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1. Background

The Auditor General’s November 2017 report, Service New Brunswick Residential Property Assessment – Special Examination, outlined several recommendations for improving SNB’s Property Assessment Services. SNB has agreed with the Auditor General’s recommendations and is initiating a program to implement the changes.

Several projects within the program involve system changes requiring software development services, including:

  • Data Clean up – Design and development of tools to assist assessors with data clean up tasks.
  • Cost Model Transition – Replacement of SNB’s cost model process and technologies, given the current solution’s end of life (Marshall & Swift Cost Model).
  • Separate Assessment Notice – Produce an annual property assessment notice separate from property tax bill for all customers.
  • Mass Appraisal Modelling Definition – An engagement of Real Property Valuation specialists to evaluate SNB’s current state (strategies, processes, tools and technologies) and recommend related improvements to align with industry standards and best practices.

2. Services Sought

Service New Brunswick (SNB) requires an Information Technology resource capable of performing Senior Developer activities in concert with key SNB resources to support the design and development of software solutions delivered via Property Assessment Services improvement projects.

The Language of Work is English.

The Language of Service is English.

The successful proponent will be expected to produce the deliverables described in Section 11.

3. Mandatory Requirements

M1 University degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related discipline. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered. Yes/No

M2 Demonstrated experience with software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes. 5 years

M3 Demonstrated experience designing and building software applications using primarily Java or .NET. Various other coding methods and computer languages would be an asset. 5 years

M4 Demonstrate effective communication skills (written and oral) in English. Yes/No

4. Scored Requirements

S1 Proficiency and experience with Javascript, node.js, HTML/CSS, JQuery and user interface design. 5 years

S2 Knowledge and experience working with Java/object oriented programs, Hibernate, SQL, Subversion (or other version control systems), web application development, security and open source technologies. 5 years

S3 Experience with React libraries and Jenkins and Maven automation tools. 1 years

S4 Knowledge and experience working with Windows and Unix-based application environments. 5 years

S5 Knowledge and experience working with Oracle database environments. 5 years

S6 Experience verifying accuracy and completeness of programs by preparing sample data, and testing them by means of system acceptance test runs. 5 years

S7 Experience developing technical specifications, system and solution documentation. 5 years

S8 Experience working in or for the public sector in Canada. Detail relevant experience

S9 Language capability is English (written and verbal)

5. Cost

Proponents MUST provide a per diem rate based on a 7.25-hour work day to complete the services outlined in this SOW and subsequent service agreement.

6. References

Vendors are requested to include references as per the table included within the Vendor Response Matrix. References may be contacted to validate information provided in the Vendor’s response.

If SNB is unable to reach the reference(s) provided, SNB reserves the right to disqualify the Vendor’s response from further consideration.

SNB reserves the right to contact references other than those provided, who are familiar with the work of the Vendor.

7. Reporting Structure

The successful candidate will report to the SNB Project Manager while working collaboratively with the Business Owner and a cross section of individuals from SNB Property Assessment and Technology Services branches.

8. Duration/Effort

The successful candidate will be required on a full-time basis for a period of one year (two hundred and forty days) with two (2) six-month optional renewal periods. This engagement is anticipated to commence on June 24, 2019 and end on June 23, 2020.

SNB reserves the right to truncate the engagement, as needed.

9. Work Location and Travel

The successful candidate is required onsite for the duration of the engagement with SNB at 435 Brookside Drive, Fredericton, NB. SNB will provide office space with access to pertinent information and resources for the duration of the engagement.

Travel outside the city of Fredericton is not expected. If the candidate is based outside the Fredericton region, it is the vendor’s responsibility to pay for the employee’s travel to and from their place of business (or home) and the Fredericton area. Additionally, the vendor will not charge SNB for employee travel time or expenses.

10. Supplied Devices

SNB will provide technology devices as required to complete the services requested in this Statement of Work.

11. Deliverables

The successful candidate must perform the following tasks:

  • Design, develop and execute software solutions to address business needs.
  • Evaluate existing procedures and coding methods, identify and document database content, structure, and application sub-systems, and develops data dictionary.
  • Design and document in detail all system components, their interfaces, and operational environment.
  • Design data structures and files, subsystems and modules, programs, batch, on line, and production monitoring procedures, testing strategy and systems.
  • Document system designs, concepts and facilities, present and obtain approval of detailed system design.
  • Troubleshoot code level problems quickly and efficiently.

The successful candidate must deliver the following to successfully complete the engagement:

  • Design Specifications: working closely with the Property Assessment Services business unit, SNB Technology Services Solution Delivery and Enterprise Architecture units to define, document and validate application and infrastructure design documentation.

Deliverable Format: Microsoft Word, Excel and Visio as required
Approval: SNB Business Owner and Technology Services

  • Application Code: working closely with the Property Assessment Services and SNB Technology Services Solution Delivery teams to develop, test and implement production application code, and to establish clearly documented examples for other members of the development team.

Deliverable Format: To be determined
Approval: SNB Business Owner

  • System Documentation: working closely with the SNB Technology Services Solution Delivery and Enterprise Architecture teams to document technical system information and system administration details in support of solution delivery and ongoing maintenance.

Deliverable Format: Microsoft Word, Excel and Visio as required
Approval: SNB Business Owner and Technology Services

  • Cost and Effort Estimates: working with the Project Manager, produce high-level estimates of design and development work required to deliver solution.

Deliverable Format: Microsoft Excel as required

Approval: SNB Business Owner

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $55.00 to $70.00 /hour