Account Manager / Digital Marketing Specialist

Smartt Vancouver - Burnaby, BC (18 months ago)

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Are you an overachiever who likes to punch above their weight class?

We are looking for more ambitious, fast-moving “10X” digital marketers with the right can-do attitude and technical chops to help manage our excellent clients as we scale up our operations – all while growing revenues by guiding existing accounts through branding, web development, digital marketing, and IT activities.

Please note this is a "Up, specialize, or out" position. Within 18-24 months, we expect you to either specialize as according to your strengths (Example: Digital Marketing), move up (Example: Account Strategist or Project Manager), or move on to another opportunity if you prefer to grow your career at a slower pace.

We are looking for a rockstar with the following qualities:
COMMUNICATE PROACTIVELY: Proactive communication helps us focus on identifying new opportunities and solving potential problems before they occur.
BE ON TIME: A promise is a promise. Clients rely on us to be on time with results and deliverable's.
DO WORK YOU ARE PROUD OF: It is tempting to cut corners when facing multiple deadlines. Take pride in your work, and only deliver work you can be truly proud of. Anything less is cheating yourself and our clients.
STAY ORGANIZED: You will be handling multiple accounts and support tickets while performing some billable work of your own. Being able to stay organized and remain focused as you switch from one account to another one will be paramount to your success.
LISTEN PURPOSEFULLY: All client contacts should help achieve a goal or help solve a problem. To do so, you must know what to listen for and what to do with the information you hear.
KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOALS AND TASKS: Goals force you to focus, prioritize ruthlessly, and be accountable for results; going through tasks without goals create busy work with very low impact for ourselves and for clients.
CARE MORE THAN THE CLIENT: A Golden Rule at Smartt is that we always care more than the client. If something goes wrong, we worry about the problem 10x more then the client so they don’t have to.
FORM GREAT RELATIONSHIPS: Great relationships are a barrier to competitors and also help keep things together when there is a problem.
PUSH BOUNDARIES: Great work comes from being grounded in the present while pushing boundaries. Pushing boundaries proactively help our clients stay ahead of competition.
BE BELIEVABLE: Clients trust Account Managers who are more than a mailbox. They want someone with technical chops who can diagnose problems and recommend the right approach, along with the communication skills to convince stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities

This is a challenging and fast-paced position that will require 110% of your heart. In a nutshell, we’ve created a record of success with our existing client base and we’re looking to expand our success by bringing on new team members. Depending on your technical skills, you will execute implementation and account management work on various accounts while guiding them through the Branding-Web Development-Digital Marketing-IT Services lifecycle. This will allow us to scale our team and revenues to meet our quite aggressive growth targets. We’re a well-oil machine getting compliments from our clients every day and a well-coiled spring ready to take on the world with a small tribe of action-oriented believers.

Results Generation

Handle day-to-day activities for assigned clients.
Gather strategic intelligence and other tactical information
Send out Client Contact Reports for all client meetings and telephone conversations
Relay client requests and change orders to all appropriate team members quickly
Effectively present, sell, and defend all agency work/proposals to clients; support other client service team members in these functions.
Regularly check for and respond promptly to all client communications, including calls, faxes, email, and project management portals
Oversee execution of approved engagements
Check and approve creative/production materials, copy, content, layouts, production art, and coordinate client approval of same

Digital Work

Setup and manage search engine marketing accounts (example: Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Bing Advertising)
Perform SEO audits and fixes
Social Media: Setup and manage social accounts
Reporting: Create weekly and monthly reports
Design: Create graphical banners
Web Changes: Perform content changes on websites
Blog Posts: Write, edit, and post blog content
Copywriting: Create headlines and content
Email Marketing: Create and sendout newsletter mailouts
Web Services: Perform ongoing Web Service work (example: Wordpress updates and security management)

Account Planning and Research

Gather strategic intelligence and other tactical information
Assist in preparing client proposals, roadmaps, and plans
Keep apprised of clients’ brands/products/services/marketing developments


Build great working relationships with clients
Send out Meeting Summary Reports for all client meetings and telephone conversations
Regularly check for and respond promptly to all client communications, including calls, faxes, email, and project management portals
Effectively present, sell, and defend all agency work/proposals to clients; support other client service team members in these functions.

Client Training and Education

Translate technical concepts into everyday business language for clients
Explain insights from SEO, Analytics, and marketing results to clients
Assist in training of client tasks within scope of projects

New Business

Renew and grow existing client accounts.
Actively seek additional projects/new business from client contacts
Represent agency at industry, networking, and communication functions

Administration and Finance

Ensure prompt collection of accounts receivable
Coordinate project timing and budgets with all relevant agency personnel
Ensure projects delivery on budget and on time
Inform account reviewer regularly of account progress for all assigned clients; involve account reviewer immediately in event of potential problems (client/agency relations, budget overruns, etc)


Create daily summary report to document activity
Create weekly “Measurable Results” report for Account Reviewer
Create weekly dashboard report for Reporting Person
Education Level
Bachelor's degree
$50,000 - $60,000 per year, depending on experience
Extended health and dental
15 paid days off per year
Free at home internet connection
Company funded education, certification and career development
Unparalleled growth opportunities
About You

In public you see yourself as a smart, knowledgeable, and ambitious digital marketer who radiates confidence and professionalism. In private you see yourself as a compulsive learner who speed-reads books/listen to audio tapes and go through learning tutorials to better your skills. You have a deep passion for coming up with savvy ideas to help client-partners meet their targets, but somehow you manage to listen well and ask the right questions before you jump to the right solution. You are the much-sorted “T-Shaped” individual who excels not just in one, but multiple disciplines.

You have experience in managing Google Adwords and using Google Analytics to discover actionable insights
You are a master of paid and organic social media channels across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest
You know how to improve SEO, create banners/landing pages, and conduct A/B tests
You know your way around major CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. You may even have built websites or created your own templates from scratch!
You know how to create kick-ass reports and presentations that business leaders love