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**Advisory: To minimize delay and potentially avoid disappointment, please make sure that you observe/follow both our Application Requirements and Instructions at the bottom of this job posting. All prospective Candidates who wish to join the BMTeam as New or Returning Members are required to complete our online Employment Application Form (which can be found here:

  • Rank: Intermediate
  • Employment Type: Seasonal (i.e. Mid or Late June to Late August, 2019)
  • Compensation: $625.00/Week, plus Vacation Pay = $650.00 (before tax deducted); Lodging & Meals (for free)
  • Vacancy/Vacancies: 02

Established by Richard Ouellet, Black Maple is a Residential Catering Business that offers a full, personalized Food Service to Overnight/Sleep–away Summer Camps.

The Value of Black Maple and key to our success is that we invest the same level of knowledge, attention, and effort into our Service that a devoted parent would for their family, in any regard. This is what sets us apart, largely defining our prominent standard of quality as we apply it to everything we do; from the very food that is served at every meal to our way of managing Customer Service, Menu Planning for our Clients to Purchasing from our Supplier(s), recruiting new and returning Staff to the entirety of HR Management....and much more! In other words, we don't treat everyone like they're "just a number," and we don't act like one either.

We are looking for candidates to join our BMTeam in the Full Time, Seasonal capacity of Baker at one of the three Summer Camp locations we're proud to serve, for which there are a total of two Vacancies available.

If you think you have what it takes to help us deliver a fun, professional, and most importantly – personal experience to our many smiling and hungry Customers, submit an application today!

1. Perks | You can look forward to....

  • A Competitive Salary, based on industry standards: $625.00/Week, plus Vacation Pay = $650.00 (before tax deducted)
  • No mention of having a “retention bonus” subtracted from your earnings
  • Free, on–site Lodging (i.e. a place to live)
  • Food to eat, also free of charge (i.e. Meals)
  • Valuable Work Experience
  • A solid Reference (Letter + Contact) for future opportunities
  • Potential Room for Advancement, so that qualified Members can continue to grow with us

1.2. Other Perks | You can also look forward to....

  • Living & working at one of the beautiful, Ontario–based Summer Camp locations we serve
  • Using camp equipment & recreational facilities on your time off (when permitted)
  • The satisfaction & convenience of being associated with an enterprise that is managed by people who genuinely care about keeping all Members of their team happy; This is one of the reasons that we're not feeding 20+ Camps at a time
  • Staff Retreats with fellow Members of the BMTeam

2. Responsibilities | Typically, the Baker will....

  • Prepare, cook, adjust, decorate, and/or take the lead in the execution & delivery of home–made, home–baked, as well as hand–crafted goods & pastries (in varying formats), for a customer base of up to 110 or 200 people per–sitting (depending on the location you're hired to work at), as dictated by our Official Menus, outlined in our Baker's Recipe Book, directed & instructed by the on–site Chef, & otherwise communicated by our Management. This generally includes (but isn't necessarily limited to) the following:
  • Components and/or the entirety of Main Courses, like a Pancake Mix, Bread Loaves (for French Toast), Pizza Dough, Turkey Stuffing, etc., &....
  • Subordinate Items, such as Bread Loaves (for stand–alone slices and Toast), Buns or our famous “Yahtzee Buns,” Bread Rolls, Bruschetta, Danishes, etc., &....
  • Home–made or baked Desserts & Snacks, like Cookies (of different types), Muffins, Cupcakes, Brownies, Tarts (of Butter, Blueberry, & Apple–filled varieties), Banana & Carrot Cake, etc., &....
  • Items for Special Occasions and/or Events, such as Birthday or Celebratory Cakes (for gatherings of varying sizes). Furthermore, the Baker will typically....
  • Prepare & deliver non–baked Desserts (in varying formats), like single–type Fruit Trays, which includes

(but isn't necessarily limited to) Apples, Bananas, etc.

  • Maintain cleanliness & order throughout applicable & designated work station(s), cumulatively following the clean–up procedure set forth by Black Maple & immediately overseen by the on–site Chef, along with all other BMTeam Members (though possibly in separate chapters)
  • ....& more!

3. Demands | This includes....

  • A work environment that is fast–paced & susceptible to humid, hot, & cold temperatures
  • Physical activity such as pushing, lifting, carrying, & storing
  • Physical challenges such as working while standing & handling warm to hot objects (with protection)
  • Ongoing tasks & potential shifts that are primarily supervised through prior direction, instruction & follow–ups by the on–site Chef & Black Maple, depending on the dynamics of your specific workplace (i.e. independent work)
  • Living on a camp premise that is susceptible to bugs

4. Professional Qualifications | You must be....

  • Prepared & able to handle the Responsibilities & Demands of this Position (as noted above), with an aptitude for learning & making improvements or adjustments, where & when necessary
  • Skilled with standard tools & utensils typically used to prepare, adjust, and/or decorate all applicable goods & pastries (such as rolling pins, decorating bags, icing spatulas, stainless steel scrapers, etc.), but industrious enough to find and/or work with alternative methods
  • Competent with a knife
  • Proficient with industrial cooking appliances, as well as machinery required to perform applicable duties (like a commercial planetary mixer)
  • Expertly versed with temperature control & sanitation procedures

5. Personal Qualifications | You must also be....

  • Hard Working
  • Punctual & Efficient
  • A Fast Learner & Ready to face new challenges, as required
  • Someone who has a passion & appreciation for visual appeal, & is capable of translating such into a large–scale product execution (without compromising deadlines, other examples of quality, or neglecting the standard that Black Maple consistently aims to achieve)
  • Capable of working independently and with minimal to no direct & on–the–job supervision, if & as needed
  • A Good Team Player
  • Committed to our Mission & Value, as a full, personalized Food Service
  • Equally devoted to our Philosophy (i.e. the Four P's of Success): Professional, Punctual, Presentable, & Pleasant

6. Professional Requirements | The ideal Candidate will....

  • Be a Secondary School Graduate (which includes applicants with an OSSD or equivalent) &....
  • Have completed at least one semester of a Post Secondary program, relevant or connected to the Culinary Field and with a partial or sole focus in Baking (which is preferred), such as Baking Skills, Baking – Pre-employment, Culinary Skills, etc. (includes Undergraduate University Programs, Undergraduate/Non–Graduate College Programs, Career College Programs, & hybrids of such) &....
  • At least six months of relevant & substantial, work and/or non–profit experience (whether it be official and/or placement–based), such as at a residential feeding facility, an Overnight/Sleep–away Summer Camp Kitchen (with at least one Season completed in the capacity of Baker, which is preferred, at least two in the capacity of Cook, or three in the minimum capacity of Kitchen Helper/equivalent), in a cafeteria, at a restaurant, an urban catering business, Day Care Centre, in a soup kitchen, etc.
  • OR an appropriate/equivalent substitution of education & work
  • OR a Grade 12+ Secondary School Graduate with an appropriate/equivalent substitution or education & work
  • Have a Food Handler's Certificate

6.2. More Professional Requirements | The ideal Candidate doesn't need to, but can....

  • Be someone who has completed WHMIS Training
  • Have relevant academic experience in Secondary School courses, such as Hospitality & Tourism or Cooking Class

7. Personal Requirements | The ideal Candidate will also....

  • Have a clear criminal record (& be willing to complete a Vulnerable Sector Check)

Application Requirements....

  • Covering Letter
  • Resume
  • At least two Reference Letter(s) and/or Contact(s)

TO APPLY: Fill out our Employment Application Form (which will allow you to submit the Required Contents), by heading on over to Applications showing that "Baker" has been selected as a Prospective Candidate's Desired/Preferred Position (out of three possible options) will be sent to the email address of Mathieu "Matt" Ouellet, who works as Assistant Manager of Black Maple. His contact information is as follows....

Mail/Legal: 2199 Walker Ave. (709),

Peterborough, ON K9L 1T8

Office (by appointment only): 353 Reid St.,

Peterborough, ON K9H 4G3


Phone: 1.249.357.7050

Email: *Hidden, at the request of (for security reasons)*


A few Notes:

Our Application Deadline for this Position is Wednesday, April 24th, 2019. If this Job Posting remains published or is renewed after said date, please assume that an extension is in place, with an updated Deadline of Wednesday, May 01st, 2019 (beyond which, any possible extension will be effective for one week at a time, unless otherwise stated).

Those who choose to submit any of the Application Requirements via a route that is alternative to our process (as outlined in this job posting, such as by sending a direct email), will be redirected to our Form (with an exemption for said Contents).

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Black Maple highly values and embraces diversity and inclusion. All qualified people are encouraged to apply!

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $650.00 /week


  • Secondary School (Required)


  • WHMIS Training (Preferred)
  • Food Handler's (Required)