Architectural Grade Production Assistant

Decora Powder Coatings / Luxyclad - St. Catharines, ON (30+ days ago)

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Decora Powder Coatings is a highly specialized and opportunistic company which undertakes unique projects to produce architectural grade products and services. We have continuously evolved as a powder coater and manufacturer throughout our 35 years of operation. The inner workings of our company are as specialized and quality oriented as the manufacturing processes we pride ourselves in undertaking. An ideal candidate to fill this position has an interest in the building industry and architectural design, embraces responsibility, and is enthusiastic to join a team of hard-working individuals that work together in achieving growth and full potential both as individuals and as a company.

This role will be located at our facility in St. Catharines, Ontario at 24 Benfield Drive.

If you are looking for an excellent career and feel you align with the ideals described above, please review the following responsibilities and qualifications.


As a production assistant, it is your responsibility to provide all support needed to maintain a productive, quality, consistent, and efficient manufacturing process. This requires overall organization, communication, and coordination skills conducted both individually and as a team. Labour tasks such as loading and handling parts and assembling and packaging orders are as important as monitoring equipment and productivity of other team members, making suggestions to management, and completing all necessary documentation. You will be entrusted with production assistance at an expert level in a state of the art facility while manufacturing specialized products and requests. This position offers $15 / hour compensation with room for increase.


-Interest in the architectural industry and architectural grade manufacturing

-Ability to perform repetitive tasks while continuously maintaining a high quality standard

-Meticulous work habits and observant; quality and detail oriented

-Ability to conceive tasks and responsibilities at both a small scale relating to minor detail, to a large scale relating to overall job performance and contribution to the company’s success

-Highly motivated and dedicated

-Professional, responsible, and committed attitude

-Both self-sufficient and team-oriented

-Flexibility to complete varying tasks as required

-Comfortable with physically demanding activity

-Height minimum of 5’10”

-Cannot be colour-blind

-Completion of a high school diploma or equivalent

-Must have a valid driver’s license or reliable form of transportation

-No drug or alcohol related convictions (DWI/DUI) on driving record in the past 5 years

-Additional education and / or prior manufacturing or trade experience is an asset

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $15.00 /hour