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University of Prince Edward Island - Charlottetown, PE (30 days ago)

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Ancillary Services is looking for Residence Life Advisors for the 2020 Winter Semester academic year. Residence living provides significant learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom. Residence Life Advisors (RLAs) play an important role in this process.

RLAs must act as peer-supporters, advisors, activity planners, administrators, and educators to maintain residence community standards. RLAs must work together with their fellow RLAs, SRLAs, Assistant Manager – Residence Life, Director of Ancillary Services, departmental staff, and other university staff in creating an educational environment conducive to both living and learning.

Individuals selected as RLAs are those who demonstrate leadership, maturity, dependability, and involvement in their residence community, as well as sensitivity and concern for other residents. They must be committed to their own personal growth, taking care to budget personal time for study, work, relaxation, and continuous learning. RLAs must have a commitment, which extends beyond specific job responsibilities.

Once chosen, the RLAs are provided with additional training and support services, which enhance their effectiveness in their job responsibilities.

  • Assisting and peer-advising students on academic, personal, social, and financial matters
  • Completing room assessments, assisting with public relations, ensuring maintenance is complete, keeping residents informed, acting as supervisors for safety exercises, serving as liaisons, and assisting with other administrative duties as required
  • Attending and participating in developmental sessions and staff meetings
  • Working in-service shifts a certain number of weeknights and weekends each semester (Note - this may include working some holidays or long weekends)
  • Planning, implementing, and evaluating developmental programs (both academic and non-academic)
  • Educating residents about residence community standards to ensure the safety and security of all residents
Please note:
1. RLAs are required to attend training in December and early January and must remain in residence at least 48 hours (subject to change at the discretion of Residence Management) after the end of exams in April. They are also required to return from the holiday break at least two days prior to the regular check-in for residence students.

2. You are applying for the position of RLA and not for a position of RLA within a certain building. The hiring committee extends offers based on suitability and staffing requirements.

  • Full-time student status
  • Satisfactory academic standing (minimum 65% average). (Each applicant must submit a copy of his/her unofficial degree audit with the application package. [This information is kept in confidence by the Selection Committee])
  • Residence living experience (at least one year and preferably at UPEI)
  • Good rapport with fellow residence students, and the ability to serve as a positive role model
  • Sound knowledge of the university, campus services, residence life program, and different student activities
  • Available to participate in training at the end of August (Dates to be confirmed)
Priority will be given to University of Prince Edward Island students in accordance with Recruitment, Selection, Hiring and Employment Policies and the Procedures manual.