Senior Application Support Analyst

Société Générale - Montréal, QC (9 months ago)

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The successful candidate will have to ensure an optimal Prime Brokerage Services production quality by providing a stable information system thanks to a technical and functional support across cash and syntethique chains

To remain on the cutting edge of technical and technological information system and due to financial regulation you will have to guaranty its evolution’s agility in today fast-changing environment

Our candidate needs to have the ability to work well within a team, on his/her own initiative in a highly pressurized environment. Also responsive, high-energy, we need him/her to be able to get quickly a fluent understanding of our business needs.

The candidate has to manage the expectations and relationships of users, sponsors and senior management.

§ Production:
§ Manage the Morning Check: ensure all the information system is up and running before the market opening

§ During the trading phases, act as a technical and functional solutions provider (Know your clients, their activities, and their expectations)

§ Manage and monitor the real time Clearing tools (Front-to-Back process)

§ Manage the Evening Check by performing system/application delivery complying with continuous delivery mode

§ Track recurrent issues and define the action plan/ date for the definitive fix

§ Responsible for the accurate and up-to-date monitoring

§ Ensure that Each release is thoroughly tested to ensure software quality is maintained.

§ Process management :
§ Maintain and enhance existing processes/applications on production side (releases) (Attend to weekly meetings)

§ Ensure that Each release is thoroughly tested to ensure software quality is maintained.

§ Maintain and enhance/adapt existing processes for monitoring and implement new ones in order to secure the production

§ Implement and enhance « Follow The Sun » (FTS) strategy in order to get the same information level for each place (Chicago, APAC, London) and forestall potential incident during the night

§ Rapid development software development to ensure a rapid incident resolution and facilitate the daily activity of our team.

§ Investigate and ensure that the production is under control (investigation, debug when possible, develop and fix the issue)

§ Client relationship management :
§ Manage/develop a nearby relationship with each Brokerage/Operational desk (Listed Derivatives, Equities (cash/synthetic), FX, Fixed Income and OTC) and ensure all requests/incidents are well handle by the team giving them feedbacks

§ With the Agile method, work closely with your business to increase customer satisfaction by rapid and continuous delivery of useful software

§ Regular adaptation to changing circumstances.

§ Perform trainings with the business to understand their business criticality and adjust the business Service Level Agreements (SLA)

§ Plan a Support-Business meeting each month with Heads of Brokerage/Operational desks to follow-up all blocking requests/incidents and summarize major incidents

§ Train the business on Post-Trade Tools for new joiners and for the others on new functionalities

§ Report to the management the business Survey’s results with the related action plans

§ STP Tools life-cycle management :
§ Ensure to make the interface between the business and developers by translating them the business needs (bug/enhancements) with a top down communication

§ Follow-up those business needs via Support-Developers meeting each week to give them feedbacks, to correct detected bugs and enhancements needed. Share the Communication Report of the meeting with team and management

§ Help on some post-trade tool specifications thanks to our good business understanding and to our project impact analysis

§ In case of Major Incident or a Crisis, manage the communication with business accordingly to their criticality and with all the involved stakeholders

§ Always keep our Client facing/Clearing tools up to date on production’s side via a pro-active delivery management system.

§ Knowledge management :
§ Ensure that the knowledge is well recorded in a knowledge database

§ Create and update procedures for standardized checks (Morning/Evening/Week-end checks for example), also make sure they are understandable and shared with the team

§ Plan trainings livened up by every team members. That means the team’s involvement, topic’s preparation and its broadcast

§ Ensure we have an accurate representation (diagrams) and documentation of our applications/systems architecture, otherwise create/update them. Be sure they are all understandable and available

§ Problem management :
§ In case of major incident or crisis, manage the business and managers communication in real-time

§ Follow-up the investigation with the concerned team

§ Manage all administrative tasks (1st level) providing major incident and problem report in our system also sending a postmortem to the concerned stakeholders

§ Manage the life-cycle of all problems on Listed Derivatives, Equities (cash/synthetic), FX, Fixed Income and OTC Cleared perimeter.

§ Implement a procedure on how to manage a Major Incident or Crisis at the team level and share it with them

§ Make sure the procedure is well understandable and accepted by the team members

§ Plan trainings each month in order to make a point on this procedure or update it

§ Project management :
§ Collect projects from project managers and perform an impact analysis on our perimeter for each of them

§ In collaboration with a senior team member you will have to :

o Estimate the needed budget in association with the assigned team member

o Check if we have enough CAPEX to run the projects in order to comply with deadlines

o Monitor the project execution progress with the assigned team member and check if the budget is allocated in our system

o For the projects in progress check they are well funded

o For the non-funded projects, manage the yearly base line to avoid an over-consumption


Required skills :Technical :
Good knowledge On SQL and Windows environments : able to troubleshoot complex Oracle stored procedures and query data to build reports for users
Confortable with troubleshooting performance and connectivity issues with the infrastructure team especially on windows environment

Soft skills :
Strong analytical skills
Flexible and adaptable
Client focused

Desired skills :Technical:
Previous experience implementing a continuous integration chain with Jenkins

Soft Skills:
Previous experience in an investment bank