Project and Administration Assistant

Wealthy Commercials Inc. - Montréal, QC (12 months ago)

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Hey you!

Wealthy Commercials is hiring!

Who are we? We are a multi-million dollar company creating incredible video products for high-grossing businesses all over Canada and the USA. We research, write, schedule, film, edit, modify, produce, and distribute videos and commercials, while providing excellent customer service in all things media, digital marketing, and video.

We’re looking for a project and administration assistantthat can bring a new level of organization to the company!
If you don’t have much experience, or you’re not too familiar with video production, have no fear! What we’re looking for more than anything is a number of soft skills and the right personality.

What sort of personality?
If you’re the kind of person who, for example, enjoys:

  • Making huge checklists of small tasks and completing them
  • Fixing typos and renaming files for the sake of consistency
  • Organizing email to be all labeled, sorted, and neat
  • Formatting a document to not only be more clear and concise but also visually pleasing

In sum, if you’re an orderly person who likes to improve on systems and organizing data, we want to hear from you!

Some of the job tasks you will be given include:

  • Email correspondence
  • Formatting of Google Documents
  • Organize the names of folders, projects, and files
  • Researching contact information
  • Researching and organizing travel information
  • Uploading videos to social media
  • Writing copy
  • Working with Google Calendars to make events
  • Posting job ads
  • Creating spreadsheets that present various data
  • And much more!

What skills should you have:

  • Resourcefulness.You need to be able to solve problems, research solutions, ask questions but also offer answers. We want someone who takes it upon themselves to always think outside the box of their role and ask themselves “What can I do to make the jobs of everyone around me easier?”
  • Writing skills. You will be asked to be in email correspondence with clients and CEOs of major organizations, as well as write internal memos and documents. Dictation, spelling, and grammar in English is a must. French and Spanish languages are an amazing bonus.
  • Communication. While this will be rare, you will be asked to present information to the team or take a call from a client.
  • Mulitasker and Ability to Deal with Stress. There will be moments when it seems like there are a thousand tasks on your plate. Your ability to write them down without letting anything be forgotten, sort through, and prioritize them are the most important part of your work.

That’s it, everything else can be learnt on the job! We want to offer you a full-time position to learn and grow with us.

For the application please submit your resume, an example of your writing (anything from a CV to a blog post), and an example of your organizational skills (anything you believe shows your orderliness, feel free to get creative with this!)
Please email video @ wealthyco.comdirectly, addressing the hiring manager by their full name.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Permanent

Salary: $15.00 to $18.00 /hour