit that wellspring of emotion, and then let it seep into your work, giving it life and soul.

Storyteller: Goalcast doesn’t do comic books or fluffy cat videos, we do real life.

And what we do best is to tell moving stories about the human condition.

Blending the perfect mix of narrative elements, production aesthetics, stock images and music, you will spellbind our viewers captive, keep them on the edge of their seats, make them laugh, make them weep.

With power and poignancy, you need to craft real human stories through your work.

Receptive to feedback: Leave your personal feelings outside the ring.

Slings and arrows should bounce off your thick skin. You should be able to brush it off and rebound in a heartbeat.

Every day, your work will be ripped apart -- thoughtfully, with kindness and constructive criticism -- by our savage team of critics.

You will be called to account. You will be asked to rework seemingly insignificant details. You will frequently be told to start over. You will prevail.

Self-driven: A disciplined monk. A ninja with a mission. Like Liam Neeson in those Taken movies.

Your motivation and drive live inside you, right beside your heart. Your life’s work is to do better work. The expectations of your own work should beat the crap out of our expectations of your work. You don’t wait for others to tell you what to do, and you hold yourself accountable to your own deadlines.

Other Needs/Wants: What you got?

That you are tech savviness is a given (proficient on Adobe Premiere & Adobe After Effects) and being social media savvy is A+++.

We are a leading Internet content creator, so you should have a solid understanding of social media content and how it differs on each social platform.

Be the change: Do you take ruthless responsibility for your reality?

When you close your eyes, what do you see? Do you imagine a world where we’re all more trusting, more truthful, more aware, more fulfilled? Are you constantly looking for ways to create the positive change you want to see in the world through your gifts and talents?

You go beyond the trappings of blame, scapegoats and denial that are keeping you trapped on the surface, trapped in a prison of your own making and away from what truly fulfills you. You own up to the responsibility of creating your own destiny, and act upon it.

Seek discomfort: You look for your deepest fears so you can plunge into them head on

Maybe you can only sense it, but somewhere inside that darkness, waiting to be nurtured, is the seed of your future self. You love to break into yourself and plunge deep, deep inside the dark earth inside you, and get to work.

You are not afraid to get your hands dirty; in fact, you enjoy it, humbling and uprooting yourself to get to the source of whatever problem is holding you back from achieving the next level of growth. You crack open the darkness of close-mindedness to let in the sunshine of possibility.

Authenticity: You’re a straight shooter who’s not afraid to get vulnerable in front of others

You know that truth is the only way forward. You seek it in yourself, and you’re not afraid to speak it. You challenge your own truths all the time, and you won’t shy away from healthy dialogue -- with yourself and others.

You also know that the basis of strong relationships is trust, and you choose to lead by example. You give others the benefit of the doubt, and focus on seeking different perspectives while shoving your ego to the side.

Together, we break out of our old selves and walk this clear path to success and consciousness, unlocking our potential while helping others do the same.

QUESTIONS: (Please film yourself answering these, upload to YouTube or to a Google Drive and include the link in your application if you want to be considered.)

1 . What intrigues you about this opportunity?
2. What do you think could be improved in our content? How would you change that?
3. What do you think makes content go viral on A) Youtube B) Instagram C) Facebook
4. Tell us about a time when you've failed big time in a project or job.
5. Which up-and-coming celebrity you think will become the next big-shot superstar? Why?