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The Children’s Aid Society
of the District of Thunder Bay

Position Overview for Prime Worker – Casual

Prime Workers

Prime Workers are energetic, caring individuals who enjoy working with children and families. Prime
Workers are hired on an as-needed casual contract basis to work with a child and/or family. Prime
Workers are utilized to augment or support the services primarily provided by the Family Services and/or
Children’s Services Worker who remain the Case Managers, and the primary service providers to a child
and/or family.

Prime Worker Duties

Prime Workers are utilized in three primary service areas:
Access Visits

Prime Workers facilitate access visits between children and their parents and other family
members. The Prime Worker transports the child(ren) to and from the access visits,
supporting the child(ren) and parents with the transitions at the beginning and end of the
visit. Some access visits are fully supervised by the Prime Worker; other visits may be
partially supervised. The specifics of how the access arrangements work vary from family
to family according to their needs.

Support to a Child or Youth in Care
Prime Workers are sometimes utilized to provide support to a child in care so that their
needs are fully met. This may include taking the child out of the foster home for a few
hours to give the foster parent a break or it may include going into the foster home to stay
with the foster child so that the foster parent can go out and have a break. Prime Workers
may also assist, where alternate arrangements cannot be made, in transporting children
to school or to appointments.

Support to a Child or Youth in Care with a Disability

Prime Workers may assist also with transporting children and youth with a disability to
appointments, recreational programs, special events or other activities in the community.
The Prime Worker provides one-to-one support to enable these children and youth to
participate to the fullest extent in meaningful activities promoting inclusion. Specific
dates/times of outings are arranged by the child’s Case Manager in direct consultation
with the caregivers. Training as to the specific care requirements, behavioural strategies
and recommended interventions is provided by the Case Manager and caregivers.

Exceptional Circumstances

When deemed essential and where no alternate arrangements can be made, Prime
Workers may be approved to work with a child and/or family to assist in providing
supports to help strengthen the family system. For example, a Prime Worker may be
used for a brief period to support and assess a parent’s ability to establish and maintain
routines for their child, such as bedtime. Exceptional Circumstances require the approval
of the Director of Family and District Services.

Prime Worker Overview October 2015/kf

Revised May 2018/kf

Work Assignment

Once approved, the Prime Worker signs a Generic Prime Worker Contract and their name is put on a
Master List that is made available to all Case Managers. When a Case Manager is approved to utilize a
Prime Worker, the Case Manager, or a Support Services Worker on behalf of the Case Manager, will
contact the Prime Worker on the list and enquire about their availability. If the Prime Worker is interested,
a written work plan is completed, outlining the duties of the Prime Worker specific to the assignment.

Each child/family case requires its own work plan. If a Prime Worker is working with three families, for
example, they would have three separate work plans.

To assist Case Managers to efficiently and effectively connect with Prime Workers, Prime Workers
complete an Interest and Availability Survey at time of hire and subsequently, when their availability
changes. These surveys help avoid Prime Workers getting unnecessary calls for times or activities that
they are not interested in or able to do.

Time Commitment

Some Prime Workers work as few as 2 to 3 hours per week with one family while others may be working
with several different families up to 25 hours per week. The amount of hours offered will depend on the
current service needs of the agency, the specific skill set of the Prime Worker, and the availability of the
Prime Worker.

We ask Prime Workers to give the Case Manager at least two weeks’ notice if they cannot continue on a
work plan, in order to allow the Case Manager an opportunity to locate and contract with a new Prime

Work Hours

This position is intended to be a casual, part-time position. There is no guarantee of hours. Prime
Workers may accept as many hours of work as they can reasonably handle, up to a maximum of 40 hours
per week. It is the Prime Worker’s responsibility to keep track of their own hours as they could be working
with several different youth and/or families at the same time.

Prime Worker Supervision

Prime Workers are supervised by the Manager of Support Services if working in Thunder Bay. District
Prime Workers are supervised by a District Office Manager (Geraldton, Nipigon or Marathon. Any
questions related to general tasks and duties, human resource issues, employment conditions, agency
policies/procedures and/or training will be addressed by the Manager of Support Services. Additionally, all
Health and Safety incidents, issues and concerns are to be reported to the Manager of Support Services,
or in the District Offices, to the assigned Manager.

With respect to working with a specific child or family, in Thunder Bay, Prime Workers will receive
background information and task assignments from the Support Services Team, and/or the assigned
Case Manager (Family Services or Children’s Services Worker). Prime Workers will communicate with
the Case Manager or Support Services Worker through verbal updates, telephone or face to face, and
through Case Notes, detailing the Prime Worker’s activities and involvement with the child and/or family.

In the District Offices, the Prime Worker will receive the above from the assigned Case Manager.

Prime Worker Overview October 2015/kf

Revised May 2018/kf

Orientation and Training

All newly hired Thunder Bay Prime Workers are required to attend an evening Agency Orientation
Session. Individualized orientation plans are developed for District Prime Workers as required. In
addition, specific training of interest to the Prime Worker Program may be offered from time to time. Prime
Workers are reimbursed for time spent in Orientation or Training.


Compensation is as follows:
Hourly Wage Rates:
  • $14.00/hr plus 4% Vacation Pay;
  • Supervised Access Assignments: $16.00/hr plus 4% Vacation Pay
  • .49/km
Incidental Client Related Expenses:
  • as pre-approved by Case Manager
Vehicle and License Requirements

This position requires access to a reliable vehicle suitable for transporting children and families. The
Prime Worker must carry appropriate insurance for the term of the employment contract (minimum of
$1,000,000 liability coverage) and inform their carrier that they are driving for employment purposes. The
employee must also possess a valid Class “G” Driving License and a safe driving record. A safe driving
record is defined as possessing less than 6 demerit points and no more than 2 driving offences in the last
3 years, as confirmed by the completion of a Driver’s Abstract Check through the Ministry of
Transportation (completed at no cost by the CAS upon an offer of conditional employment).

Application Process

Applicants may apply on line at: Go to “Careers” to submit a cover letter and

Or apply directly to:
Human Resources
The Children’s Aid Society of the District of Thunder Bay
1110 Jade Court, Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 6M7

Employment is conditional upon applicants providing (at their own cost) upon hire, a current Criminal
Records Check – Vulnerable Sector, deemed satisfactory to the Employer. The CRC must be completed
by the applicant’s residential police services provider.

In addition, the applicant must consent to the agency completing a driving record check and an internal
Child Welfare check (no cost to the applicant for either check).

The results of all three checks must be deemed acceptable by the agency prior to commencement of

Prime Worker Overview October 2015/kf

Revised May 2018/kf