National Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

University of Waterloo - Waterloo, ON (30+ days ago)

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Term: 2 years

Within the Marketing & Undergraduate Recruitment (M&UR) unit of the Registrar’s Office (RO), responsible for the successful scheduling and implementation of all activities related to national (within Canada outside Ontario) undergraduate liaison and associated recruitment and admissions marketing strategies, including budget, travel, communications, research, and data analysis, as well as the training of uWaterloo personnel who represent the university to a variety of audiences within Canada. Plays a key role in providing mature, confident, competent, and credible external representation of the university in an important market in which expanded enrolment is a major institutional goal. The main recruitment market for this role will focus on our Ontario Strategy in our overall National Recruitment Strategy.


Responsible for developing, managing, and implementing all aspects of undergraduate marketing and recruitment strategies for specific national liaison initiatives

Researches, develops, implements, manages, and enhances appropriate national undergraduate liaison activities and associated marketing and recruitment strategies for attracting high-quality students, including targeted strategies for specific audiences such as Aboriginal students
Organizes and co-ordinates travel to and in-person encounters with prospective students at strategically selected national high schools primarily outside Ontario, including international schools located in Canada outside Ontario
Leads proactive recruitment events, including but not limited to presentations and networking with guidance counsellors, parents, alumni, co-op employers, and the media
Manages positive and effective relationships with prospective students, applicants, and parents; liaison, recruitment, and admission specialists from other Canadian institutions; guidance counsellors, teachers, principals, and school board officials; uWaterloo students and alumni; representatives of businesses, employers, community agencies, and government; and interuniversity committee members
Informs the development and execution of liaison scripts, visual presentations, and display materials appropriately targeted for national audiences outside Ontario
Ensures timely, accurate, consistent, and ongoing follow-up with key audiences, including responses to direct in-person or email inquiries from students encountered by uWaterloo representatives during national liaison events
When appropriate, manages successful implementation of the on-the-spot admission of national applicants, including liaising with applicants and key RO staff to ensure that documents are received, applications are complete, and offers are generated
Develops, implements, and evaluates an effective training program to ensure that all Liaison Officers as well as on-campus national marketing and recruitment partners can successfully carry out their roles, convey accurate and appropriate key messages, and represent the university in a personable but professional manner that reinforces uWaterloo’s reputation, converts prospects to applicants, and results in admitted students confirming their offers
Represents uWaterloo on and works effectively with a variety of external interuniversity provincial committees related to his/her key accountabilities
Supports and assists with the organization and co-ordination of uWaterloo’s participation in the guidance counsellor Regional Dialogues and the annual liaison workshop, which are hosted by Ontario universities on a rotating basis
Proactively investigates and facilitates other departments’ initiatives and faculty outreach activities that support the university’s national strategic objectives

Responsible for significant travel to represent uWaterloo

Travels for extended periods in Canadian provinces outside Ontario as a key uWaterloo representative at high schools, education fairs, conferences, and businesses
As required, represents uWaterloo at liaison and associated events within Ontario
When travelling, represents and acts on behalf of departments such as but not limited to Alumni Affairs, and Co-operative Education & Career Action, fulfilling responsibilities consistent with positions such as Business Developer; Student Advisor; and Senior Alumni Officer, Outreach
Exhibits a consistently high level of maturity, professionalism, and credibility to act as uWaterloo’s face-to-face spokesperson with all audiences
Carefully co-ordinates logistics for all uWaterloo national liaison travel outside Ontario, including creatively solving any problems that may arise and organizing well-developed plans that include consideration of important factors such as other universities’ travel strategies and high school professional development days
Maintains awareness of cultural, language, religious, political, socio-economic, and any other relevant factors in uWaterloo’s recruitment markets

Collaborates, advises and consults

Advises the Manager, Liaison, and the Director, International, with respect to all aspects of researching, developing, managing, implementing, evaluating, and enhancing national liaison and associated recruitment strategies
Provides leadership and audience expertise with respect to implementing national marketing strategies, and consults with, advises, and interacts directly with marketing and undergraduate recruitment professionals in the faculties, professional schools, and university colleges; managers and staff in M&UR, the RO, and numerous university departments; and student societies and clubs
Works closely with and advises the Manager, Liaison, and collaborates with the International Recruitment Specialists to plan and co-ordinate uWaterloo’s national liaison travel, including visits to Canadian international schools and Aboriginal students located outside Ontario, and to ensure the integration, co-ordination, and consistency of any audience-specific scripts, presentations, and other initiatives
Supervises and guides the Co-ordinator, Communications & Liaison, with respect to setting the national liaison travel schedule, booking visits, and shipping materials
Collaborates with and advises M&UR communications team members with the goal of ensuring that nationally focused print and digital initiatives align with other national liaison and associated strategies
With recognition and understanding of the disparate priorities of on-campus partners, works collaboratively to build consensus and to co-ordinate the alignment of national marketing strategies and liaison initiatives to balance the needs of other areas and to ensure the effective marketing of both these units and the university as a whole
Works closely with the Associate Registrar, Admissions, and the RO Admissions Officers to facilitate the application process for national students
Collaborates with the Manager, Liaison, in the hiring of annual contract Liaison Officers
Proactively shares knowledge so that all M&UR team members can incorporate new information and techniques into their initiatives.
Embraces supportive mentorship, professional quality, respectful communication, creativity, positive energy, and synergy in his/her work

Understands and applies current, relevant market research and institutional knowledge

Applies current and historical enrolment data in combination with demographics to determine trends, forecast future opportunities, and inform strategy development
Keeps fully informed and knowledgeable about all aspects of programs, admissions, student life, visual identity and branding, success after graduation, and other issues related to national undergraduate prospective students, applicants, and admitted students, including all relevant research, communications, recruitment initiatives, and how any changes impact national liaison and associated recruitment strategies
Understands the role of research in M&UR’s evidence-based strategies, and collaborates with the Research Manager, to establish research objectives to inform decision-making, strategy development, messaging, and budget; to determine the optimal methods of evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies for which s/he is responsible; and to ascertain and recommend the most effective enhancements
Maintains a clear understanding of generational characteristics and the needs of all audiences at different stages throughout the enrolment management funnel in order to enhance the personalized encounters and national strategies for which s/he is responsible
Researches and recommends enhanced off-campus marketing strategies, and keeps current with respect to best practices
Maintains awareness of trends in national education and application systems, of significant developments that impact the marketing of the university to national audiences, and of the liaison and marketing practices of uWaterloo’s competitors
Responsible for ensuring the ongoing evaluation of the quality of Canadian high schools outside Ontario as a basis for determining preeminent schools to visit

Project manages work flow and business practices

Assumes project management responsibilities for all university-wide undergraduate national liaison and associated marketing and recruitment activities, including personnel, resources, time, and budget, ensuring proper control of expenditures for the strategies for which s/he is responsible
Develops, writes, and follows Marketing Action Plans that accurately document all components of each marketing strategy for which s/he is responsible, and contributes appropriate updates to the overall M&UR tactics document


Participates in M&UR recruitment events and in the administration of specific RO department-wide responsibilities, including convocation and such other general and specific duties as may from time to time be determined
Bachelor’s degree, preferably from uWaterloo
3-5 years of experience in a high school liaison and/or student recruitment role
Essential: demonstrated outstanding public/promotional speaking and presentation skills
Beneficial: experience and/or an understanding of not-for-profit marketing, preferably at a university, or an understanding of enrolment management principles, as defined by industry enrolment management experts, such as Noel Levitz
Essential: student leadership experience during university studies, preferably involving training/mentoring other students
Clear understanding of both domestic and international prospective student audiences, coupled with knowledge of student recruitment marketing and enrolment management principles and the significant forces that influence uWaterloo’s quest for high-quality undergraduate students
Ability to speak credibly about all aspects of academic and university life, including undergraduate recruitment and admissions, Canadian and international education systems, transition issues, academic programs, co-op system of study, financing, residence, student life and success, and success after graduation
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Ability to build consensus, foster teamwork among a variety of stakeholders, and lead integrated project teams
Strong organizational and problem-solving skills coupled with the ability to handle multiple tasks, meet deadlines, and excel in a fast-paced environment characterized by changing priorities
Demonstrated ability to thrive in and contribute to an integrated and collaborative team environment and to apply a positive team approach to working with colleagues
Demonstrated ability to think on the spot, improvise, solve problems, and make effective decisions independently
Essential: ability to influence and motivate others. Awareness of and sensitivity to cultural, language, religious, political, socio-economic, and other relevant factors in uWaterloo’s recruitment markets
Proven degree of maturity, confidence, and competence sufficient to provide effective, credible representation of uWaterloo at high school and educational events and on interuniversity committees
Additional hours of work and prolonged absences from office and home
Valid full driver’s license