Employee Relations Manager

October's Very Own - Toronto, ON (30+ days ago)

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Position: Employee Relations Manager

Reports to: COO/CEO

The Employee Relations Manager is responsible for managing all tasks related to employee relations by helping to resolve human resource issues on behalf of October’s Very Own. As a branch of human resource management, they will deal with tasks related to: employee/management relations, policies & procedures, benefits programs, contract negotiations etc. This is a collaborative position in the HR department, so an individual with a strong background in collaboration and conflict resolution is required.


Policies & Procedures/Compliance:

-Review and consult on existing company policies/procedures with existing HR Team on an on-going basis and make any necessary changes that are required.

-Develop company training for newly created/changed policies &procedures.

-Provide company communication and training on any new (changed/updated) policies & procedures.

-The ERM must monitor staff to ensure compliance of all policies & procedures.

-The ERM is responsible to enforce these policies and take action to resolve issues that arise from employees not being compliant.

-Work to ensure that the company is compliant with all laws pertaining to employment within each region.

Benefits Consulting:

-The ERMwill consult on this existing benefits/company packages to ensure the best quality. Benefits packages refer to all benefits awarded to employees, including vacation time, sick leave, maternity leave, health insurance etc.

-Responsible for the administration associated with the benefits program: on-boarding, on-going updates, communications with benefits brokers.

-Responsible for the annual renewal of our benefits program and is responsible to research any possible alternative programs that might suit the company need.

Performance Management:

-The ERM will work with Manager’s to schedule performance reviews throughout the year as required.

-Work with senior management to create structure and policies regarding raises, bonuses, promotions etc.

Contract Facilitation:

-Required to work with senior management to facilitate all contract negotiations with new and existing employees (salary, vacation, benefits etc.).

-The ERM will need to communicate any contractual changes/updates with employees and answer any questions or concerns they may have.

-Make sure all paper work is executed correctly for on-boarding purposes.

Employee Relations:

-Collaborate with HR Team to create/implement any programs that need to be developed to facilitate strong communication and fair treatment of all employees.

-The ERM is responsible to provide guidance and a safe place for employees to communicate or air any grievances they may have.

-Responsible to explain and implement all procedures required for an employee complaint and to ensure a resolution is reached.

-Provide guidance and/or direction to where employees may receive help when needed.

-The ERM is there to listen to employee needs and act in their best interest.

-Responsible for all dispute resolution as needed.

Manager Relations:

-The ERM will work with managers to assist/consult on any team issues with regards to performance, interpersonal issues etc.

-Responsible to work with the managers to assist them communicating with their team members.

-Responsible for all dispute resolution as needed.


-Create and maintain all employee records on an on-going basis.

-Tracking attendance and time away from work (vacation, sick leave etc.)

Job Type: Full-time


  • Employee Relations: 3 years (Preferred)