Grants and Contracts Manager - Institutional Research

University of Waterloo - Waterloo, ON (24 days ago)

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Term: 8 months

Responsible for providing expert advice, research administration and project management services to UW faculty members who are applying for, or hold, grant, contract, or award funding for research related activities.

Grants and Contracts Managers are located in one of four groups within the Office of Research: Research Partnerships, International Research and Partnerships, Institutional Research, and Funding Agencies and Non-Profit Sponsors. Grants and Contracts Managers are expected to develop their skills to at least the proficient level. Advancements to higher levels are in recognition of ability, skills that demonstrate expert level knowledge in a range of functional areas, as well as increased levels of professional development, experience, responsibility and initiative.

To advance, Managers must perform above expectations of current level and meet majority of competencies in the next level. The levels are defined primarily by level of expertise and experience, the scope of influence and responsibility (portfolio/section/office of research/university-wide/external), and the complexity and impact of the portfolio. The relative proportion of the various key accountabilities will vary with the sponsor portfolio for which the Pre-Award Manager is responsible.


Support faculty with submission and awarding of grants and contracts

Provide program/sponsor specific review of proposals/applications to faculty members
Edit research proposals and applications for completeness, grammar, formatting and spelling
Aid faculty members in the establishment and management of budget requirements
Target faculty/proposals needing particular support (e.g. new faculty)
Ensure that proposals conform to UW policies and procedures pertaining to payment terms, liability, publication, licensing and intellectual property rights and overhead
Manage the submission of proposals/nominations in accordance with the policies, guidelines and deadlines of the relevant funding sponsor (online and/or by paper) and UW
Act as central point of contact to coordinate and provide proactive and ongoing support for large, complex projects deemed of strategic importance to the institution

Manage post-award research administration responsibilities for grants/contracts/awards

Understand university policies and procedures as they relate to research grants and contracts, financial management, procurement services and human resources
Negotiate and execute (per procedure 1A) all research-related agreements, including those with the sponsor, collaborating institutions, and partner organizations, and also data and material transfer agreements, etc
Protect the university from academic, reputational and financial risk through careful agreement and contract negotiation, balanced by the need to be flexible and responsive to research sponsors, while facilitating the research enterprise
Clearly articulate and advise faculty members and/or students of the implications and obligations implied by contract terms, and suggesting alternatives when concerns are raised during negotiations
Manage financial set-up, and assurances of required certifications (e.g. ethics, biohazards) and special risks (e.g. information security, controlled goods)
Ensure that annual financial and project progress reports are submitted
Ensure that required agreements are signed by project participants
Provide administrative advice to faculty, departments, schools and other senior administrators regarding general problem-solving, executing amendments to agreements and grants such as date extensions, overseeing budgetary reallocations, submission of deliverables and progress reports, resolution of payment problems and disputes regarding deliverables, correspondence with external sponsors to ensure effective performance monitoring of research projects
Ensure adherence to the terms and conditions of the award and ensuring audit requirements are met
Ensure accurate, consistent and efficient workflow to best support researchers
Ensure accurate data for institutional analyses

Work with funding sponsors

Participate when sponsors request input on programs
Host sponsor visits when appropriate
Develop relationships with sponsors to enable effective communication when questions or concerns arise

Manage internal funding or nomination programs

Develop and communicate internal competition procedures
Coordinate review panels, participate in, and document panel decisions
Ensure programs are run in a consistent and transparent fashion
Provide analysis of internal programs to senior management to support strategic decision making


Promote funding opportunities and report results of competitions to university community
Attend periodic meetings (on- or off- campus) with sponsors and/or other university representatives regarding program guidelines, best practices, review and reporting procedures and development of proposals
Assist the Communications Officer with the preparation of press releases/writing of public communications
Analyze application submissions/decision results etc., and make recommendations for process improvements
Prepare non-routine reports and undertake special projects from generalized requirements
Develop internal approval forms and sample applications or templates
Participate in university meetings regarding internal nomination procedures for programs within the portfolio
Other duties as assigned
Completion of an undergraduate degree is required, with a Master’s degree preferred; or equivalent related education and experience that provides strong knowledge of an academic research environment
Expertise in particular academic disciplines may be desirable for certain sponsor portfolios
Minimum 4+ years demonstrated experience in project management and administration are essential, as well as budget development
Proven ability to evaluate and edit grant proposals and negotiate agreements and contracts
Must have exceptional communication (oral and written), negotiation, consultation, and presentation skills
Must have strong analytical, leadership and organizational skills
Must have demonstrated attention-to-detail and problem solving and ability to work with confidential information
Ability to exercise judgment to understand queries and develop appropriate solutions
Strong proficiency with a variety of computer software applications including word processing, spreadsheet, database management is required