Before & After School Care Assistants, Workers and Supervisors

Medicine Hat YMCA - Medicine Hat, AB (10 months ago)

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150 Ash Avenue South East

Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 3A9

Position Title: Child Development Assistants, Workers and Supervisors
Reporting To: Site Director
Location: Before & After School Care Program, Medicine Hat (11 sites)
Salary: Assistants: $15.00 per hour
Workers: $17.50 per hour
Supervisors: $19.00 per hour

  • positions are eligible for Accreditation wage top up once program site has achieved
accreditation status

Status: Part Time (6:30 to 6:45 am – morning bell and afternoon bell – 6:15 to 6:30 pm)

The YMCA of Medicine Hat can trace back its roots more than 50 years. Currently, the YMCA of
Medicine Hat serves over 5000 people in Medicine Hat and surrounding communities.

With a staff complement more than 130 full and part-time people, combined with more than
500 volunteers and donors, and an operating budget of $5 million, the YMCA of Medicine Hat
serves over 5000 annual members and participants through its two Health Fitness and
Recreation Branches (Downtown and South Ridge), as well as the YMCA Employment Centre,
YMCA Camp Elkwater and 2 licensed YMCA Child Care Centres. The YMCA is pleased to be
expanding to provide Before & After School Care programming at 11 elementary schools
throughout Medicine Hat as of September 1st.

The YMCA of Medicine Hat serves over 500 day campers at the YMCA Downtown Branch and
YMCA South Ridge Branch. As well as 100 residence campers at the YMCA Camp Elkwater, in
our summer programs.

YMCA Child Care Centres serve approximately 114 full-time children with our unique Playing to
Learn program.

The YMCA Employment Centre serves all members of the community in Medicine Hat and
Brooks by offering various programs that help individuals find gainful employment within the

YMCA of Medicine Hat
150 Ash Avenue South East

Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 3A9

Required Qualifications:
At the YMCA of Medicine Hat, we strive to ensure our employees are a good fit based on their
strengths, interests, and future goals. The successful candidate will have the following:

Education/Certifications/Credentials/Professional Registration

  • Child Development Certificate (Assistant, Worker or Supervisor)
  • Current First Aid and CPR
  • Clear Police Information Check including Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Clear Child Welfare Check
  • Food Safe is an asset
  • 3 Professional References

  • Experience providing child care in a licensed and accredited facility is preferred
  • Experience working in out-of-school child care is an asset
Knowledge & Skills

  • Knowledge and understanding of Alberta Child Care Act and Regulations as they pertain
to out-of-school care

  • Knowledge and understanding of Alberta Child Care Accreditation standards and

  • Knowledge of healthy childhood development
  • Knowledge of the confidentiality required for the protection of the children and parents.
  • Ability to prepare neat, accurate written work by established deadlines
  • Skilled communication and observation techniques
  • Ability to plan, organize and implement daily programming.
  • Ability to work well with others
YMCA of Medicine Hat
150 Ash Avenue South East

Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 3A9

  • Ability to understand and implement daily routines.
  • Desire and ability to interact and play with children
  • Familiarity with the YMCA’s Get Active program is an asset
  • Knowledge of physical literacy is an asset
What does this role look like at the YMCA of Medicine Hat?

Under the supervision of each Site Director, Child Development Assistants, Workers and
Supervisor oversee the daily planning and implementation of the YMCA’s A Place to Connect

Each position will be assigned to work at one primary location, providing relief at other sites
only when operationally necessary due to licensing regulations.

Responsibilities include:
  • Preparing and implementing a monthly programming plan based on the interests of the
children participating in the program that aligns with the YMCA A Place to Connect
curriculum for out-of-school care

  • Documenting programming as required by the curriculum
  • Ensuring all program planning is age appropriate and develops the physical, emotional,
social, creative and intellectual skills of the children.
  • Ensuring the health and safety of children in the program at all times
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations including YMCA policies and
procedures, AHS health regulations, child care licensing regulations, accreditation
standards, etc.

  • Ensuring the YMCA’s Child Protection Policy and Procedures are followed at all times
  • Ensuring communication with parents is ongoing and strengths-based
  • Program area set up, take down and cleaning
  • Preparing and serving snacks (in applicable programs only)
YMCA of Medicine Hat
150 Ash Avenue South East

Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 3A9

  • Being familiar with each child’s health status, including allergies and emergency
medications. This includes knowing where the medications are stored, and how to
administer them if necessary.

  • Responsible to ensure safety checklists are completed for the program areas,
equipment, toys, to ensure they are safe, in good repair and hygienically maintained.

  • Leading outdoor play time, including offering Get Active program activites
  • Participation in monthly staff meetings