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****Advisory: To minimize delay and potentially avoid disappointment, please ensure that you observe/follow both our Application Requirements and Instructions at the bottom of this Job Posting. All prospective candidates who wish to join the BMTeam as new or returning Members are required to complete our online Employment Application Form (which can be found here:

***Please, submissions from serious applicants only.

**If you don't have the prerequisites for this particular position, won't have them by the start of what would be your term with us, otherwise know that it isn't the right role for you, or would like to be considered for more than one of our opportunities (that you qualify for), we invite you to browse through any other vacancies with Black Maple, by visiting our Careers Page on Indeed: Please note that vacancies for some positions may be published at different times, in accordance with a schedule of recruiting phases (i.e. our default application periods, which are subject to extension). This is also detailed on said page.

*As a health and safety precaution/measure, in light of the 2019–20 Coronavirus Pandemic/Outbreak, all interviews and employment–related meetings will be hosted by video call or phone call, until otherwise announced and/or disclosed.

  • Rank: Leadership
  • Employment Type: Seasonal (i.e. Early or Late June to Late August, 2020)
  • Compensation: $1,100.00 or $1,248.00/Week, depending on location (both including Vacation Pay & before tax deducted); Lodging & Meals (for free)
  • Vacancy/Vacancies: 02

Black Maple is a Residential Catering Company that offers a full, *personalized* Food Service to Overnight/Sleep–away Summer Camps, Outdoor Education Centres, and alike premises.

The Value of Black Maple and key to our success is that we invest the same level of knowledge, attention, and effort into our Service that a devoted parent would for their family, in any regard. This is what sets us apart, largely defining our prominent standard of quality as we apply it to everything we do; from the very food that is served at every meal to our way of managing Customer Service, Menu Planning for our Clients to Purchasing from our Supplier(s), recruiting new and returning Staff to the entirety of HR Management....and much more! In other words, we don't treat everyone like they're "just a number," and we don't act like one either.

I am looking for candidates to join the Leadership Component of our BMTeam in the Full Time, Seasonal capacity of Chef at one of the locations we're proud to serve, for which there are two vacancies.

If you think you have what it takes to help us deliver a fun, professional, and most importantly – *personal* experience to our many smiling and hungry Customers, submit an application today!

1. A Quick (but vital) Summary of what you'll be working with....

  • Type of Premise & Location: These two Positions pertain to Summer Camps that are located in Parry Sound, ON, and Temagami, ON (with one vacancy each).
  • Site: One of them is situated on mainland, while the other is on an island.
  • Scale of Operation: Respectively speaking and depending on which Camp you're hired to work at, there will either be a maximum of 175 or 210 Customers to feed, by approximation.
  • The Food: Our Official Menus for both of these locations are Non–Kosher (....we also offer Kosher–style Menus).
  • The People: As someone who belongs to the Leadership Component of our BMTeam, you'll be responsible for overseeing 06–07 Members (i.e. Kitchen Staff Personnel).

2. Perks | You can look forward to....

  • A Competitive Salary, based on industry standards: $1,057.69 or $1,200.00/Week, plus Vacation Pay = $1,100.00 or $1,248.00 (before tax deducted), depending on location
  • No mention of having a “retention bonus” subtracted from your earnings
  • Free, on–site Lodging (i.e. a place to live)
  • Food to eat, also free of charge (i.e. Meals)
  • Valuable Work Experience
  • A solid Reference (Letter + Contact) for future opportunities
  • Potential Room for Advancement, so that qualified Members can continue to grow with us

2.2. Other Perks | You can also look forward to....

  • Living & working at one of the beautiful, Ontario–based Summer Camp locations we serve
  • Using camp equipment & recreational facilities on your time off (when permitted)
  • The satisfaction & convenience of being associated with an enterprise that is managed by people who genuinely care about keeping all Members of their team happy; This is one of the reasons that we're not feeding 20+ Camps at a time
  • Staff Retreats with fellow Members of the BMTeam

3. Responsibilities | Typically, the Chef will....

  • Take the lead in supervising a crew of Kitchen Staff, including new and/or returning Members of our BMTeam, relative to their individual, cumulative, & collective roles
  • Oversee all facets of the Kitchen Area & applicable facets of the Dining Hall, from the Dish–room to the Cook Station, Baking Area to Storage Areas/Facilities, Customer Service Station to the Coffee Table, & so on
  • Ensure that all chapters of regular & recurring operations are completed with the standard of quality outlined in our Chef's Manual & otherwise communicated, from Breakfast to the day–end Clean Up
  • Take the lead, provide guidance to, & supervise applicable Members of the BMTeam in preparing, cooking, & adjusting food items (via industrial grill, convection oven, deep fryer, etc.), while executing the overall delivery of main courses & side dishes outlined in the Official Menus prepared & provided for our specific Client, including a variety of individual & semi–collective meals or other entries with Food Restrictions
  • Be prepared to cultivate alternatives to entries reflected in the Non–Vegetarian/Main Chapter of our Official Menus, for the purpose of accommodating individual Food Restrictions & any last minute requests that are deemed appropriate, reasonable, & feasible
  • Exert the applicable, aforementioned responsibilities to recurring & periodical elements of our Food Service, including special events like Visitor's Day, Weddings, & secondary–type Banquets
  • Complete Food Orders, using the applicable list of products & supplies available to Black Maple from our Supplier(s), & with respect to budgeting guidelines provided by our Management
  • Organize Storage Areas/Facilities, Fridges, & Freezers as needed
  • Ensure that all major & subordinate Chapters of our Clean–up process are followed, making for a Kitchen Area that is consistently & ultimately sanitary, clean, organized, & safe for operations
  • Contribute to the execution of recurring Staff Meetings
  • Provide assistance in the execution of periodical Staff Evaluations
  • ....& more!

4. Demands | This includes....

  • A work environment that is fast–paced & susceptible to humid, hot, & cold temperatures
  • Physical activity such as pushing, lifting, carrying, & storing
  • Physical challenges such as working while standing & handling warm to hot objects (with protection)
  • Living on a camp premise that is susceptible to bugs

5. Professional Qualifications | You must be....

  • Prepared & able to handle the Responsibilities & Demands of this Position (as noted above), as well as the Summary details that pertain (atop this job posting), with an aptitude for learning & making improvements or adjustments, where & when necessary
  • Capable of following a Family–Style format for up to 110 or 210 Customers, with occasional modifications for special events
  • Prepared & able to instruct, demonstrate, & teach according to the Responsibilities & Demands of individual, cumulative, & collective roles that define the applicable crew of Kitchen Staff, following our training process & exhibiting such assets as needed, throughout the active Season in its entirety
  • Highly competent & skilled with a knife & alike tools
  • Very proficient with a variety of industrial cooking appliances
  • Highly competent & prolific with hazardous products
  • Expertly versed with temperature control & sanitation procedures

6. Personal Qualifications | You must also be....

  • An apt leader who can provide necessary guidance and simultaneously exhibit the characteristics of a good team player
  • Someone with positive but honest, professional but friendly character traits, applying such to their interactions with Members of the BMTeam, Representative(s) of our Client(s), all of our Customers (including Staff, Volunteers, & Campers), Associates, & otherwise: A balanced temperament is the cousin of skill
  • Attentive to detail with respect to quality of presentation
  • Hard working
  • Punctual & Efficient
  • A Fast Learner & ready to face new challenges, as required
  • Committed to our Mission & Value, as a *personalized* Food Service, & prepared to demonstrate such as someone who leads by example, encourages, & reminds other Members of the BMTeam to do the same
  • Equally devoted to our Philosophy (i.e. the Four P's of Success): Professional, Punctual, Presentable, & Pleasant

6.2. More Personal Qualifications | You don't need to, but can also be....

  • Prepared to engage in activities and/or programs that are hosted by the Camp, with a partial goal of promoting a Food Service that is welcoming of & engaged in the direct community that it serves

7. Professional Requirements | The ideal Candidate will....

  • Have acquired, at a minimum, a College Certificate in a Post Secondary Program that is relevant to the Culinary Field, such as Culinary Skills, Culinary Management, etc., &....
  • At least six months of professional & relevant experience (which translates to approximately 02–03 conventional Seasons in this Sector), working in the capacity of Chef (or an equivalent position), preferably as part of the Residential Feeding Industry & ideally at one or more Overnight/Sleep–away Summer Camp(s), OR....
  • At least eight months of professional & relevant experience (which translates to approximately 02-04 conventional Seasons), working in the capacity of Sous Chef (or an equivalent position), preferably as part of the Residential Feeding Industry & ideally at one or more Overnight/Sleep–away Summer Camp(s), &....
  • At least eight months of professional experience, working in the minimum capacity of Cook or six months in the capacity of First Cook with the same, above preferences, &....
  • At least three years of relevant & substantial work experience (whether it be official and/or placement based), performing in any capacity & at a residential feeding facility (which is preferred), an Overnight/Sleep–away Summer Camp Kitchen (most ideally), in a cafeteria, at a restaurant, an urban catering business, in a coup kitchen, etc.
  • OR be a Secondary School Graduate (including those with an OSSD or equivalent), & have an appropriate/parallel substitution of education & work
  • Have a Food Handler's Certificate
  • Be someone who has completed WHMIS Training

7.2. More Professional Requirements | The ideal Candidate doesn't need to, but can....

  • Be someone who has obtained further education, such as by attending and/or completing one or more Post Secondary programs at the Undergraduate, Graduate, and/or Post Graduate level, in relevant study area(s) like Food & Nutrition Management, Hospitality & Culinary Arts, etc.
  • Have non–profit experience working in any capacity, as part of the Culinary Field & ideally within the Residential Feeding Industry (or similar)
  • Have professional and/or non–profit experience in any capacity, relative to the area of Event Management & Planning, etc.
  • Be someone who has successfully completed a First Aid/CPR Certification Course (which is preferred)

8. Personal Requirements | The ideal Candidate will also....

  • Have a clear criminal record (& be willing to complete a Vulnerable Sector Check)

8.2. More Personal Requirements | The ideal Candidate doesn't need to, but can also....

  • Have access to their own transportation, for use throughout the Summer & between sessions
  • Have a valid Boater's License

Application Requirements....

  • Covering Letter
  • Resume
  • At least two Reference Letter(s) and/or Contact(s)

TO APPLY: Fill out our Employment Application Form (which will allow you to attach/provide the Required Contents), by heading on over to Once completed, Applications showing that “Chef” has been selected as a prospective candidate's Desired/Preferred Position (out of three possible options) will be submitted to a no-response or follow-up email address, and subsequently forwarded to mine (i.e. Richard's).

A few Notes:

Our Application Deadline for this Position is Sunday, May 03rd, 2020. If this Job Posting remains published or is renewed after said date, please assume that an extension is in place, with an updated Deadline of Sunday, May 10th, 2020 (beyond which, any possible extension will be effective for one week at a time, unless otherwise stated).

If you are selected for consideration and contacted accordingly, please advise us if you require accommodation.

As a health and safety precaution/measure, in light of the 2019–20 Coronavirus Pandemic/Outbreak, all interviews and employment–related meetings will be hosted by video call or phone call, until otherwise announced and/or disclosed. Visit to see our initial and follow–up responses to the situation.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Black Maple highly values and embraces diversity and inclusion. All qualified people are encouraged to apply! While we thank all applicants for their interest, only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.

Posted by/on behalf of Richard Ouellet, Owner/Manager

Black Maple [Catering] Inc.


Mail/Legal: 2199 Walker Ave. (#709),

Peterborough, ON K9L 1T8

Office (by appointment only): 353 Reid St.,

Peterborough, ON K9H 4G3


Phone: 705.927.1681

Email: *Hidden, at the request of (for security reasons)*



Please do not use the above or any other Contact Details associated with Black Maple [Catering] Inc. for solicitation purposes (be it related to employment or otherwise).



  • Discounted/free food

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary

Salary: $1,100.00 to $1,248.00 /week


  • Secondary School (Required)


  • Food Handler's (as required) (Preferred)
  • WHMIS Training (as required) (Preferred)
  • First Aid/CPR (which is preferred) (Preferred)

Work remotely:

  • No