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Wanted: Senior Paid Media Strategists (Remote Position)

Do you want to work with David instead of Goliath? Are you an entrepreneur in a marketer's body? Would rather come to work excited every single day?

Does the idea of working in a company with a team of true believers, obsessively results-focused, open-minded action takers, and people who are always in it to win it, excite you?


Are fascinated and have shown demonstrated results with Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Facebook Ads (at scale)
Figure out how to fix the problem instead of who to blame.
Take 100% accountability for your wins and losses. You paid for your own stuff as a teenager.
Command authority naturally and have a track record of reducing pressure, noise, and overwhelm.
Say what you're thinking and are objective with your feedback.
Have a career history of success, working in the trenches, and delivering WOW results for your team and clients consistently


We believe that the internet holds new possibilities for people and their companies.
Work to pioneer and uplift the standard of digital marketing and advertising we all experience.
Care more about your values and intelligence than your experience.
Are committed to creating a team dynamic that creates empowerment rather than entitlement.
Are one of the few independent digital strategy agencies in Canada with deep subject matter expertise in Search Marketing including being a Google Premier Partner, Facebook PRO Marketing Partner, Microsoft Ads Premier Partner, and Hubspot Gold Partner.
We really care about our team. We're rated 4.6/5 Glassdoor Rating with a 96% approval rating

Our Core Values

Give a Sh!t
Always Be in It To Win It
Be Obsessed with Serving Others
Practice a Growth Mindset
When We Fail, We Don't Lose the Lesson

The Opportunity

The mission of the Senior Paid Media Strategist is to support and protect the Director of Paid Media to achieve the company's goals and gain more momentum by delivering WOW results for our clients.

The Senior Paid Media Strategist demands an individual with exceptional strategic, analytics, organizational, communication, and interpersonal qualities.

They must have already demonstrated success in managing Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns for clients scaling media spend up to $100K/month.

This individual is responsible for being the Subject Matter Expert for a portfolio of client accounts, including aspects of strategy, planning, management, optimization, and reporting.

A Day in the Life

Imagine for a moment...

You wake up in the morning.

Your commute is 45 seconds.

You brew great coffee or tea and then hop on Basecamp and share the 3 key outcomes you'll be achieving (meaning today). Your co-workers are all on video for your daily huddle.

You might find yourself collaborating with an SEO Strategist or talking about a Google Ads campaign with our Director of Paid Media. Then it's on to collaborating with great clients on a live video zoom call where you share progress and performance.

Expected Outcomes

Reporting to the Director of Paid Media, you will be expected to:

Drive >15% in conversions for all clients on a quarterly basis by executing and improving on Powered by Search's systems for search, display, and remarketing in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, & LinkedIn.
Drive >15% decrease in CPA for all clients on a quarterly basis by executing and improving on Powered by Search's systems for search, display, and remarketing in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, & LinkedIn.
Creating omni-channel client strategy to drive growth and exceed client goals.
Deliverables are consistently on time, high quality, and aligned to client goals.

This role isn't a fit for you if...

You have difficulty thinking strategically, and cannot communicate your ideas with ease.
You aren't able to interpret data critically and craft a story around it.
You aren't a self-starter who is resourceful and finds solutions to problems independently.
You are fast-paced, but miss details because you think it's better to get it done than to get it right.
You get overwhelmed easily when handling multiple objectives simultaneously under tight timelines.
You feel restricted and cannot thrive when working within a system of existing standards.
You feel like you're always fighting fires and cannot get the time and focus to create strategic outcomes.

You'll know you are right for this amazing opportunity if you have:

At least 3-5 years of experience managing multiple ad campaigns, accounts and clients simultaneously.
Experience managing large single-account monthly budgets of $100,000 and greater for Fortune-1000 businesses.
Demonstrated ability to drive maximum performance for paid media campaigns.
Your peers and managers tell you that you have a unique ability to interpret data critically and craft a story around it.
Experience working with Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and remarketing platforms such as AdRoll and Perfect Audience.
Experience with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and call tracking platforms.
Experience with ad copywriting, and conversion rate optimization methodologies for landing pages.
Experience working as a consultant directly with clients, advising them on strategy, innovation and initiative planning.

Some competencies you'll need to have:
Digital Marketing Fundamentals: You are certified in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Facebook Blueprint
Critical Thinking: You are able to expertly craft actionable and impactful strategies for any role in the organization. Everything you do has a force-multiplier effect.
Project Management: Large and complex projects are kept organized, within scope, and on-time. You are able to proactively resolve project risks and expertly handle objections.
Reporting & Analytics: You are able to create advanced custom reports and dashboards in Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Adobe Analytics.
Communication: You are able to communicate complex data in a simple manner and craft a story around it to lead to business insights. You have strong presentation skills and are comfortable speaking in front of small audiences.

Why You'll Want to Work Here

We earn our talent. This role will give you the opportunity to maximize:

Fit — We will over-communicate fit through feedback and alignment with where the company is going, and share exactly how you are helping improve the bottom line.
Family — We know family is important and will be flexible so you can be present and live a well-integrated life.
Freedom — We will give you ample freedom to make decisions, and will not micromanage you.
Fortune — If you accomplish your objectives, you will grow in compensation and responsibility over the next five years.
Fun — We like to have a lot of fun around here. We think you will find this is a culture you will really enjoy.

We walk our talk.

We really care about our team. We're rated 4.6/5 on Glassdoor with a 96% approval rating.

We don't tolerate mediocrity. The only way we know is to always be in it to win it.

If you thrive in a "work hard, play hard" environment, then you'll love working at Powered by Search.

Perks & Benefits

This role is Fully Remote (within Canada)
We offer competitive compensation and quarterly bonuses
You do not need to become a manager in the company to move up in compensation and role/title.
Comprehensive health, dental, and eye care
Flexible Hours (with work from home days and summer hours)
5 Weeks paid time off (for everyone!)
Casual dress code
Paid social outings & events
Paid training (school, events, conferences)

Unless you are a proven Paid Search & Paid Social Expert, this isn't going to be the right role for you.