Assistant Manager - Seasonal Pop-Up Store

Bolli Imports Inc. - Red Deer, AB (30+ days ago)

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Beginning November 1st to the end of January, Bolli Imports is doing a pop-up store in Bower Center, Red Deer, AB! Our pop-up store is confirmed!
Maybe you remember us in the Great Indoor Market last year.. we are coming back but this time with a bigger space in the mall!

We want to find out if we can find fitting staffing for full time or part time availability for a few positions. Those who are seen as potentials to work festivals with us next year will be prioritized.


For 20 seasons, Bolli Imports has brought unique products to the best festivals and musical events in Western Canada. What started as a small imported wool sweater gig out of a compact car is now a thriving, fun and fashionable hang out at festivals. We strive to provide an alternative to commercial retail with high quality, handmade products from right in Calgary and around the world. The most important aspect for us is our customers and the connection we have with them. The people we attract are very heart based and free spirited, which makes our work quite amazing and we do our best to bring them more than products!!!

Bolli Imports’ mission is to bring the highest level of customer service to any and all of our locations (Prince George, Kensington, or seasonal pop-up stores) our Festival presence or our online presence year round. It is our goal to exceed the expectations of all of our customers! We recreate the fun-loving, playful, open, honest and accepting vibe found at festivals in any location be it in store, on line or at festivals themselves. Our intention is to be of service. This means holding space for people from all walks of life, each one with a story to tell, experiences and loved ones. Customer involvement can include educating customers on the back story of our company, our support of free trade, the backstory of our products, where they come from, how they are made, materials specific to origin and vendor.

Bolli Imports is a family. We interact with eachother in an authentic, courteous, and professional manner. We are considerate, cooperative and helpful to every staff member to assure quality services, positive, honest and open work environments for all staff. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our service commitment.

We are continuing to grow our Bolli Family and are now looking for the next important member who can continue to spread the love! Someone who wants to grow within a small company, put their creative ideas to the test, loves being proud of the product that they sell and is an true ambassador for their team. Can you see yourself representing the “face” of Bolli Imports?

The Assistant Store Manager is responsible to the Red Deer extension of Bolli Imports, and operates as the right hand to the Store Coordinator and Operations Coordinator. This leadership position is responsible in part for some “*Backstage*” and “*Frontstage*” Operations of the Store at the direction of the Store Coordinator to ensure that Bolli Imports in day to day operations, has a strong customer service based culture that can be used to expose the public VIA in-store sales to the range of products offered.

The Assistant Manager then, in light of the above, is most significantly responsible for Advertisement, usage of all Social Media accounts, hosting events in the store, Customer Engagement, Product Knowledge, Communication Logs, On-Site Sales, maintaining the space and servicing the customer base existing in and through Red Deer AB. inclusive of, but not exclusive to, the following:

  • Responsible in a co-creative way, along with the Store Coordinator for areas of on floor responsibilities: Product Display, Customer Service Levels, Inventory, Opening and closing duties as Assistant Coordinator, Retail sales, Cash Management and Financial Reporting.
  • Secondarily Responsible for supervision of Entrance-Level staff, and both “Frontstage” (Sales) and Service Levels “Backstage” (Inventory). Representing the company and the Assistant Manager by acting as a role model to the staff reporting to the Assistant Manager.
  • Secondarily Responsible to Participate in a co-creative way, with the direction of the Store Coordinator and Operations Coordinator in the areas of Marketing and Membership / Following / Customer Satisfaction means and goals.
  • Secondarily responsible to participate in a co-creative way with Store Coordinator in the areas of Event Planning
  • Secondarily responsible to participate in a co-creative way with Store Coordinator in the areas of analyzing sales, creating future Sales goals and assisting to put in place initiatives to reach sales targets as a team

Core Competencies:

The Assistant Manager will in all likelihood be delegated the following tasks by the Store Coordinator and needs to have the initiative, and time-management skills to demonstrate a self-directed work ethic, capable of seeing that all tasks as listed below, are accomplished in a timely and effective manner. Under the direction and guidance of the Store Coordinator and Operations Coordinator and in compliance with developed operational policies and/or procedures the Assistant Coordinator will be responsible for the following:

Financial Accountability

  • Cash in/Cash Out
  • Balancing Cash Out
  • Retail Sales
  • Cash Handling
  • POS usage
  • Cashing Deposits at TD bank (when required)
  • Emailing all Daily Sales Totals reports to Operations coordinator (when required)


  • Training Staff regarding daily operations with the help of Store Coordinator and Operations Coordinator:

o Customer Service
o POS Usage
o Tagging and restocking
o Maintaining and creating displays
o Stock Rotation
o Daily cash in/out
o Customer Relations Standards and Policies
o Staff Relations Standards and Policies
o Bolli Imports Policies and Procedures
o Social Media and Marketing
o Engaging customers via Bolli Imports Community Events Email List

  • Directing other staff with daily tasks by priority
  • Motivating staff to succeed and improve
  • Ability to asses future hiring needs
  • Recruiting quality staff and sending resumes/ cover letters to Store Coordinator
  • Covering; when an employee is sick or didn’t show up, finding a replacement, then if not than covering the shift themselves

Customer Service

  • Customer greeting and engagement
  • Consistently arrives to work in a well put together and presentable fashion
  • Relationship Building and Customer Retention
  • Provide friendly, reliable and consistent customer service
  • Provide credible and informative product information
  • Assist customer with interests and needs
  • Addressing customer questions, concerns, or complaints in a professional manner
  • Product sales and follow up services

Social Media, Advertising, and Marketing

  • Comfortable and Confident acting as the “face” of Bolli Imports
  • Building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the go-getters and businesses in the community (how can we help each other?)
  • Organize and Execute community building events in line with the Bolli Imports mission, vision, and values. At least 2-3 events weekly (yoga, meditation, crafting, dreamcatcher, tarot, essential oil uses, coloring, gemstone knowledge, women’s group, clothes cutting workshop, journaling, poi, hooping, open mic nights, etc.)
  • Communicate with Calgary store staff to share workshop ideas/ ask for assistance, ideas, effective workshops and input
  • Gathering Customer Emails and updating MailChimp
  • Accountability to communicate with the local community by updating the Facebook page, Instagram, and other Social Media outlets 2-4 posts a week (staying on top of the Social Media Calendar)
  • Communicate local events and Promotions to the Community via Community Events Email Newsletter (MailChimp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Customer Involvement via taking pictures with customers with merchandise or delegating other staff to do so
  • Working closely with Store Coordinator to research and implement initiatives to increase sales during slower sales times

Organization / Time Management

  • Reliably taking responsibility for the opening and closing the store according to mall hours
  • Reporting hours worked to Store Coordinator (6th – 20th) and (21st - 5th), and to Operations coordinator when necessary
  • Continuing to learn and develop knowledge of stock (Place of origin, Price, Inventory, Sizes, Fit)
  • Processing of stock, in a timely manner in which to have it on the sales floor
  • Keeping inventory tagged, stocked, restocked and rotated with current inventory
  • Keeping “Frontstage” and “Backstage” organized and clean
  • Merchandising (product placement, display distribution, theft prevention, etc.)
  • Flexibility with Daily Tasks as determined by Store Coordinator
  • Making sure on-site supplies are purchased (staples, pens, soap, toilet paper, etc.)
  • Communicating with Store Coordinator and Operations Coordinator about off-site supplies as needed (Tags, tagging guns, hangers, pricing tags, pricing guns, etc.)
  • Increasing knowledge of pricing/price with support from Store Coordinator
  • Updating and staying on top of all communication logs in store (social media calendar, mopping, bathroom, garbage compactor runs, mannequins, etc.) and creating new logs as needed

Communication / Relationship Building

  • Gathering Customer Emails and updating customer email spreadsheet and MailChimp
  • Consistently updating the Bolli Imports Community Events newsletter and following through with Bolli Imports-weekly emails via MailChimp
  • Consistently updating Bolli Imports Social Media Accounts 2-4 posts a week, or delegating staff to do so
  • Customer relations and communication
  • Encourage and maintain internal store communication systems (communication book etc.)
  • Tracking best selling products and communicating with Store Coordinator about re-stocking needs (clothing, accessories, jewelry, etc.)
  • Tracking all Customer Product Requests an communicating with Store Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, or Calgary Store to assess product availability or need for reorder
  • Reliably assisting for receiving deliveries of stock from Operations Coordinator
  • Sending photos to Owner or Operations coordinator to be used a promo
  • Work collaboratively as a member of a team
  • Work independently as required

Quality Control

  • Upholding Bolli Imports’ Staff and Customer Relations Standards
  • Upholding Bolli Imports’ Policies and Procedures
  • Ensuring all damaged items are properly tagged with a description of damages and Taking torn clothing items to seamstress to be fixed (monthly) or to be sent to Calgary for repairs when possible.
  • Ensuring appropriate conversation at all times on the sales floor between staff and customers
  • Ensuring store is clean and presentable and all staff are doing their part with cleaning tasks
  • Addressing inappropriate behaviour with staff
  • Removing damaged goods from floor and properly labelling each item with a description of damages/ reason for return

Do you want to be able to say that have a job you truly love?

Are you a natural people person?

Do you enjoy connecting with people?

Do you have significant experience in Retail business?

Have you been known to take initiative, with strong time - management skills?

Do you communicate accountably, consistently - taking responsibility for your actions?

Are you self-directed and work well independently, yet able to work well in a team environment?

Do you enjoy organizing, and are you tidy with a natural attention to detail?

Do you value a strong sense of community?

Can you see yourself representing the “face” of Bolli Imports?

If this is you, we would like to hear from you!!! Please forward your Resume and a COVER LETTER to:

Brittany Fraser, Operations/Festival Coordinator

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $16.00 to $17.50 /hour


  • retail management: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Customer Service: 2 years (Preferred)