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Scarborough Retirement Residence - Scarborough, ON (30+ days ago)

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Scarborough Retirement Residence is looking to hire a Food Services Manager.

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Harold Green.

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Address: 148 Markham Road, Toronto, ON., M1M 2Z8.
Phone: 416 264-3566.

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We are seeking an exceptional individual that wants to create healthy and delicious meals while providing the warm and welcoming service that will put a smile on each resident’s face.

The ideal candidate will want our staff to go home every night knowing that they truly made a difference.

Scarborough Retirement Residence is a family owned business that has gained a solid and well regarded reputation for providing personalized care and accommodation to a diverse group of residents and as everyone knows, the dining experience is an exceptionally important factor in elevating resident satisfaction.

As a stand-alone, boutique community with 124 apartments, our community has the scope and scale that will enable you to explore some of the new and innovative opportunities that will ensure that both living and working at Scarborough Retirement Residence will be personally rewarding and meaningful to both the residents and the staff.

We are located at 148 Markham Road in Scarborough, one short light north of Kingston Road.

Position Food Services Manager:
As the Food Services Manager, you are assuming a key and important leadership role in the community.
You must be able to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and personality to motivate others and the abilities to reinforce the community’s “Resident First” culture.
You will identify opportunities and engage in initiatives that will encourage other managers and employees to strive to find ways to improve the dining experience for our residents and their families.
This is not a nine to five, Monday to Friday job.
You will be creating and managing events that might be on weekends or on evenings.
You will be creating and managing events on holidays and long weekends.
In fact, where ever and whenever food is part of the celebration, you will be expected to be an integral part and the face of the experience.
You will be responsible for creating and modifying the menus for the daily meals as well as the planning monthly themed events.
In short, a great deal of the resident’s satisfaction with our community will rest on your efforts.

Skills and Responsibilities:Planning:
You will work with ownership to create and modify a business plan and operating budget for the dietary department and update it annually.
In this business plan, you will confirm the staffing models and schedules that will be in place.
This business plan will identify areas where the department could be improved with the objective to balance costs or savings against the desire to elevate the dining experience and making a case to make changes.
An example would be to continue to perfect a catering program to encourage residents to have more private catered functions.
This business plan will include an operational budget that will budget for staffing, food, equipment and other line items that would typically fall under budgeting.

You will work with ownership to establish a schedule for the dietary department and ensure that all shifts are filled.
You will have enough staff to ensure that you can fill shifts when staff that are on holidays, on leave, are sick or are simply missing.
You are experienced and comfortable managing staff in a unionized environment and understand the appropriate steps and requirements when hiring, disciplining and terminating an employee.
You are experienced in working within a collective agreement and understand what documentation and files are required to participate in the grievance process.
You will prepare a summary of changes that you would like to see made in the collective agreement and you are comfortable participating in union negotiations if required.

Menu Planning:
A primary task and responsibility of the position is to meet with the resident dining committee and establish the menus on a quarterly basis.
You will confirm the recipes and train that the staff follow them ensuring that the food costs and the delivery of meals match what was promised.

Special Diets:
You will work with the Health and Wellness department to establish individual menus for residents that have dietary restrictions.
These menus will be part of the resident’s personalized care plan and you will ensure that the delivery of those meals will be reported back to Health and Wellness.

You will be comfortable networking and will reach out to others in the industry.
An example of this would be to reach out to the other retirement homes that are part of our emergency evacuation plan to ensure that we can each reciprocate with the delivery of food.
We want to be able to continue the delivery of specialized diets for residents that require them during an emergency relocation.

Communication and Computer Skills:
As the “Face” of the communities dining experience you will be able to communicate effectively.
You will speak at resident events and attend the resident council meetings and food committee meetings to both present what is coming and hear feedback on what has been done.
An example of where ability and skill would make a difference would be completing a monthly column in the community newsletter.
Other examples would include maintaining a resident profile on each resident identifying any dietary restrictions and preferences.
You will meet with each new resident within 72 hours of their moving into the community to both introduce yourself and encourage them to reach out to you as well as to update the resident profile with the type of information that you believe will help you to ensure that their experience dining is a pleasant one.
You will have above average computer skills and have a good working knowledge of the Microsoft suite of software.
You will be able to use our software to order food from suppliers and software that connects you to Health and Wellness as well as the point of service software that is being used in the dining room.

Managing Risk:
You understand the importance of identifying and managing all aspects of risk in the preparation and delivery of food.
You will manage risk through initiatives that will include, but not be limited to: enhanced education for both the staff and residents, the review and update of various policies and procedures as well as constantly reviewing the kitchen, the equipment and the building systems.
To have the status of a management representative on the Health and Safety Committee. To conduct inspections of the department to identify and resolve any potential hazards.
You will confirm, establish, modify, monitor and otherwise ensure that all equipment is operating under optimal conditions and that all equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, dish washing equipment and other cooking equipment are meeting or exceeding the requirements of any governmental regulatory authority.

Staff Training:
You will ensure that the dietary staff are both knowledgeable and capable of starting and stopping as well as safely operating and properly shutting down, locking out and cleaning any equipment that they may be required to use during their shifts.
You will ensure that the staff maintain a clean kitchen and that the tasks that are required to meet or exceed the infection control measures, procedures and protocols are in place.
You will ensure that the staff are informed of the hazards in the department including the exposure to chemicals, the risk of burns and the equipment.
You have the skill and knowledge to train the staff on the preparation, the provision and the service of meals to a standard that is consistent with the dining experience that is being set.
You will train the staff to understand the how the supplies that you are ordering are to be received, stored and accounted for.
You will train the staff on the maintenance of operational records such as menus, production sheets, food temperatures, refrigerator temperatures and freezer temperatures are to be taken and recorded.
Attend all pertinent facility in-services, community educational sessions and other necessary training sessions as provided including computer updates and applications.

The quick check list to get to the short list:
You are experienced managing both the front of house and back of house operations in a retirement home kitchen.
You are certified chef.
You will have a creative flair and enjoy menu planning, preparation and presentation.
You are a member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management or are a member of the College of Dietitians of Canada.
You will have at least three years of experience in a similar role in either a retirement home or a long-term care home or a similar operation.
You have experience in menu planning, ordering, preparing and delivering quality meals to over 100 residents at a time.
You have been a supervisor in a unionized workplace preferably in a Retirement Home or a Long-Term Care setting.