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YMCA of Edmonton

Job Description and Position Profile

Job Title: Child Development Educator (Assistant, Supervisor, Worker)

Department: Child Care Services

Reports to: Child Care Staff Team, Assistant Program Director, Program Director

Hours of Work: Part-time

Role: The Child Development Educator provides excellent service, quality programming and care to participants and families of accredited Child Care Centres.

Working Relationships: The Child Development Educator is directly accountable to the Assistant Program Director and Program Director; working as a team to meet the operational requirements for the Centre. The Educator is also accountable to the staff team as a whole, the participants, volunteers, and the public for successful child care delivery. The Educator works within the context of the YMCA of Edmonton and is accountable to the organization, its members, donors and volunteers.

1. Prepare and follow through with planned activities for the children,
2. Guide and redirect children in situations when conflicts arise,
3. Ensure a safe and clean environment that is in good repair following cleaning schedule,
4. Ensure children are signed in and out on a daily basis,
5. Ensure only authorized individuals remove children from the facility,
6. Communicate with parents, both verbally and in writing, on a regular basis,
7. Communicate respectfully with staff throughout the day,
8. Ensure confidentiality of parents, children and fellow staff,
9. Educators will use paid scheduled planning time to plan activities according to the children’s interests,
10. Set goals for professional development within one month of employment and annually thereafter.

Standards of Performance:
1. Interactions with children
? Create a warm and welcoming environment,
? Ongoing involvement with the children (interacting and playing with them),
? Is aware, sensitive, and responsive to children’s moods,
? Use a variety of positive guidance techniques,
? Guide and redirects children ,
? Use a positive, friendly, fun, enthusiastic approach,
? Gets down to the child’s level and interacts and communicates at child’s eye level,
? Encourage self-help skills,
? Take advantage of teachable moments; expands on children’s play ideas,
? Consistently provides stimulating, age appropriate activities,
? Consistently expands on the children’s interests both daily and in planning,
? Programming provides a variety of activities and introduces new concepts,
? Is aware of children’s individual developmental levels,
? Facilitate growth in all areas of development,
? Use a variety of transitional ideas,
? Takes initiative with all children in room for group activities,
? Is prepared for the day’s activities,
? Ensure that caregivers are spread out throughout the room and do not have their back to children.

2. Meal and Snack time
? Ensure that one staff is sitting with the children,
? Engage in pleasant conversation,
? Encourage children to make healthy choices (do not dictate what a child should eat and in any particular order as long as the choices are healthy),
? Promote table manners and clean up.

3. Work Ethic
? Arrive on time and prepared to work at the beginning of scheduled shifts and breaks,
? Reliable in attendance,
? Support other centres with ratio when required,
? Flexible,
? Problem solves and uses available resources,
? Accomplish desirable and undesirable tasks in a timely manner,
? Maintain confidentiality,
? Comply with uniform standards at all times,
? Meet deadlines,
? Attend monthly staff meetings.

4. Professionalism with Parents
? Greet parents by name and/or eye contact,
? Understand and respect that the parents are the primary caregivers of their child,
? Display positive, appropriate interactions with parents,
? Available and approachable with parents,
? Listen and respond well to parents needs and feedback,
? Communicate daily with parents in written or verbal form,
? Educate parents on policies and procedures,
? When approaching a sensitive issue with a parent, ensure that other parents and children (including their own) cannot hear the conversation,
? Participate/Attend in centers family celebrations that may be hosted outside of centers hours of operation,
? Display appropriate body language.

5. With co-workers
? Solve conflicts independently,
? Avoid gossip,
? While in ratio, personal conversations are minimal,
? Work well as a team member,
? Display appropriate body language.

6. With Children
? Use appropriate language,
? Use appropriate voice tone,
? Display appropriate body language,
? Discuss interests/plan with children on a weekly basis (OSC).

7. Health and Safety
? Act promptly on all health risks and safety concerns,
? Demonstrate safe practices at all times,
? Is aware of the number of children in the group at all times (continual head counts are done),
? Support other centres with ratio when required,
? Complete accident/incident reports in a timely manner,
? Maintain the environment to meet standards,
? Observe children for signs of communicable diseases and fevers, and informs parents immediately,
? Ensure children are signed in and out on a daily basis,
? Ensure only authorized persons remove children from our care,
? Maintain children’s emergency records in all locations,
? Carry first-aid fanny pack every time children leave the centre,

? Ensure that medications are labeled and in locked medication box and that parents have completed a medication form,
? Ensure that licensing requirements are met,
? Is aware of emergency procedures,
? Know and understand Childcare and YMCA Policies and Procedures,
? Follow YMCA sick policy.

8. Licensing and Accreditation
? Is familiar with and abides by licensing requirements,
? Is familiar with and abides by accreditation standards,
? Has signed themselves in and out each day,
? Post weekly planning and follows through,
? Complete safety and cleaning lists on time,
? Look for opportunities for Professional Development by attending a minimum of 4 conferences /workshops per year.*Primary staff (full time or working 30 hours per week).

Education/Certifications/Credentials/Professional Registration
o Child Development Assistant (Level 1), Child Development Worker (Level 2), Child Development Supervisor (Level 3)
o Current CPR and Standard First Aid
o Child Welfare & Police Security Clearance